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@neohumanity embellishes the sky above las vegas — full of unlimited possibility, even just in lodging. if you tried to spend one night in every hotel room in the fabulous city, it would take 288 years and counting. (🎥: @neohumanity 📍: las vegas, nevada)

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Midnight in shanghai and you’ve got a craving? no problem — restaurants, clubs, and even spas are open at all hours of the day. head to 24-hour diner d**g tai xiang for their shengjianbao dumplings, to techno heaven celia for a proper rave, or hit the tracks at disc kart’s 550m indoor racetrack. (📷: @youknowcyc_ 📍: shanghai, china)

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There’s no sugarcoating it: the ascent to rainbow mountain is a challenge. only recently opened to tourists, the hike to the towering vinicunca at 5200m above sea level requires stamina and perseverance to complete — and maybe you’ll find yourself at its top. (📷: @emmett_sparling 📍: andes mountains)

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Mount rundle’s original cree name was waskahigan watchi, or “house mountain.” when europeans first came to the area, the cree people observed their box-shaped living structures, which they called “waskahigan,” or “the structure you enclose yourself in," and then named the evocative, geometrical mountain. (🎥: @braedin 📍: mount rundle 🎶: "time to run" by @lordhuron )

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Scorching summers in new york city are almost always made up by the encroach of autumn — the coloring of the leaves in central park provides a visual cue that winter is on its way. spend the season winding the park’s path early in the morning, before the hectic city wakes up, stopping at gapstow bridge and sheep’s meadow for foliage-filled views. (📷: @so.shauna 📍: central park, nyc)

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“sundrenched temples on a misty winter morning in bagan, myanmar. the views from each of the hundreds of accessible pagodas are all as unique and stunning as the other.” the ancient city formerly known as ‘pagan’ is home to the largest and densest concentration of buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas, and ruins in the world, many of which have been standing next to the irrawaddy river for seven centuries. visit the sea of temples in peak season, from november to february. (📷: @donaldhyip 📍: bagan, myanmar)

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“the eleuthera lighthouse is at the southernmost tip of the island, on a very secluded beach that’s somewhat of a secret. the drive is about an hour on an unpaved, one-lane road through the woods, and without the proper car, it’s challenging to get back there. the difficulty of the terrain makes it that much better because the views are incredible.
to get this drone image, i hiked up to the top of the cliff while we used hand signals to get the framing and positioning right. once @storyofsage got the shot, we were blown away by how amazing the surrounding landscape was. drones are incredible at helping us see how beautiful everything is from above.” (🎥: @loganlambert 📍: bahamas 🎶: "no place" by @rufusdusol )

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Walk the languid streets of azenhas do mar, set on a rocky cliff off the coast of lisbon, where whitewashed cottages overlook sandy beaches, and the atlantic ocean sparkles below. before you visit the natural seawater pools carved into the cliffs in the 1950s, sample local sintra delicacies — travesseiros, a filo pastry roll filled with sweet egg and almond paste, and queijada da sintra, a less sweet pastry tart filled with fresh cheese and cinnamon. (📷: @alex.visuals 📍: azenhas do mar, lisboa, portugal)

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The southern pacific ocean never tires of kissing the coast of nuka hiva, the largest of the marquesas islands in french polynesia. if you’re strolling through the island and happen to spot a white blossom behind someone’s ear, it's likely a tiaré, the national flower. tradition says that if worn behind the left ear, the flower signifies that an individual is happily in a relationship. (📷: @karl_shakur 📍: nuka hiva)

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Widely admired for their majesty and stature, orca whales, also known as "killer whales," are legendary in the animal kingdom. the largest members of the dolphin family, these mythical creatures are highly social and travel in matrilineal family groups — many orcas actually live with their mothers for their entire lives. here, @waterproject shares a very rare sighting of a pod of eastern tropical pacific orcas searching for their next meal just off the shores of orange county, california — something he never thought he'd witness in person in his lifetime, and an incredible reminder to always keep your eyes and mind open to the beauty of the unexpected. (🎥: @waterproject 📍: dana point, california 🎶: "corners of the earth" by @odesza )

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Does schloss neuschwanstein look a little like real-life disneyland to you? that’s because sleeping beauty’s castle in the california theme park was inspired by this magical beauty — walt disney and his wife took a trip to europe and visited the castle just before construction began. over 1.5 million visitors come to germany’s fairytale castle annually, making it a bavarian must-see. (📷: @butnomatter.theroadislife 📍: neuschwanstein castle — germany)

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Formed by glaciers, aosta valley is home to the highest mountain in europe, mont blanc. skiing and winter sports abound, it is not only about the snow here — be sure to hike through the roman ruins, medieval villages, and renaissance castles scattered throughout the valley's tributaries. (📷: @alexstrohl 📍: aosta valley, italy)

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