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It's friday do yourself a favor & watch this edit my friend @mikeescamilla put a lot of hard work into. πŸ“·:12/27/2016 link in my bio⬆️ #unitedbikeco #caveman #believebelong

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Gleaming the cube. photo: @jasonenns #loveline

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South swell.. photo: @united_ian

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Not complaining on the late birthday/christmas gift from @jasonenns during today's session. so stoked!! thanks for the souvenir & looking forward to 2017 with you and the squad. #freecoaster

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Shortcutsβœ‚οΈ photo: @andrewjackson_ #emptypools#blackandyellow

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Just the tip. πŸ’„ #toothpickdespenser photo: @mikeescamilla

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Red, white & blue. #pittyparty

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Flat park.πŸŒ† #notanotherplaza πŸ“·: @jasonenns

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Official rain delay & every effort will be made to start play as soon as possible. β˜”οΈ #loveshack#bucketbrigade photo: @jasonenns

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Go big!! or go home...🐽 #humpday

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Weekend shreds. w/ @andrewjackson_ #exploremore

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Still got em on lock πŸ” #spintowin

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Unexpected rain delay but still managed to carve a couple things. love my new whip!!β˜”οΈ w/ @andrewlazaruk photo: @jasonenns #exploremore#emptypools#unitedbmx

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Wouldn't mind this setup in my front yard. #diy#freeride

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This was from about a month back on one of those crazy adventures.🏜🌴 thanks for sending this over ryan photo: @holdonherewego #betheadventure#blackandwhite#scan

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Just put in a few laps in on this one.🏊🏽 #exploremore#bytheshovelfull

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Super stoked on the new whip! best birthday present ever & can't wait to break this thing in with the crew... thanks @mikeescamilla for hooking it up & the special delivery of a new @united_bmx. cheers! 🍻🍻🍻 #unitedbmx#bluesgold#tillthewheelsfalloff#believebelong

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I'm sure you've seen it already but if you haven't your slacking definitely a must watch. πŸ‘€ @jasonenns #cerberusframe promo video: @videosbymikemastroni click the link in my bio☝️

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Hoping to get a couple carves in this weekend, you? photo: @andrewjackson_ #spacecadet

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Rip! thanks for the sessions we had here while it lasted. πŸ‘‘πŸ”΅βšͺ️ #collectthemall

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