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Snap backs and straps. the snap backs are for sale through the link in my bio, the straps are not. 15% off coupon code: june

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Just finished up the 2017 #ford #raptor with front and rear #widebody in flat black amongst a few other things hidden away nicely.

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Few tips i found. we all have the same 24 hours. you're in control of them.

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When people have entirely to much money. wtf is this??? @carswithoutlimits #thatfrontendtho #ilikethemusic

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Swipe left: @i_am_mrsw surprised me to fly to dinner to celebrate my 34th birthday.

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Both quiet, both accurate both pushing 151 grains of subsonic high expansion 9mm prototype ammo.

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Here you go @gunstruction. i see your posted 30mm and raise you to this level of "name those rounds" all drilled and decommissioned for anyone "worried" @francvilausa for size reference.

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Name that round.

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Truly unbelievable gift from the artist @joero88. from being told .01% of being a father to now a unbelievable painting of the peanut, @i_am_mrsw and i together from a recent trip pictures don't do this painting justice. the 24k gold leaf in it just sets it off. i have a few of his pieces and a huge flag he did for me hanging above my tool box at @grindhardgarage. #artcollector #unknowntalent

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Needs custom 16g steel inner fenders, to install the @magnusonsuperchargers tvs1900 radix supercharger, dyno tune it, adjust the suspension and @i_am_mrsw wide body sierra will be complete. the guys at @jaisautobodyrepair did a great job on body work and paint on the fiberglass bedsides and front fenders. #24x14 #americanforce #gmc #sierra #liftedtrucks #odgreen #widebody

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@i_am_mrsw personal daily driver wide body (aka wife body) sierra, getting ready to instal her @magnusonsuperchargers. #thick #widebody #supercharged #gmc #truckporn #liftedtrucks

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Life explained in a short clip.

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Custom dodge mega cab for sale. beyond meticulously maintained. #thickhips #dirtygirl 26" @americanforcewheels 4 @audison_hertz 12" subs, mids and highs, but one processor. @air_lift_performance air ride @floproexhaust exhuast @ppei_tuning tuned @k40electronics built in radar and laser diffusers low miles. email me for serious offers. it's for sale, not on sale.

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Being a father is very special to me. i put being a father as the most important thing for me. it gives me to be ability to be the father mine wasn't. my father was around, not always for the right reason. i really tried to love my father even after everything he's done wrong and hurtful both physically, financially and mentally. he's response was i'm not even your father. this was 6 plus years ago. way before my daughter was born. so when i finally became a father it made me realize how can any father treat their kid like that. i'd move mountains with a spoon if i had to for her. the best gift of it is besides her super funny and sweet personality and awesome hugs she gives me, is it gives me a chance to relive my childhood. so to all the real fathers out there! happy father's day. it's the great gift ever given. this was a few days ago at her first ballet class. ❤️ #ivf #miraclebaby #invetro #daddysgirl #fathersday

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Just saying. who you going for?

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The winner of the @eotech hws give away is @arrogantlyamerican. please send me a dm with your shipping information. to those who didn't win don't worry i'll be doing more give aways very soon.

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Been buried in work. just seeing all the news. i do have one question? how long has he advocated if we're losing 93 million people a day to gun violence? america would be wiped out in days? #brodoyouevenmath #waitwhat #imprettygoodwithmath #advocatedfordays #whereareallthesepeople #whotieshisshoes #myheadhurts #thatsalotofgunvolience #imsoconfused #miamiinthe80s #populationcontrol #isthewhatcommoncoremathis #thatsalotofbodies

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