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I lived near philly my whole life, and i’m only now seeing the liberty bell. what else in philly have i missed?😱

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Trying some new types of videos i don’t usually do but definitely want to do more of. i hope you all enjoy! #haul #forever21

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If you look closely, you can see my head swelling up, and my ego becoming massive.

photo credits: @klassy.kat

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How old were you when you first watched the wizard of oz? i was five years old when i first watched it.

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Dudes who wear dad hats. how do we feel about them?🧢🤔

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Swipe right to hear me sing paul anka’s “put your head on my shoulder.”

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I didn’t post a picture with my new glasses yet sooo here you go! you like?

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I keep saying i’m gonna watch the fifth season of the flash, but i never get around to it when i finally have the time. i’ll start it this week, though. probably.

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Do you like the hollister sweatpants?
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The food at that outdoor diner (on the planet venus) was out of this world, and so are my friends who i enjoyed it with.

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There’s a finish line across my shirt. talk about dressing for success. 😜😂 #badjokes #stillcute

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Look at pacman fighting for his life and all those dots on my #onesie. also peep the mickey mouse #slippers just cause.

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