Budish BUD'ISH infuses butter, and oils with cannabis for foods and desserts. Order oils or Cannacakes for personal use or parties. Must Be 18+
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Don't forget your bud'ish infused oil!
perfect gift idea!!! olive oil! coconut oil! grapeseed oil! vegan butter!! clarified butter!! vegetable oil!! dm for specialty oils and cakes!

who will receive a gift that helps illnesses?
what are you cooking with?
what are you medicating with?

taste so good you won't believe it's bud'ish!!!!!

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Bud'ish oreo cookie bash cake!! i swear this cake is the business!! glazed with my signature icing.
taste so good you won't believe it's bud'ish!!! this is definitely a mouth watering delight!! inquire by dm!!

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Bud'ish_infused oreo cookie bash cake!!
it's so good you won't believe it's bud'ish!!
got mines!! get yours!! inquire through dm!

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Bud'ish infused grapeseed oil!!! what you cooking with?? taste sooo good you won't believe it's bud'ish!!!
got mine! get yours!!
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Bud'ish infused sweet potato pie!!! soooo good you won't believe it's bud'ish!!! got mine!!! get yours!!!

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Where are my vegans and vegetarians? wow do i have a treat for you!!!! this is the ultimate vegan chocolate cake made with plenty of love..... no eggs! no milk! and no butter! definitely infused with cannabis coconut oil especially made for my vegans and vegetarians to enjoy. bud'iiiish!!!!! taste soooo good you won't believe it's bud'ish!!!! got mines!! get yours!!!

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Craving banana pudding? i've got the remedy!!!! banana pudding cake with or without a bud'ish twist!! taste soooo good .....you won't believe it's bud'ish!!! holiday special!!! inquire dm!!! you'll love what you love!!!
got mine!!! get yours!!! happy holidays to all!!!!! @blunchevent @crackersbykim @levo_oil happy holidays!!!! love budish!

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How well do you like chocolate??? triple chocolate pecan crunch cake!!! bud'ish is chocobad!!! lol
got mine! get yours!

will this be on your christmas table??

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No recipe! just off the top of my head of what i think a banana pudding cake should look and taste like.
the cake is banana flavored. i made a banana flavored custard with banana flavored fluff.
not to mention it's bud'ish cannabutter infused!!!! will you want this on an adult table at your christmas party??? what do you think? talk to me!

got mine! get yours! taste so good you won't believe it's bud'ish!! want to try some!!! @blunchevent!!! i'll be there.

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Bud'ish!!! organic olive oil, popcorn and gourmet crackers. medicate the way you like with bud'ish products.
taste so good you won't believe it's bud'ish!!! get yours!! got mines!! happy thanksgiving!!!

comment 3 star 33 November 2018

Sample tray!!!
bud'ish infused gourmet crackers!!! thanksgiving!!! infused or not gourmet c*****r platters!!! flavors you'll love!!! spicy original!! garlic herb!!!
parmesan cheese!!! mango habanero!!! majitoe lime!!! medicate enjoying meals, snacks and desserts you love!!! bud'ish clarified butters and oils!!!
get yours!!! got mines!!

comment 5 star 58 November 2018

Bud'ish invites you to enjoy bud'ish butter r*m toasted butter pecan infused cake. many will be thankful for this special delightful dessert this thanksgiving!!!! get yours! got mines!! budish_infused@instagram

comment 5 star 79 November 2018