Budish Bud'ish is a company designed to infuse butter, and oils with cannibus. Use it in any dish that calls for oil or butter. Must Be 18+
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Bud'ish because we care!!

comment 8 star 45 4 weeks ago

Bud'ish!!! olive oil!!! cannabis infused!!! organic!!! bud this! bud that! bring on the bud'ish!!! so good you wont believe it's bud'ish!!! what will you prepare?

comment 3 star 28 4 weeks ago

Spring salad with shrimp topped with bud'ish cannabis infused olive oil and jalapeno parmesan cheese croutons.
got mine! get yours! taste so good you won't believe it's bud'ish!!
#budish_infused on instagram

comment 2 star 35 4 weeks ago

Bud'ish "olive oil!!! did someone say "o live the oil????" bud this! bud that! how about some bud'ish olive oil?

taste so good you won't believe it's bud'ish olive oil!!! bud'ish cannabis infused olive oil!!! #budish_infused #chemotherapy #chemo #cancer #pain #poor appetite #arthritis #insomnia #epilepsy #oliveoil #infused #organic #weedibles #weedporn #weednation #weedworld #edibibles #weedibles ##oil #tastesogoodyouwontbelieveit'sbud'ish

comment 0 star 23 4 weeks ago

Hawaiian luau diaper cake made by bid'ish!

comment 6 star 18 5 weeks ago

Bud this! bud that! how about bud'ish?
red wine sangria cake infused with bud'ish cannabutter.
got minz! get yourz!

comment 4 star 39 August 2018

So goooooood! you won't believe it's bud'ish!!! bud'ish red wine sangria cake!!!! how about setting your taste buds on this delectable beauty!!! don't play with the bud because the ish is bad ass!!!!!!! yummy!!!

comment 4 star 45 July 2018

Is it double trouble? can you tell which one is made with bud'ish clarified cannabuter and which one is not? yummy!!! which ever you choose!
bud this! bud that! bud'ish!!!! got mine get your?

comment 1 star 31 July 2018

Bud this! bud that! bud'ish!!! made with bud'ish special clarified butter! medicinals you can really feel good about!

comment 3 star 30 July 2018

Bud'ish is giving it to you the way you want it! butternut butterrum with pecan toffee crunch glazed with toasted butter and hershey's chocolate with hershey's chocolate bites. instagram: #budish_infused medicals in greatness!! got minez! get yourz!

comment 0 star 15 June 2018

Bud'ish hershey's chocolate cannacake!!!! some asked for it.......some got it!!! got minez! get yourz!!

comment 3 star 36 June 2018

Do you know the difference? what does your body need? sativa or indica?

comment 3 star 33 June 2018