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If you're backpacking in yosemite, you'll probably want to arrive the night before your trip to get a good night's rest. luckily there is a backpacker's campground in the very back of the north pines campground complete with restrooms, trash cans, and bear boxes. no reservations required: during the summer you'll need your wilderness permit to camp here, but during off season they are a bit more lax due to the fact that you might be walking up and getting your permit the following morning. #yosemite #backpacking #camping #optoutside

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Air quality in yosemite valley has been moderate to bad and will stay that way through the weekend, but there is a spike in the forecast for very unhealthy air starting on monday. check airnow.gov before you go! this photo was taken last saturday. #yosemite #backpacking #elcapitan

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The hike from meeks bay to emerald bay in desolation wilderness can be completed in two days with a stop at lake rubicon, but if you've got the time, we recommend a second night camping at one of the velma lakes. this is also a through hike, which means you either need to have two cars (one at meeks, one at emerald) or take the tahoe transit bus or the trolley back to meeks bay. backpacking permits in desolation are $5 per person plus a $10 administrative fee from the ranger station in p*****k pines or the tahoe basin management unit in south lake tahoe. get out there!
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Some folks like to make every ounce count on the trail, cutting anything out that could be considered a luxury. others bring innertubes for impromptu lake adventures. whatever your style, own it like you mean it. #backpacking #relaxing #california #norcal #summer

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The "drink in hand with beautiful scenery" photo is likely a staple of your instagram feed. but instant oatmeal? we are out here changing the game. watch out millennials. #oatmeal #backpacking #california #revolutionaries

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Find your way to rubicon lake in the desolation wilderness. get there via a through hike from meeks bay trailhead to eagle falls trailhead (or hundreds of other routes!). #backpacking #camping #california #optoutside

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It's been a minute, bigger things coming your way soon. in the meantime, let's talk "cooking" while backpacking. there are a ton of stove/pot configs out there, but if you're just starting out, it's hard to go wrong with @jetboil. it boils water super quick for oatmeal in the morning or dehydrated meals in the evening. it only holds two cups though, so recommended you bring one for every two people on your trip, otherwise you'll be eating in shifts πŸ•‘πŸ΄. #cooking #backpacking #camping

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Climbing half dome is an adventure, but the permitting process keeps many people away. right now, day-use lotteries are open at recreation.gov, but can only be gotten two days in advance, which can make planning a pain. if you're planning to bundle half dome in with a backpacking trip, you need to get your half dome permit with your wilderness permit, which can be requested up to 24 weeks in advance via fax, phone, or mail. more details on how this all works in a coming post. #california #yosemite #backpacking

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Yes, there are bears in california, but these guys are far more likely to ruin your trip. when sleeping or away from camp, keep your food secured and a few feet from your tent or hung from a tree if it's not in a bear cannister. chipmonks and other rodents are exceedingly happy to chew through tents, backpacks, stuff sacks, and anything else you hold dear to get a taste of your bars and trail mix. there are few things less enjoyable than waking up at 2am with this little guy in your tent. happy camping! #california #backpacking #camping

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Hot summer? check the yuba river. all of the crossings are day use only, but if you go up or down river about a half mile and are on blm land, you can camp (and float) your little heart out. this trip started at edwards crossing and was only a short 2 mile hike down river. drive was about 3 hours from sf. still undetermined if parking over night is explicitly forbidden or just frowned upon (we weren't ticketed).
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Let's talk tents. there is a lot of marketing around "backpacking" and "ultra-lightweight" tents that will easily cost you way more than you need to spend. if you've got a one, two, or three person tent and it fits on/in your bag, then you've got a backpacking tent! my @rei half dome 2+ isn't technically a backpacking tent but it has protected me over miles and miles without issue in a wide range of conditions. three-season tents are recommended when starting out. we'll get to winter season tents in later posts 😁, but their use isn't as diverse and they are more expensive. #backpacking #camping #california

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If you can snag a yosemite backcountry permit, camping on clouds rest is a must-do experience! this shot (colors courtesy of smoke from a nearby fire) was taken last july during a 5 day trek from tuolomne meadows >> sunset >> clouds rest >> half dome & little yosemite >> babcock lake >> tuolomne meadows. .
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