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@wattzup making moves in front of one hell of a #canberra sunset last night. we might of had some rain the last few days but don't let that stop you from getting a session when and where you can! jason has found himself a home away from home the last couple weeks.. #bmx #cbrbmx #westoncreek #buslife

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If park riding and technical tricks is up your alley, check the @fitbikeco prk; made for someone who wants responsive geometry for new style park riding. looks rad too! #bmx #newbike #fitbikeco

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That's our boy @arrrmande out in front of a stacked superclass field on the weekend with fellow canberra shredder @jdruery29 on his hammer. all these dudes are insanely quick. #racin #gatedropsbullshitstops 📷 @rob_nicki

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Buy any @fitbikeco dugan complete bike and receive a free fit tee and signed card from @tommydugan! hit the site to see the bikes in full, link is in our profile. tommy dugan is a badass, fyi. #bmx

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Rhys had a good c***k at defending his #1 plate from last year in the old boy class. having only raced once since then, he put on his full face, tied up his vans & table topped low into 2nd place. #ifyouaintfirstyourlastorsecond

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Awesome weekend at the @tuggbmxclub act state titles, we got to meet a bunch of new riders! congrats to all who rode, it was sick to watch! here's @arrrmande heading over the water jump into a 3rd on the saturday for the men's superclass. #bmx #bmxrace #cbrbmx

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Back bone race crew jerseys! available on the weekend at the act state titles pro stall we have, $70, numbers are limited. see you there! #fasandloosecrew #bmx

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Act state titles on this weekend, this is the pro water jump that will be no doubt shredded! if you're in the area make it down to watch. #cbrbmx

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@wattzup has been hanging out and getting bowl and trails sessions with no set plans to leave.. what i do know is he's stinging for #actjam2017 like we are! 22/23/24 april, get ready for the wild! #cbrbmx #bmx #pandemonium

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We're gonna be late to work today! up the trails with @sundaybikes @rustyhessian & @wattzup #cbrbmx

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Few new pieces to hit the shop, including a new @hammerdownco tee.. hit the link in our profile now

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The @sundaybikes guys will be here at 5pm today! we have posters to giveaway to get signed, come say g'day! #cbrbmx #bmx

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Act state titles are this weekend and @olde76 is looking good! remember to drop your bike off to get it running hot for the weekend.. plus the sunday team will be there, so come say what's up! #cbrbmx

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Make way for the sunday pro team! some shredders will be dropping in to say hey to you all, so if you're riding a sunday, make sure you bring it in to get signed! we'll be riding the park afterwards too. hell yeah! 5pm onwards tomorrow (wednesday) 15th march! #ausbmx #sundaybikes

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Shop co-owner @tysonjonespeni has his top fives up on the site now, featuring some trail shots and a few from the #vansbmxprocup like this one of him tailwhipping the channel! hit the link in our profile to read up on what he gets stoked on! 📷 @colinmackaybmx #bmx #backbonebmx

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Co-owner @tysonjonespeni will be next up with the top fives on the site tomorrow, but if you haven't seen the last two on @rustyhessian and @illumaharti666 you're kooking it. head to the site to check them out now! #cbrbmx #backbonebmx

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We are open tomorrow for canberras public holiday 10-3pm. act titles on next weekend at the heavily revamped kambah track. the track is fast & smooth, make sure your bike is too. loose spokes absorb speed, bring your bike in early in the week & get it race ready.

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Bobbie saunders has been a ripper, customer and good mate since he was 9 years old. there's no describing how rad it's been to watch bob grow up legitimately shredding while he was still in single digits. 9! bob turned 16 today and celebrated his birthday hanging out with us at the shop, it was beyond rad to catch up, reminisce and get each other stoked! bob also built up a new @colonybmxbrand sweet tooth frame to get even more stoked. it's moments like these that reminds you what having a bmx shop is all about. cheers bob & the rest of the saunders family! #bmxfamily

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Wtp foundation video premiere today 2pm! this video is gonna be good. at the shop! #bmx #wethepeoplebmx

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Ben dialling in his and his son oscar's race rigs with some new pieces! we are about all things bmx here - trails, parks, street & of course race! act state titles are next weekend so it'll be rad to see everyone in action. store co-owner @olde76 is gonna be defending his 40-44 men title & we'll have a pro store out there. thanks for the support ben! @unbrandedstrength #cbrbmx #fastandloosecrew

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