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comment 88 star 413 Yesterday

😁🙌 heres some info on hemp! what do you guys think?
did you know @smoke.essentials papers are 100% h**p too? 😏 🎙 - @rupeboy

stay lit #billyteesfam
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comment 33 star 1,243 Yesterday

😂🙌 holy s**t the amount of smoke that came out of this beast! introducing the elysian by @abraxianglassware ! such a smooth hitting bong, this is now my daily! 😍 😆 this was by far the biggest cone i've ever smoked, had trouble getting the whole thing lit in the first t**e so had to finish it in two but my god this got my soo lit!

can you guess how many grams in that cone? 😏👇 🎙 - @rupeboy
#glassofig #b**g #billyteesfam #hightimes

comment 96 star 7,269 4 days ago

😍🙌 another fun way to roll two #joints into the one! (just make sure you dont burn your cheeks or beard!) 😂 have you tried this before? //
🙌 let me know what you guys want to see next in the comments below! stay lit #billyteesfam! //
papers - @smoke.essentials
🎙 - @rupeboy
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comment 192 star 11,417 1 weeks ago

😍🙌 the best smoking papers in the game! 100% hemp, slow & even burning! you need to taste the difference. grab yours over @smoke.essentials www.smoke-essentials.com!

stay lit #billyteesfam
huge thank you to @canna_by_pana for this shot! 😆

comment 7 star 535 2 weeks ago

😘👉 100 comments & i'll giveaway a essentials pack to 1 lucky winner (must be following @smoke.essentials & over 18). 😍🙌 in my opinion we have the best 100% hemp, slow & even burning papers in the game! i could be biased but you need to try them for yourself! just incase you didnt know right now we have a "greenweek" 40% off sale over @smoke.essentials www.smoke-essentials.com or just click the link in my bio! this means that at checkout all you need to do is use the discount code "greenweek" & it will give you a further 40% off your order including the already huge savings! 😆🤙 (just incase your wondering about the roll it's a backwards twin sister joint! i'll be releasing the tutorial soon!) 😏 stay lit #billyteesfam! 📽 - @loveliestpothead & @tko_nb4l & @green.queen_eye.lene & @billy.tees

comment 49 star 1,549 2 weeks ago

😁👋 wassup #billyteesfam, right now were doing a "greenweek" 40% off sale instead of black friday we've decided to make our discounts for the whole week over at www.smoke-essentials.com! @smoke.essentials ends friday midnight aedt so get in quick! just use discount code "greenweek" for 40% off your order! 😆👇 tag the homies and let them know! 📽 - @loveliestpothead & @tko_nb4l & @green.queen_eye.lene & @billy.tees

comment 29 star 1,515 3 weeks ago

😍🙌 what an experience packing up/smoking my very first cannagar thanks to the guys over @purplerosesupply for the set! have you ever rolled one of these before? 😏👇 stay lit #billyteesfam! 😆 🎙- @rupeboy

comment 118 star 8,397 3 weeks ago

😆🔥 by far my favorite way to smoke a joint is using a @smoke.essentials glass tip, papers & roll a backwards joint!
what's your favorite way to smoke? 🤔👇 stay f*****g lit #billyteesfam

comment 95 star 13,799 3 weeks ago

😆🙌 who wants to see this rolling tutorial? can you name this joint? 100 comments & i'll give someone a @smoke.essentials pack! (must be following @smoke.essentials & over 18 to enter!)🔥 stay lit #billyteesfam

comment 148 star 2,479 3 weeks ago

😆🙌 who's tried this roll yet? i will be recording more rolling tutorials this week what do you guys want to see?! 😁👇 stay f*****g lit #billyteesfam! ❤

papers & glass tips - @smoke.essentials

comment 124 star 10,433 4 weeks ago

😍✔ that's another off the bucket list! f**k i love this sort of stuff. the colosseum is just incredible, what a place to be! was keen to jump in the middle and cuddle a few lions but they said i was too much of a unit i may hurt them. ahhwells. 😁🙌

comment 21 star 556 4 weeks ago