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Merry chrysler and happy holidays, everyone! look out for a big update about the spider-man series this thursday. 🌃

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If i’m gonna play spidey, i gotta get #spideyfit!😤

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My costume alone isn’t gonna keep me from becoming a spider-popsicle. time to layer up!🥶

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Would you believe me if i told you the queensborough bridge is actually a pretty chill place to “hang out?”🤪 #spidermancosplay

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There’s a finish line across my shirt. talk about dressing for success. 😜😂 #badjokes #stillcute

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Look at pacman fighting for his life and all those dots on my #onesie. also peep the mickey mouse #slippers just cause.

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This is it. the trailer for my newest instagram series. mark your calendars. december 7, 2018.

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Her music is pretty dope. listen to all of her songs, okay? thank you.

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Sunsets and smiles all around. 🌅🤗

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Y’all really did it! you got my latest post up to 300 likes. you know what that means. 😏😁
#rexorangecounty #songcover #coversong

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If this gets 300 likes, i’ll find a female singer who will do a duet of this song with me.
#danielcaesar #her #songcover

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Talk to your doctor if you think back pockets are beneficial to society, because you might be much more sick than i was when i made this video.

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