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⁦‪i’d spend $1,000 on ice cream over spending 10 minutes on a bad date. @michaelaokland‬⁩ @dietstartstomorrow

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The entire @vida_starz season 2 is now available on the #starz app. binge all episodes now. #ad

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

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*takes a drink*

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My favorite way of professionally calling people s****d is “attached again for your reference.” @disco_infern0 @whenshappyhr

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It's important to have balance. our new episode of @whenshappyhr delves into what it takes to start a successful business, with @julierice_, the co-founder of soulcycle. listen at link in bio.

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Heads up, a bunch of states (not just alabama) are banning abortion in shady ways. link in bio for how they’re doing it @betches_sup⁣


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A john paul jones move we can get behind. new bachelorette recap is up at link in bio. @betchelorpodcast

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Is that not what they mean when they say you should practice moderation? @morgan_ann3 @dietstartstomorrow

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What is going on??? we still have questions about game of thrones... 10 questions, to be exact. read at link in bio.

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@vida_starz is back for a second season this thursday; you can binge #vidastarz when the entire second season drops on the #starz app 5/23. #ad

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Sorry i’m late, i didn’t want to come. @dylanhafer @whenshappyhr

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