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Day 154: today i went with mom to run some errands, and then my aunt camila joined us at the mall! i got to see a giant mouse while we were there - he seemed pretty happy to see me too 🐭 mom says she was very impressed with my focus and loose-leash walking without my 8-collar on today even though it was pretty busy at the mall!
alternate text: mocha is sitting in front of a large mickey mouse cut out. she is staring up and to the left of the camera. her leather leash is extended to the left of the picture.
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Day 153: the look you give mom when she tells you the yummy food is not for you *she was perfect and didn’t even sniff the food*
alternate text: mocha is standing in a grassy area wearing her yellow coat. there is a bag of food in her raiser’s hand along with mocha’s leash. the food is close to mocha’s face, and she has an annoyed expression on her face.
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Day 152: we had another meeting today, and we worked on so many things - especially distractions, the dog and human kind! mom says i was a very good girl, even when i was working with someone else. now, it’s time to sleep on her lap 😴
alternate text: photo one shows mocha sitting on pavement looking forward. she is wearing a brown 8-collar and her coat. her mouth is slightly open. a little to the left of her is another fbl laying down. she is smiling and facing forward. photo two shows mocha laying down on her side in her raiser’s lap. there is a white blanket on her raiser’s legs. mocha’s face is tucked slightly. #dawgsraisingdogs #guidedogfoundation #futureguidedog #guidedogintraining #puppy #puppylove #labsofinstagram #talesofalab #dogsofinstagram #blacklab #blacklabpuppy

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Day 150: today, a friend came to work! mom was so proud of how calm i was while the small human visited with me. even though i was excited to see him, i stayed in my place while mom worked and resisted the temptation to get up and play 🐾
alternate text: photo one shows mocha laying down on a wooden floor looking back at her raiser but facing away from her. her leash is extended and attached to the chair. a child is sitting near her with their legs crossed. the arm of a desk chair is visible. #dawgsraisingdogs #guidedogfoundation#futureguidedog #guidedogintraining#puppy #puppylove #labsofinstagram#talesofalab #dogsofinstagram

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Day 149: my favorite part of the day is when mom and i go on our nightly walk. mom says i’m definitely an outdoorsy girl 🌱today i saw a big dog that had something called antlers and is called “deer.” i was very polite, stayed still and didn’t scare him away while mom took a picture🐾
alternate text: photo one shows mocha sitting on a cement walkway. it cuts through a wooded area so there are lots of trees on either side. mocha is smiling happily at the camera. photo two shows a young buck standing in a grassy area near the walkway. there are trees near him. he is looking towards the camera.
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Day 148: ignored the toys just like mom asked, but she still didn’t buy me any 🙄
alternate text: photo one shows mocha laying down in the dog toy aisle of a walmart. from left to right, there is a yellow duck with purple feet and beak, a grey and black more realistic duck, a brown and pink elongated moose, and green tennis ball with a head and limbs attached. mocha is looking seriously at the camera.
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Day 147: i turned 7 months old today! mom took me to the mall of georgia, and we had so much fun. i got to go into lots of new stores, handle crowds with lots of kids, and an outing that was many hours long. i even got to go to my very first movie! mom said i was the best girl the whole day, so we hung out on the lawn, and i got to play with lots of small humans as a treat 🐾
alternate text: photo one shows mocha laying down, out of coat, in a grassy area. she’s wearing her leather leash and smiling brightly at the camera. there is rubber toy penguin between her front legs. photo two shows mocha laying down against a beige wall. there is a large “7” made of kibble in front of her. she’s looking seriously at the camera. photo three shows mocha in a down next to some stuffed toys. the ones on the ground have roller skates on them. the ones on the table behind her are propped up. behind them, there are more toys, clothes for the stuffed animals, and more people. photo 4 shows mocha standing in front of a huge horse statue. she’s smiling at the camera. photo five shows mocha in a down-stay below the entrance to a movie theater in the mall. the sign (made of lights) above her read “cinemas 1-10 imax.” her head is resting on her front left paw.
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Day 145: mom took me to this weird restaurant today. there were lots of loud noises, kids and these weird animals. sometimes statues can intimidate pups because they don’t move or blink, but can look lifelike. these were especially tall and could be scary. mom says she was very pleased with how comfortable i was on a weird surface and around statues 🐾
alternate text: photo one shows mocha sitting next to a large, colorful rooster statue. the top of her head reaches about halfway up its legs. behind her there is a fountain, flags and people. photo two shows a side view of mocha sitting outside near a cement bench. off to the side there a blue and white boat. behind her there is a tree and she’s looking forward.
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Day 144: happy independence day! mom and i are celebrating by going on a hike today! *just wanted to remind everyone to take care of your fur friends while you celebrate. today is the day pets go missing the most, so make sure to keep an extra close eye on them and give them a safe, quiet space to hang out in for the night*
alternate text: mocha is sitting in a store aisle. she’s in her coat and 8 collar. she’s also wearing a festive 4th of july headband that has a small hat on top.
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Day 142: my sister @lilcarlyfry nominated me to share 10 facts about myself in honor of the challenge @sullyhwbush started. here goes 10 things to know about me!
1. i’m a puppy being raised in athens for the @guidedogfoundation so i can be superhero one day!
2. my birthday is december 7th.
3. i’m the youngest in my litter of 9 (!!!) puppies. i have 7 brothers and a sister. my brother chubb and sister carly are also being raised in athens!
4. i love peanut butter more than anything ever.
5. my favorite thing to practice is recall, because mom always gives me kibble when i come running!
6. my favorite toy is my bumi, and i love to bring it to mom so we can play.
7. my favorite place is grandma’s house, and my best friend is my “brother” toretto. we like playing chase together when i visit!
8. i love to cuddle up on my mom’s lap or snuggle up next to her when she sits on the floor with me.
9. mom says i have some silly sits and sometimes sleep funny (pictured above), but i promise it’s just comfier that way!
10. mom also says i have the best wiggle butt, and i always greet her in the mornings by wagging my whole body.
i nominate @cider.thefutureguider @cino.gdf and @toesinthesand.y to share 10 facts about them too!
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Day 141: mom was very excited about seeing this toy today, and i’m not sure why? she says it’s name is lamb chop, and i didn’t even try to touch it when mom told me it wasn’t for playing!
alternate text: mocha is laying on a green carpet in a store aisle. she has a lamb chop toy between her front paws and is looking up at the camera.

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Day 140: silly saturday faces 🙃 mom says there’s a firework show near our house tonight, so we’re settled in for the night with movies and a kong full of peanut butter to make sure the sounds are a positive experience!
alternate text: mocha is laying on her back with her paws in the air. photo shows a close up of her upside down face with her ears to either side and her two canines showing.
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