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We sat down with head brewer / owner jason bos and dove into some faq's on our sour beers:

can you describe the bcb sour beer program? "our sour beer program can basically be broken down into three main categories." "fruited quick sour: these utilize typical brewer's yeast and bacteria to create a tart beer in a shorter period of time." "mixed culture / barrel aged: these can take anywhere from 6 months to a few years utilizing a mix of different yeast and bacteria to create complex and nuanced flavors." "spontaneous batches (koelschip): these collect wild yeast and bacteria from the atmosphere around our brewery to create a local terrior similar to belgian iambic." explain to us what we're seeing in these photos: "these are a few of our beers undergoing a primary fermentation in the barrel." what was bcb's vision for the sour beer program and what do we have to look forward to in the future?: "from the very beginnings of bcb the sour beer program has been in production and it's great to see each and every barrel mature in its own way. i'm really excited to see this program grow and taste all the delicious beers to come!" questions? want to know even more? put your questions in the comments below and jason would be glad to answer them!

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🚨🍺 new beer release!

name: absence of color
style: stout
abv: 6.1%

this beer starts off with a strong whiff of milk chocolate and roasted barley. it’s dark opaque color clearly matching its aroma. flavors of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and toasted bread envelope the sense. a moderately full body lets the flavors linger.

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🥉 special announcement:
we're thrilled to announce "best day ever" ipa was awarded bronze at @bestofcraftbeerawards! cheers to all the other winners!

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Are you prepared for "snowpocalypse"? be sure to stock up before winter weather hits! *stay up-to-date on our social media should weather hinder us from staying open.

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Need to take a snow day? come wait for this to all b**w over with us!

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This sunday, 2/3 we will be open 10am - 2pm. come for $1 off growler and doug firkan fills!

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Collaboration day with @northwood_public_house and little dipper brewing!

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We had a great time with @worthybrewing teaming up for a fun collaboration. stay tuned for details! thank you to the staff for the hospitality, it was a blast! •

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New beer release 🚨🍺 name: pillow talk
style: hazy ipa
abv: 7.3%

our new hazy to hit the taps!
we adjusted the grain bill to add a pillowy-er body. combined with azzaca, citra and nelson sauvin hops this hazy is loaded with tropical, citrus and “mmm” aromas.

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And that's a wrap! thank you to all who contributed to @sierranevada #resilience campaign, it was big success. a special thank you to @trapdoorbrewing @greatwesternmalt @crosbyhops for teaming up on our batch!

#community #love #craftbeer #teamwork #ipa #buttestrong #resilience

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We had a great time tasting both collaborations with @tenpinbrewing side-by-side!
donny's dead & brother munson. if you haven't seen the video yet be sure to check out our ig tv!

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Join us this sunday, 1/20 from 1pm-5pm and support the wonderful mcellrath family. there will be raffles, support bracelets, and much more. please bring cash as this will go directly to the family.

on december 5th, 2018, the mcellrath family received devastating news when debbie was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with metastasis. while considered incurable, debbie refuses to accept that outcome and is determined to fight and win.

debbie is a wife, mother, friend. she’s always been the glue of her relationships and those who know her, love her. you can’t help but! her smile is infectious, she has excellent taste in music and a wicked sense of humor!

debbie is a fighter. she refuses to believe that this cannot be conquered and is determined to fight, no matter what it takes. however, medical advances are costly, even with insurance, and there may be specialists and travel involved. 10% of all sales for the day will go directly toward’s debbie’s medical care, the household in general and creating some lovely family memories by taking a few trips. these funds are not just for debbie and her “medical” battle. her husband josh, and their 4 children... ethan, lauren, kendall and kyle will also directly benefit from the generosity of the community.

debbie has always been a giver. she’s so positive and is always supportive of others. she rarely asks for help, but is always willing to help others. this was a huge b**w to her, her family and friends, who are all determined to help her fight this battle. she’s always been there for others, now it’s time to be there for her.

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