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Playing around with my new phones camera today. what better subject matter than cats??! 🐱🐯

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I’ll keep watering all my flowers outside until the cold weather takes them. then i’ll just have to paint them!

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This cat.

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Painting a dramatic sky in under 4 minutes. water, water, water, pigment! go!

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Happy sunday!

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Flashback to my real and not real leaves 🍂

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I don’t know if pink butterflies exist but it seems possible. 🤔

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Half of the miller family have a cold!!! so even though it is 90* out there it feels like it should be cold

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He doesn’t normally sleep beside me. usually my daughter is his favorite, so it’s nice to spend this time with loki loo. 🐯

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Seasons change. life is strange.

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The retirement card i made for my dad. it says “here’s to unlocking the next chapter”

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