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#bdteam content creator @tomjauncey shares with us his mesmerizing footage of the milky blue waters at iceland’s famed blue lagoon one afternoon, as patrons flock around the healing spa and warm up from the arctic temperatures outside. interestingly enough, the pools, located on lava fields in the reykjanes peninsula, were an accident — the result of a nearby power station releasing excess water into the area. after several years, these geothermal bodies formed and their popularity quickly spread by word of mouth. travel tip: for an extra clean and detox, opt for a lava face mask. the combination of the sulfur and silica minerals are an excellent treatment for the skin — plus you’ll be able to snag a funny photo for the memory. (🎥: @tomjauncey 📍: blue lagoon, iceland 🎶: “underwater” by @rufusdusol )

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Burrowed in the quiet rolling terrain of the evergreen-laden hills of south bohemia, hugged by the curving banks of the vitava river, lies a peaceful borough that seems to exist in a time forgotten. the town of rozmberk in the czech republic is home to around 330 citizens, and although it may be small, the sheer beauty of its still-standing gothic churches, castles, and ruins are worth a visit — as are the surrounding nature reserves. travel tip: pack some snacks and a thermos of coffee or tea and head to Čertova stěna-luč, a nearby nature park. the dense greenery of the land makes it the perfect spot to watch the seasons slowly shift. (📷: @sassychris1 📍: rozmberk, jihočeský kraj, czech republic)

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The start of day bathes the “the garden isle” in soft golden waves, spilling into the crevices of the rippled land as the sun begins her journey up from the waters’ edge and into the center sky. light refracts into a bow of rainbow hues, reaching into the misty cloud cover that hangs lazily over the mountain range. photographer @nolanmura describes his time on this breathtaking island as “just a memory” — and what a beautiful memory it is indeed. (🎥: @nolanomura 📍: kauai, hawaii 🎶: @odesza “just a memory”)

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@alexanderneimert captured this enchanting shot in the nipfjället nature reserve in western sweden. the reserve is part of gränslandet, a vast landscape of protected land divided into nine different areas between sweden and norway — this particular section sits at almost 1,100 yards above sea level. mesmerizing shots like these are a reminder that those who truly seek beauty in the everyday — in the seemingly ordinary — will eventually find it. (📷: @alexanderneimert 📍: nipfjället, sweden)

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A pastel dusted sky sits behind the regal gothic facade of the duomo, (“italian cathedral”), in milan, as pigeons flutter around the piazza in a frenzy before the last licks of light from the fading sun disappear. travel tip: for stunning, 360-degree views of the country’s fashion capital, head to the top of the duomo to its roof and stunningly intricate terraces. tickets start at 3.50 euros — approximately four dollars — and can be purchased online or at the booth on the side of the cathedral. (🎥: @sennarelax 📍: milan, italy )

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@michutravel enjoys the warmth of a sunny day in greenland along the chiseled, ivory and cobalt backdrop of the surrounding icy terrain. while some of the natives and visitors welcome the warmer weather, the higher temperatures continue to pose a threat to the existence of the country’s icecap, which covers nearly 80% of its land. the national aeronautics and space administration, more widely-known as nasa, has been monitoring the icecap via satellite and estimates that it’s losing more than 300 billion tons of ice every year. as beautiful as this scene is, it's also a reminder that our actions have a ripple effect, and that it's so important to be eco-friendly with consumption and conservative with waste. if every person made an effort to recycle a few more items per week, or use electricity for one hour less per day, together, we could make an incredible impact. what are you doing to help fight climate change? (📷: @michutravel 📍: greenland)

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@shirley.films gives us an exhilarating, birds-eye-view of the dolomite mountain range in northeastern italy, its peak dramatically jutting into the clouds hanging just above. attracting visitors from around the globe with its majestic scenery, the dolomites are also a unesco world heritage property and home to an incredible collection of geographic wonders. lush forests and meadows dot the landscape with rich emerald hues, the rocky peaks get their unique colors and patterns from a bounty of varied limestone formations, and nestled into the range’s rocky core is an archaeologist's dream — a portal to marine fossils from the triassic period. check out our latest story to learn more about why #mountainsmatter. (🎥: @shirley.films 📍: dolomites 🎶: “it’s only” remix by @odesza )

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It’s hard to choose which is most inspiring: oregon’s greenery, the blue hues of its waters as they crash against age-old rocks, or the translucent image of abiqua falls. at 92 feet tall, the waterfall defines power — you can almost hear the rush of it falling into the stream. while mount angel abbey privately owns the falls, they warmly welcome hikers and tourists alike to share in this spectacular site created by mother nature. (📷: @dylankato 📍: abiqua falls)

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Breathe in the landscape of alberta — painted in the hushed white flurries of its stretching tundra, in the sharp mountainous lines of baby blue and charcoal hues, and in the brush strokes of the dark evergreens brooding in the forests. wait a minute. pause. perhaps just for a second — perhaps for just one heartbeat; listen for the anticipation of what lies just beyond the horizon. exhale — enchantment, the excited pulse of discovery that runs through this wondrous arctic land, from its crisp air down through the spines and roots of the trees, up from the earth and down from the paws and hooves of wildlife running through its terrain. can you feel it? adventure is calling. (📍: alberta, canada 🎶: “deep into the wild” @honorariesmusic and @volunteersounds )

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“electric blues and greens dance their way across the water. got to love how the ocean canvas over here is painted with some of the most vibrant colors i’ve ever seen.” explorer @erubes1 captured this mesmerizing shot in french polynesia, where a palette of sunny aquamarines, deep turquoises, and moody teals blend and bleed into one another in the vast water expanse, as dark masses of coral freckle the ocean’s earth below. who would you take here? (📷: @erubes1
📍: french polynesia)

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Hushed woods dressed in citrus foliage, a network of kaleidoscope colored breaths sweep along the back of the earth, and a sea of toasted tangerine, almond, and lemon hues bloom across the varying landscapes of new hampshire — and photographer michael matti gives us a front row seat to one of nature's best shows. where are some of your favorite places to watch the seasons change? (🎥: @michaelmatti 📍: new hampshire)

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An aerial view of the dragon and tiger pagodas is nearly as breathtaking as experiencing this fork in the road moment in person. built in 1976, the temple is located on the scenic lotus lake, with each pagoda standing seven stories tall. don’t worry, though — regardless of which you choose to explore first, you’ll still be able to quickly meander across the way and navigate up and down the spiral staircases of the other. (📷: @_deepsky 📍: kaohsiung, taiwan)

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