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Today i tried to teach the buns that the floor isn’t lava - that they actually can use the whole apartment if they want. put out blankets everywhere, imagined how i would capture happy feelings and the joy of exploring. this was bianca’s face during the whole attempt πŸ˜…

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Over dramatic buns when breakfast was 10 minutes late this morning 🀦🏼‍♀️

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Watching mommy put up christmas decorations in the middle of november.. πŸ˜πŸŽ„

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#throwback to when we thought she was an innocent ball of floof.. πŸŽ€ do you recognize her? πŸ‘‘

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Just a regular friday dinner with queen b πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

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Buns looking like this have a 100% chance of being spoiled 😌

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New favorite winter sweatshirt from @foreverybunny is finally here! 😍😍
going to wear this one aalll day, every day haha. look how cute they are?!
you can order your own bunnymelv sweatshirt or make your own custom made one of your bunnies! i’ll put the link up for ours in the description.
use our code bunnymelv10 to get 10% off your order! πŸ’• #ad

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Melly doing the #cocoapuffchallenge to show people the clever mind of bunnies! 🐰
it’s been like forever since we trained “spin” but it only takes a few spins for him to remember what it’s about. when we train it more frequently he spins just by hearing the word, but i’ve been lazy with the training nowadays haha! however, i love to see how he uses his mind and are able to learn tricks like this. bianca can spin too, but she has one of her asocial days today so she didn’t want to participate πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ
thank you @big_cocoa_puff for creating this hashtag and spreading awareness about bunnies as smart, social and sensitive individuals and definitely not “ just an animal in a cage”.

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He loves his life πŸ’™ #eat #sleep #poop #repeat

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*the sun goes up in the lion king movie*
me: naaaaaahhh tsabenyaaaaa babaitsibabaaaaaaaaa 🦁

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When they say “only two bites” but you’re secretly planning to take 4 quick ones πŸ‘€πŸŒ

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Fur-cutting tips: πŸ°βœ‚οΈ
- first of all, ask yourself why you need to cut your bunny’s fur. if you have a long haired bunny like i have, the most common reason for people to cut it is because the fur covers their eyes. i know for example that bianca becomes very shy when she has limited sight, she easily walks into things and also gets too warm with her coat.
- this may take time. i’ve been cutting b’s fur for 2 years and it’s only recently that i’ve been able to cut it totally alone without help.
- i cut the fur with a scissor, a pretty professional one used by barbers but not a thinning one. her fur gets chunky, i know, but it doesn’t matter to me (or her) at all, because the fur grows back in no time either way. i’m still in the phase where i just want it to be done as fast as possible. she’s becoming more patient every time!
- take small steps and have short sessions. i only cut around her eyes in the beginning, not too close and ended the session right after that. continued a month later with the same thing and advanced it a bit by trying to cut the chest.
- have your sessions somewhere above floor level, i usually have it on a table with her sitting on a pillow. i noticed bianca became calmer when she wasn’t on floor level, because down there she easily got stressed and tried to escape.
- if you can: get help from someone holding or distracting your bunny with treats. we were always 2 in the beginning, one holding and the other one cutting. gave a few treats now and then to make sure she was ok with it.
- don’t cut the whiskers! i always feel the whiskers with my fingers before i cut the cheek-area, in that way they’re easy to avoid. they’re also very visible on b.
- the more you cut it the more comfortable you’ll be (and hopefully your bunny too). bianca stands very still by now and i can cut closer to the eyes without being afraid to hurt her.
good luck everyone! πŸ€—

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