Caroline Marks Professional surfer on the WSL Championship Tour #3 Business inquiries: [email protected] New edit RAW @redbull_surfing ⚡️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9cjoIyKBMM
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Fun day at bells surfing the 50 year storm lolz. so stoked to be into finals day tomorrow. tune in @wsl 😊

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⚡️ #3 ⚡️

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Super stoked to have the chance to hang with one of the best @markocchilupo. thanks for the tips! hope i can surf like you at the bowl haha 😜😜 @stab

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Happy to be back at one of my favorite places:) back in a jersey next week. let’s get it!⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Just wanted to say a big thank you to my crew who’s been there from the beginning. so thank you first off to my family, especially my parents and oldest brother. luke, i wouldn’t of even started surfing if it wasn’t for you. you’ve pushed me so much in and out of the water and still do and i’m forever grateful for that. mom dad, you guys support me no matter what and i can’t thank you guys enough. it was so special to have my whole family there for my first win. @chewguy @zachmarks_ @jack__marks @darren6774 @sarahmarks6 @d_boy321 @vickyt453. love you guys so much.
thank you
@wsl and @jessmileydyer for all you do. i’m so stoked to be a part of woman’s surfing at this time. thank you for alowing me to live my dream! thank you to my coach @mikeparsons for believing in me from the beginning. i think you were the only one who knew how well i was gonna do and we still joke about that today. it’s been so rad to learn from you. thank you to my awesome sponsors for constantly backing me. @roxy @redbull @gromsocial @smithoptics @fcs_surf @ronjonofficial i’m super grateful for all the support and i’m very excited for the future. special thank you @mayhemsurfboards_mattbiolos for always making me perfect boards. and to my trainer @foundationfitsc for always pushing me when i’m home and on the road. it’s honestly been the best week of my life and i’m so stoked!! #equality!! 💛

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Best day of my life!!!!! huge thank you to everyone who supports me. you know who you are!!!

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Onto finals day @wsl :)

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Excited to see what today brings. woman on later today @wsl :)

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Excited for the first event of the year to kick off possibly tomorrow.. fun waves this morning in the expression session shot by @camjneale. be sure to tune in @wsl 💙 #hairwhipsfordayslolz

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Stoked to have my family in australia with me. i’m honored to be rookie of the year, thanks @wsl for a beautiful night ☺️ photos @edsloanephoto

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Rad little video @wsl made from all the highlights in 2018. can’t wait for the season. see you soon snapper ❤️😛

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