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Thank you to everyone sending me their body transformation pictures! i will be posting all of them very soon πŸ’™πŸ’™

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Do we look alike? πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§
have a blessed week everyone!πŸ’™

comment 20 star 467 Yesterday

You you you!

comment 2 star 92 4 days ago

Leaving toxic people like...

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Not the perfect picture but it was a fun night!

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Aya being her normal self at events, where's the fooood?πŸ‘€

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It was fun with @nyxcosmetics_levant happy hour!

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2018 mindset 🧠

comment 4 star 70 2 weeks ago

When in saida β˜•
i would give it a 7/10
i ordered white mocha latte with coconut milk
the white mocha was barely showing and the coconut milk didnt taste like it.
but the concept, price, and the whole atmosphere was nice.

comment 7 star 140 2 weeks ago

The colors, the vibes, the whole exhibition was so inspiring and full of life!
thank you @theartistfadwa and @theagendabeirut for having me!

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Playing an artist 🎹

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Thank you for following me, i have so much love and appreciation for you!πŸ’™

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