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Home. #gobills

comment 38 star 9,411 Yesterday

When you wake up to a three-day weekend. 🙌

comment 48 star 6,488 Yesterday

We've loved you forever and always will. happy #valentinesday, bills fans! ❤️

comment 78 star 4,880 5 days ago

Wishing one of our greatest the greatest of birthdays. have a great one, jim kelly!!! #kellytough 🎉

comment 108 star 9,178 5 days ago

Hey @cclay85, it's your birthday! help us wish the bills tight end a great day. 🎉

comment 58 star 6,726 6 days ago

When you realize there's no football for seven months.

comment 216 star 10,362 1 weeks ago

Pro football focus on @68incognito: "a clear top-10 guard in the nfl. incognito was a key part of the buffalo running game, which was one of the best in the league."

comment 52 star 8,141 2 weeks ago

Coming in hot on #nationalpizzaday! 🍕 we hope you're celebrating with la nova too. 🍕

comment 108 star 7,074 2 weeks ago

One day. #billieve

comment 383 star 19,012 2 weeks ago

Today, we're all 0-0. bring it on, 2017. #gobills

comment 169 star 10,785 2 weeks ago

Shady and his lady rocking the #nflhonors red carpet! 🔥

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Weekend vibes 💯

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