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Don't forget to forgive yourself. forgiving yourself is an important part of growing as a person. we all make mistakes and it's okay. it can be hard to not linger on actions or words you said in the past, but remember how much you’ve changed as a person since then. you deserve to forgive yourself whether you believe it or not.

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Today is wallpaper wednesday! we’ll be posting new phone backgrounds every wednesday in 2019.

for the third week of the year, we’d like to remind you that your existence matters.

sometimes we forget the value of our worth as a person. it can be hard to remind ourselves that our existences matters and that we have a purpose. even on days when you feel like your existence doesn’t matter, remember that it does. your thoughts or the actions of others doesn’t define your worth as a person. you are so much more.

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To students that are starting school again, remember to put your mental health first. grades are important, but your mental health is more important. take a break when you need to in order to prioritize yourself. you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your mental well-being for school.

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Sometimes it can hard to find the right words to tell someone you want to support. even simple phrases such as “your feelings are valid” and “i’m here for you” can make a huge difference in someone’s life. just letting someone know that you’re there for them can be exactly what they need to hear.

what are some other phrases that may seem simple but are effective? comment yours below so we can all help each other support those around us! 💙

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It’s important to focus on progress, not perfection. as long as you are making steps towards your personal goals, that’s all that matters. we can’t do things perfectly at first, and that’s okay. celebrate self-growth and the big & small achievements. 🌻

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It’s okay to cry. it’s okay to show emotions. it’s okay to talk about how you feel. no matter how small something may seem, it’s valid to cry and be upset. your emotions should be validated, not made fun of.

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This is your late night reminder that no matter how good or bad today might have been, tomorrow is a new day. you’ve survived every bad day of your life, and you can get through however many may be coming your way. it’s okay to have bad days.

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This is your reminder that you are enough. you are good enough. you are strong enough. you are smart enough. you are brave enough. you are worthy enough. you will always be enough.

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Congrats, you made it through the first week of the year! you should be proud of yourself even though it may seem like a small accomplishment to some. things may be tough but you can get through 2019. you got this, only 51 more weeks to go!

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It’s okay to admit you need professional help.
it’s okay to admit you need medication.
it’s okay to admit you need to be in a psychiatric hospital.
it’s okay to admit you are struggling with your mental illness.

there are so many people here to support you. you are not alone.

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We’re so proud of everyone who made it to 2019 that didn’t think they would. we hope that you’re proud of yourself too.

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It’s okay if 2018 was bad, in between, or good for you. we can’t all have good years, and that’s okay.

we hope everyone has a better 2019, but if it doesn’t end up that way it’s okay. you can push through whatever comes into your life, you got this. we believe in you.

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