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2nd amendment simply explained

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It is kinda inevitable

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Miss ziva on guard

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People would be a lot more polite!!

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Never quit

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Yet another monday morning and another young jnco explaining his “innocence” to the sgt major!!!!

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My favorite

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The depths of stupidity from hollywood stuns me

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True brotherhood.

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Used this tactic a few times to find out who were false friends and their co-conspirators

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Once again president trump shows he is actually a very good leader and judged his response to continued iranian provocation perfectly. he sent a message by removing their strategic commander, he also made it perfectly clear he would hit much harder if attacked back. he then left an escape route for iranian pride, they took it and warned iraq of incoming missiles knowing they would warn the us and so avoid killing americans but show “bluster” to the world. with no american deaths the president then issued a statement saying nothing damaged so we are stepping back and offering iran a bright future if they behave. he was not dragged into or started a war, much to the liberal media’s disappointment, but showed continued leadership and diplomacy. a line was crossed by iran and they needed a slap. he gave them one with a promise of a good spanking if they didn’t learn fast. when will the world give this man the respect he deserves and put a stop to all the democratic waste of taxpayers money and media hysteria. thank you mr president.

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