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😁🙌 what do you call this roll where your from? i call it a backwards joint! made with @smoke.essentials papers & glass tips! 🎙 - @rupeboy

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😁🙏 i find when i use this technique it reduces the risk of canoeing the joint! as long as you've tapped your joint on a sturdy surface to compact the herb itll burn evenly!
do you do this with your joints? 🤔

papers - @smoke.essentials 🎙 - @rupeboy

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😂🙏 who else has been in this situation?
tag some homies & stay f%$king lit fam! ❤🔥

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😁🙌 @smoke.essentials! i've been getting asked alot on how to roll a filter/tip/crutch or what ever you call it in your home town! so here it is, 3 simple ways to roll a tip for your joints/blunts. 😘 what's your preferred way to roll a tip?
stay f%&king lit fam! 💨

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😂👌 this just reminds me of a night out just walking out of a club for a smoke & this old bloke coming up to me & just handing me a joint, lighting it up & smoking it together. what a good bloke! 🙌
anyone else got some stories like this too?

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😍🙌 thank you guys so much for your questions! anything else you guys wanna know? 🤔

stay f&%king lit fam! 🎙- @rupeboy

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😂👌 another one for the trump series! who's smoking this weekend? 😏 @billy.tees

i mean i'm smoking erryday that ends in "y" wbu?

tag some homies & stay f%$king lit. 😘💨

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😂💨 ahhhh nips, i dont think i've ever been this lit in my life. i really had no intention of doing them all in one but still yolo'd the f**k out of it.
would you try this? 😏

glass - @abraxianglassware @empireglassworks @gatorbeug

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😆🙌 if i had a dollar for everytime someone asked to see me smoke out of this on my live feed i'd be a very rich man!
would you hit this kief bowl? 😏 🎙- @rupeboy
glass - @gatorbeug

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😂🙏 you already know what the answers gonna be. i'm loving these memes, what about you guys?

stay lit fam, hope you've had an amazing weekend so far. 😘

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😂👌 an oldie but a goldie! who remembers this one?

glass - @abraxianglassware

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🤣👌 do you drink and smoke? @theoriginalknockout has you covered. i've never seen someone dab & skull a beer at the same time before. would you try? 😂💨

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