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“mikey, a recent graduate of our monroe corrections kitten connections prison foster program, was feeling a bit under the weather so he went to stay with another purrfect pals foster family until he was feeling better. he loved the home so much that he decided to never leave! his "temporary" family had every intention of bringing him back but he instantly bonded with their resident dog, cat and baby so how could they not adopt him?” @purrfect_pals #fosterfail #fosterwin

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#repost@dancinzeus real friends always have your back when you are sick, but i do it for the treats 😼 w/@kurttocci tag a friend you'd do this for! ❤🥣 #kurtandzeus •⚡•
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#repost@meowvillage daphne, what a colorful flower! our stunning 3 year old lady kitty is not a fan of over exuberance in cats, as she is a private kinda gal. being pet, and held on occasion, brings out the best side of daphne’s personality... but she really shines when the birdies arrive on the scene. perching near any window and quietly stalking these winged wonders in her mind is like a dream come true for daphne. if your home needs some warm fall colors to bring the season alive, we have an idea... give daphne a call! respectful dogs and kind kids are not a problem, just take the time to introduce everyone properly! daphne is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, treated for parasites and fiv/felv negative. her adoption fee is $60. victoria: 971-716-9253.
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#repost @boreas.albus.mainecoon i wish there was a spell to turn all my food into tuna 🐟 if there is one, i'm going to find it and master it! i'll spend my day reading and researching. happy day-that-must-not-be-named! 🧙‍♂️ - albus
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“happy daylight savings! (unofficially) national animal mealtime adjustment day.” @rascal_wild

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A huge thank you to the #sandmanhotel in #revelstoke for being super pet friendly! we were in town for #susanshauntedcarport and the whole family came! we were the werewolves 🎃👻☠️ #happyhalloween! @sandmanhotels

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When you just don’t want meowloween to end!🖤🧡🖤 remy
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🍭more calls are made to the pet poison control hotline on halloween than any other day of the year! #repost @peteducationproject👻 ‼️always keep candy, gum, and glow sticks away from your pets.‼️ 🐾☠️pet poison hotline: 855-764-7661 🎃

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“love everybody i only ever wanna love everybody.” - @iammoshow ❤️ #thecatgod #thecatrapper #mogang

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