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Mental illnesses aren’t a choice, they’re disorders. no one chooses to have a mental illness.

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Stop demonizing personality disorders. people with personality disorders aren’t scary.

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Stop demonizing people with dissociative identity disorder. people with did aren’t scary.

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Stop demonizing schizophrenia. people with schizophrenia aren’t scary.

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You can’t just “get over” mental illness. mental illnesses are a disorder, not a choice.

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Mental health treatment should be a right, not a privilege. we all deserve affordable and accessible mental health care.

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Today is world mental health day.
all of us need to work together and use our voices to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health not just today, but every single day of the year.

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Your age does not invalidate your pain and experiences throughout life. no one is “too young” to go through mental illness or suicidal thoughts.

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It’s okay if all you did today was stay alive.

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We are proud of the survivors that have the strength to share their story. we are also proud of the survivors who aren’t comfortable sharing their story yet. your trauma isn’t any less just because you haven’t spoken up.
we believe you and will always stand with you.
rainn hotline: 800-656-hope
crisis text line: text buddy to 741-741 for free, 24/7 support

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You are already enough.

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Progress is progress, whether it’s big or small. you deserve to feel proud of yourself for making progress. don’t let anyone diminish the progress you’ve made.

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