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A cook’s heart is as big as this kadhai♥️ i say this for my mother @geetagarden has the biggest heart and the best cook in this big wide world!

comment 3 star 56 2 weeks ago

Remembering the pushkar fair today ♥️

comment 2 star 28 3 weeks ago

Thank you god for food we eat.
thank you god for this sunshine, this life, this each breath.
in gratitude each day.

comment 4 star 40 3 weeks ago

I am a big fan of home made meals and keep them interesting by adding and subtracting stuff from the recipes.
i often make a vegetable upma for breakfast but today i just added some garlic and sauteed it until sweet and caramelised and had the most yumm upma ever!
ah that crackling of rai is my favourite sound in the world♥️

comment 3 star 16 3 weeks ago

I love food and all of us love it right.
i always eat local when am travelling but there are few places in the city/town i always go for at least one meal that i have been going for years now.
most of the cities have that one favourite place of yours, for its vibe, good or at times the aroma there♥️
this was my last meal in the hills before i took my bus back home!

comment 2 star 22 4 weeks ago

Mountain breakfast♥️

comment 1 star 23 4 weeks ago

Mountain goodness!
nothing like indianised french toast♥️

comment 2 star 14 4 weeks ago

Nothing like home cooked food of the homestays in our country♥️
they beat any bnb all over the world!

comment 0 star 17 5 weeks ago

Life is a beautiful journey.
if you keep going in the flow of it, you realise your dreams and meet fellow dreamers too align the way!
four years ago i was visiting my siblings in london when i had a chance meeting with @hestonology while walking around covent garden :) he was shooting his food show for channel 4 and i was asked to volunteer for the shoot that had in it tasting his desserts😍

isn’t it beautiful to look back ♥️

comment 2 star 53 5 weeks ago

A crusty garlic and mushroom pizza can solve life worries♥️
isn’t it?

comment 2 star 11 last month

What is she doing with paper and pen which food?!
this was when some of in delhi went for a dosa hunt all over the city for four weeks.
sarvana bhavna had topped the list and carnatic café had come a close second but carnatic café is my all time favourite, personally.
which is your favourite dosa joint in delhi?

comment 5 star 44 last month

Went to the newly opened quick brown coffee roasters for an evening out with my friends priyanka, faizan and sana.
we got the burrata and peas toast which comes with a small side of salad and the noodle bowl that had broccoli, morels, fried lotus stem and sumptuous curry.
faizan got the lamb burger which was not that can be spoken highly about.
the best part of the meal though was my iced latte and sana’s hot cappuccino.
the decor is beautiful and the service great.
but the burrata needs some work.
keeping in mind they’ve just opened, hoping he next time all i have to say is amazing, amazing & amazing!

the chef was very sweet and hospitable who was taking very good care of all the tables and the guests.
p.s:do check out the roasting section of the place, that black and golden takes your heart away!

comment 2 star 16 last month