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Ss18 @fentyxpuma is out now! ☀️ so excited for y'all to finally have this collection man puma.com/rihanna #fentyxpuma

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You know what?!.... @blameitonkway you got too much time on your hands 😂😂😂give us lip sis!!!! i love this, thank you!!!! 💋💋💋#mattemoiselle @fentybeauty (the way he slapped homegirl hand off his leg😂 like “u messing up the choreography”)

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Awww my lil squad.....i love you guys! i speak on behalf of the entire social media when i say this... you really brought a pure joy to our spirits just by seeing how happy you are when you dance! you personally made my day! keep up the great work kids! ❤️ (see previous post)

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When i found out that i was the first female artist to cross 2 billion worldwide streams on apple music! god is too lit!!!!

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When the ops lurking.

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The new ss18 #fentyxpuma collection is about to be here! i know you guys are excited to finally have it and the countdown to #march15th starts now! bye bye coins!

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Finally met my fav! thank you for making my night so special! i’ll never forgive you for looking this good at my party tho ❣️

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Sturdiest night of all !!! surrounded by the people i love the most !!! 30 is already my favorite era.

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10958 days ago @monica_fenty became a mother for the first time to her only daughter! today is just as much your birthday as it is mine! i love you mom! thank you for carrying me, birthing me, raising me, supporting me, teaching me, and loving me unconditionally! the woman i am today is because of everything that you are! i thank god for perfectly hand picking you to be my mother when he sent my spirit to you! you are the greatest! thank you! #💕

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Bare shellings tonight!!!! feb.20

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Glory and exaltation to his name! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 thank you guys for the support! big ups to da homie @sza

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Employee of the month af ! @illjahjah #blackhistorih

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Happy valentine’s ladies. my newest collab with @stancemuse drops tonight! get the #coldhearted collection ‪at midnight pst‬ on ‪stance.com/rihanna‬ #rihannaxstance 💎

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Stay pressed.

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Rude. 🔥💋🔥

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