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Psa: all ski 🎿 and snowboard 🐇 should apply aqua bomb sleeping mask after a day on the slopes to repair chapped and wind-blown skin. 🌬️ 📷: @texturizedx

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Can you ever get enough of that beautiful blue? leave a 💙 in the comments if your favorite lotions and potions include aqua bomb or aqua bomb sleeping mask.

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You know what looks good under a tree? 🎄 three layers of hydration wrapped up in our merry merry moisturizers set. shop at @sephora and #sephorainjcp.

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Visions of sugar plums and moisturizing bombs rule our dreams at this time of year! what's your favorite part of the holiday season? leave a comment to let us know. ✨✨

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Check off your christmas shopping for the traveler, skincare obsessive, or lover of all things mini in your life! at $22, our winter waterdrop kit is the affordable and practical present for your friends, family (and maybe yourself). 🎁🎁

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Create your own in-office getaway 🌴 with a few spritzes of aqua bomb mist to combat the dry office heat. 🔥 tag your coworker who makes the 9-5 grind feel a little less like work in the comments. 💕⬇️

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Can you believe that *@postgorgeous* complexion? we're loving this routine from isidora featuring our cleansing gel oil enriched, witch hazel herbal extract toner, and peat miracle revital cream. 💖

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Holiday skincare 101: getting that 24/7 glow, featuring aqua bomb mist.
✨ press down fully on the pump at arms length for maximum coverage.
✨ use as the toning step in your skincare routine (because yes, it's a double duty mist and ph balancer).
✨ spray on top of makeup for extra glow-boosting effects (without messing up your look).

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The weather outside is frightful but your complexion could be so delightful. ⛄⛄⛄ our merry merry moisturizers set comes complete with a full-sized moisturizing bomb (our most hydrating moisturizer ever) plus deluxe minis of moisturizing eye bomb (to combat dryness and fine lines) and aqua bomb sleeping mask (to wake up and glow!).

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Seal in moisture like a champ with some moisturizing bomb hydration therapy! the cream is designed to 'burst' when applied, flooding skin with moisture for up to 26 hours of plumped up, hydrated skin. 💦💦

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The only blues we're interested in are the beauties perched on our bathroom shelf. 📷: @intuitiveglow

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"this magical potion from @belifusa is like a glass of water for thirsty skin. as soon the heat is on inside i turn into alligator. my skin is so dehydrated. i've been using aqua bomb sleeping mask for the past week at night and my skin has never been this hydrated. this is wonderful for those who don't want to wait to rinse off the mask - this absorbs immediately. i belif in hydrated skin, how about you?" - @cheekmeout on aqua bomb sleeping mask.

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