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Remember when #shylaoliver joined the live last night, and @jael_ozuna_7 and i started freaking out? good times.

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I wish i could do more to actually help the students of bangladesh, but the least i can do spread the word, and the following hashtags: #stoproadaccidents #saferoadsforall #wewantjustice

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Yeah no f**k daily vlogs, okay? i’m going back to weekly l**o i’ll explain why on tonight’s live, but until the please enjoy this photo of me meeting the lovely @autumn.keryn and her sister in person for the very first time.

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Tag someone you’d take to the boardwalk with you.

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These are aetae’s instagram accounts 👉🏼 (@averyaetae @aetaesthetic ). give the lovely lady a follow.

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I’m gonna start posting pictures in between the days of my weekly vlog so i can post daily again. thoughts?

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Now commencing the 12th weekly vlog. all brain activity will be turned off for the next 10 minutes.

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Tony stark if you’re watching this from a universe where you actually exist, please don’t take away my suit.

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All i wanted to do was go watch the new jurassic world movie with my sisters. why’d it have to be this difficult?

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If you watched all the way to the end and have some questions, don’t worry. part 2 is coming next week.

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Where does it look like i’m at?🤔

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Palm trees on my shirt, vans on my feet. what’s really good with it?

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