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Two years ago my best friend decided to take his own life. he left a note, and didn’t say a word to anyone. i saw him the day before for my birthday and with out a sign he was gone the next day. in his note he didn’t say much to explain why he just said he was tired and will miss us, he said it wasn’t us so please don’t take it personal. but that’s hard, not a day goes by i don’t miss him. he had a key to my shop, was here everyday like clock work tinkering on something. he had a huge heart and cared about everyone so much. in his note he left a few things to his kids, some stuff to his employees, and he left this his pride and joy. i didn’t ask for it and would trade it back for him to be here today in a second, but knowing this is what he wanted me to have is a honor. miss you chris. suicide isn’t the answer and if you or someone you know is not well. please help them or get help.

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I guess it’s a one way street. im all for a woman being president. i actually liked oprah until she got all political. i could care less about race or religion. i didn’t lose my mind when obama was voted in. i was actually hopeful. he is such a great speaker. but facts are facts. something i worry about is that if oprah wants to run the country like her show and you get a hand out, you get a hand out, you get free health care, you get free phone, you get a house, unfortunately i’ve seen why giving people free stuff does. this is a country not a tv show where you have sponsors paying for the advertisement space. trump runs this country like a company. just look at stock market, tax cuts, immigration reform, etc. if you keep giving people free stuff because their broke it makes them lazy and reliant on the system. my mother owns a lot of section 8 homes and other rental property and she has now seen 4 generations on the system. yes not a typo 4 generations living on the system. kids having babies way to young and our tax dollars are covering it all. i’m all for if someone loses their job help out a little short term while they actively look for a new job, but i’m also for drug testing those on government assistance. if you fall down fine look for a new job find something but expecting our big government to cover you indefinitely is a joke. especially when people hate the government yet wait for that check ☕️🐸. they remind me of the people who hate cops yet call 911 the min s**t pops off. you can’t have your cake and eat it to. all you’re doing is creating a huge group of people who are reliant on the government for their food, housing and healthcare. this isn’t a white, black, brown, what ever thing being broke isn’t tied to one race or religion. this is a math problem mixed with human nature. if someone is going pay for your home, food and get money monthly for tour children then why not just keep having more kids? i’m lost on all of this. i’ve seen it. i seen drug addicts selling their food stamps for 50% off for cash to buy drugs. it’s a cycle. no one handed me shit. being born broke isn’t your choice dying broke is. hard work> hand outs

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@grindhardammo 6.5 creedmoor ammo will be complete this month. gun not for sale. writing off ammo purchases for t&e. testing a few off the shelf 6.5 creedmoor selections. have a few more inbound.

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Who thinks @terradynearmoredvehicles should send me one of these bad boys as a daily? 🤔 worse case, i could write it off as a company expense for company vehicle for @grindhardammo.

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Happy birthday @go4mac aka big tom aka teddy bear. you have rolled with me for years, loyal to the core. i just wanted to wish your big a*s a happy birthday. i appreciate for our friendship and grateful for all you do! i have no idea what @scott66harp and i are talking about probably scott telling me about his last nights grand theft auto session, but this is a rare photo of big tom. @i_am_mrsw catching the rare photo.

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Few at a time @grindhardammo reman division. this is just the beginning. website for retail sales dropping soon. for wholesale/range program inquires please email me austin@thegunblog.net #grindhard #ammo #9mm #223 #45 #300blackout #556 #762x39 #762x51

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Ayiiiiii me as fuck. 2018🔥

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Maximus and sir dunkin soaking up this beautiful weather in south florida. happy new year to all of you. sorry haven’t been posting much here, i post more on my story and snapchat. i have so much going on and laser focused on getting things done and ready for you guys. @grindhardammo @grindhardgarage

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Two at a time. i like em two at a time... @grindhardammo pumping out freedom two at a time.

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A 6x6 doing what it does best.... i want one and it doesn’t even snow in florida. but you bet believe it would make a epic stand to shoot some hogs off of in the deep mud! #repost @gregb.23 ・・・ why do you need a @mercedesbenz #g636x6 ?! to go through things! #cortina 🇮🇹 ❄️ 🎥: @davmada

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@ohioordnance hcar chambered 30-06 with a @silencerco omega @americandefensemfg and @usoptics_official sr8.

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@nelsonracingengines 800ci hemi with twin 106mm turbos making over 4,000 hp. they can’t actually dyno it because the dyno drops off at 4,000hp #killalltires #doyouevenboost #fewponies #allthehosepower #engineporn #hemi #twinturbo #boost #turbonetics

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@i_am_mrsw and our peanut on her way to pj christmas party!!!! that little girl is what persistence looks like. she is the ultimate of saying “where there is a will there is a way”. some doctors said i would never have children. others said let me explain ivf. i didn’t have insurance, and sure as s**t didn’t have the money it cost to afford it. but i saw a chance and i did everything in my power to make it happen. zero excuses, it was all about results. we can sit there and say we want this or want that and go on with our lives not doing anything about it. the real proof is the results of the sum of the work you put in. i say it all the time but dreams don’t work unless you do. those smiles are all the proof i need! #ivf #ivfsuccess

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Just saying 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I loved part one of #sicario so excited to see they made a part two. i am how ever a bit confrused in that last maneuver..

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My boys at @mechanican are legit giving this car away. you’d be sleeping if you missed out on this. free to enter.

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@brousblades is giving away $4000 worth of knives (12 rare knives) here's how to enter: 1. follow @brousblades 2. repost this photo on your page and use #bbgaw100 3. for each friend you tag on your post counts as 1 entry. you can tag as many people as you want to raise your chances of winning. @brousblades ships worldwide. winners will be picked jan 20th and announced on their account. first winner gets to choose any knife from the 12, 2nd winner gets to pick any knife from the 11, etc

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Stanced just right. chevy 65 ss tucked, gapped, shaved, bagged and boosted.

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