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So, looking at the pics on my old phone (dont ask..) i see that skittles was super tiny just a short few months ago....now she’s almost 6lbs!! ♥️♥️ i’m proud of how far she’s come since then.

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Just some singing practice lol....don’t worry about the background i’m in the garage singing lol 🤗✨🍂☁️🧡 #singing #singingcovers #bored #camilacabello #singingpractice

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Some practice singing lol #singing #cover #arianagrandecover

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All the eevees....again. #nomorefires #eevee #eeveelutions #eeveeplush

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Just another school day....lol #college #school

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Not completed yet, but this is for a friend from college cx #art #drawing #bored

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Well.....a year ago today, i didn’t think that this sweet little angel of mine wouldn’t be with me a year from then. the future with my companion by my side, was looking as bright as ever. unfortunately a month after the fire, i lost you. words cannot describe how much i miss you. to the rest of the world you’re just a cat. to me, you’re my world. i miss you, blizz. i hope wherever you are, you’re happy. ♥️

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So this isn’t my best lol but this is just a little practice i did cx let me knows what you guys think, i try lol #bored #ilovemusic #singing #shinedown

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My 1st day of college is actually not too bad. i’m finding my way around perfectly fine and i’m free until 3!! the room with tim hortons is a nice place to relax lol #college #firstdayofschool

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My pretty girl, skittles❣️ she is actually being kinda calm today, she usually is running around the house like a psycho 😂 #kittens #cats #cute #loveyou

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Thank you guys ♥️♥️♥️

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