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Shoutout to the folks at @commonmotor for all that they do. i’ve been at my wits end more than once with my cl350 and of course they’ve got a video that walks me thru the process step by step. the look on my face is genuine excitement because i finally replaced my ripped diaphragms with their shiny new ones. i can’t wait to get back on the road. also shoutout to my boy @alecporter_ for introducing me to @commonmotor !

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Evenings on the atchafalaya.

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Well i guess we’ve just watched so many christmas movies and listened to so many christmas songs that we are subconsciously dressing very christmas-y and december’s just barely getting started.

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Happy second birthday to my little niece, lydia. welcome to the jungle!

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“a ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” - william shedd

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Can’t seem to stay away from the old stomping grounds. spent some time yesterday talking about past road trips and future plans. year four is going to be an interesting one for #cordanation but navigating it together will be the best part.

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Falling leaves means a new season.

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Learned that today is national louisiana day. seems appropriate to celebrate since we will arrive back there in a few hours.

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The leaves decided to show off for our visit.

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Oh, how we’ve missed you, tennessee!

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Woke up this clear morning to see a louisiana sunrise. i’m so thankful to be able to spend few quiet moments realizing how much beauty there is in this world.

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The light has been fairly moody lately as the “winter” season brings lots of intermittent rain to southwest louisiana. this makes for good porch chats, porch meals and well, anything porch related. it does not make for good chicken coup building weather. bonus points if you also enjoy a tin roof pitter-patter.

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