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Ben briggs climbing the beautiful se couloir of the aiguille du chardonnet...

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Liv sansoz and marco bernasocchi on the way up the grünhorn (4044m) at sunrise!! i got the timing a bit wrong as i thought we would be at the summit at sunrise... still 1 hour to the top!
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Tom coney at the weisshornjoch with the bishorn behind... in retrospect i think we could have given the huge cornices a bit of a wider margin!!!
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Loïc thivierge at dawn on the barre noir couloir of the barre des écrins, france
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Polly, anna and alastair setting up camp near the summit of aiguille de rochefort (4001m) - we spent the night here so we could get sunset shots on the aiguille then catch sunrise on the dôme rochefort... incredible place to put a tent up.. don't want to roll out of bed though!
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The mighty dom (4545m) and taschhorn at sunset last week from the breithorn. having arrived on the breithorn summit 30 mins before sunset it was very cold, insanely windy and overcast. i was so frozen i was inclined to head straight back down... i stayed though just in case the sun slipped below the thick layer of clouds to light up the mountains just before it finally set.. it did and for just a few minutes i scrambled about freeezing my hands even more to get some shots before skiing down from the summit in the dark!
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Matterhorn - a pencil drawing i was working on this autumn. over the last few years i have been making a series of small drawings for the topos of my alpenglow book!
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Shooting in low light... luka stražar before sunrise on the wild bec de montandayné (3838m) on the north ridge of gran paradiso!
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Alastair and anna on the rochefort arête at dawn!
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from alpenglow - stuart johnston at sunrise on the aletschhorn!
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from alpenglow - valentine at sunrise on the magnificent "cresta signal" of monte rosa (4634m)

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