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Day 27: you are brave. 🧡

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Today is the last day to support our “you are” shirt campaign! a portion of proceeds will benefit mental health facilities in the united states. check out our story for a link to purchase. 💛

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Day 26: you are not a waste of space. ❤️

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Big thank you to everyone who came out and supported our first dine and donate night at @pjwhelihans in blue bell on thursday! we’ll be having more fundraising events in southeastern pennsylvania come up soon.

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Day 25: you are enough. 💗

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Poem by rocky for our “you are” campaign for mental health awareness month —
for a while, i built a tiny island
with walls surrounding the island
and turrets on the walls

believe it or not, that came to be
because someone had invaded my island
killed all of the flora and fauna
terrorized my tiny people
and left with nothing but pride

so, yeah, i layered the bricks
caked the mortar on thick
lined it with barbed wire
and hired tiny people
for my tiny turrets, ready to fire

there was a tiny little voice
said, “let’s open this place”
but we couldn’t
we weren’t ready.

along came another tiny island,
swept over by the cold,
unforgiving, unwavering storm
they had been terrorized
and beaten
and bruised too
but they didn’t have their walls up

i, the ambassador of my people,
talked to this island
“where are your walls?” i asked the leader
he laughed and told me he loved me

i found this strange because
i hadn’t heard that word in a
very, very long time

he took me places i’d never been
inspired me to do things i never thought i’d do
and once i came back to my island
i told the little voice they were right.

the walls came down and i’ve been hurting since
but breathing fresh air is so, so worth it

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Day 24: you are more than what others think. 💜

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"my name is gabrielle and this is 'it’s okay to not be okay.'
i have struggled a lot with mental health issues. i have what is called schizoaffective disorder. society wants us, with mental illness, to suppress how we really feel and label us a 'crazy' when our emotions come out. i won’t be that way. my emotions are valid, no matter what the problem is. i’m allowed to cry. the world sees us who break down as weak, but it is just the opposite. i have been strong all my life and i now understand that showing vulnerability is not naive, but bold. i want to share my story. i want the world to know that i am not crazy. i am not violent. i am gabrielle. i am kind, i am smart, and i am beautiful, but i am not my disorder. my disorder does not and will never define me."

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Day 23: you are a work in progress. 💙

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"with the cultural stigma that surrounds mental illness in the black community, the societal stigma that shuns mental illness in the population, it’s easy to think that the only option that comes with dealing with depression & mental illnesses is running" -seneca

want to get involved with our “you are” campaign for mental health awareness month? print out a “you are” sign and fill it out with a positive affirmation for others. message us for the link to download or check out the link in our bio.

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Day 22: you are human. 💚

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There’s 5 days left to purchase a “you are” shirt! help support our organization’s mission to prevent suicide and raise awareness for mental health. check out our story or message us for a link to buy. 💛

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