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A colorful week shooting bts + social content for modcloth 🎉 .
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I feel like some of you had as much fun watching yesterday’s tour as i had making it and the responses have kept me laughing all day long 😂❤️ who knew #sybarisart and #slidecontent was what you all are here for 🤷🏼‍♀️ #aprettycoolhoteltour #weirdhotels #themehotels #poolsuite

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Just finally posted a doozy of a hotel tour, in my story now and in highlights tomorrow! it was a very busy week and it’s about to be an even busier week so bear with me as i slowly but surely get these posted 😂😭❤️ for all the lovely people asking, no these are not sponsored trips, no we don’t make money off of them, yes we pay real money to travel and stay at these places, and no there is no other way i want to spend my hard earned money thanks! 😂💖 #aprettycoolhoteltour

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Prepare yourself...the hotel tour i’m posting this week isn’t a fantasy theme room in the classical sense, but instead their theme in general is just...a good time. and it didn’t disappoint. and i’m still laughing about it and you probably will too...😂 still got the classic mirrors and starry sky, don’t worry!!! c u tomorrow 👀✨ #aprettycoolhoteltour #guessifcoreysnaked (you all are right, i’ll keep the hashtag...he could be wearing socks!) #weirdhotels #fantasyhotel #mirrorselfie

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Honestly though, do i rename the #guessifcoreysnaked series? it started our first week of marriage, before i had an instagram, when i would blog every day! it was my way of coping with the fact that i went from never ever seeing anyone n***d to seeing someone n***d every single day and it was kind of a shock to the system. 😂 it started as an *actual* guessing game photo series where you couldn’t tell if he was n***d or not, thus the name. the series has taken a turn from only humor to mostly just photos i love of corey (sure with a hint of humor here or there!) i also realized that we’re trained by pop culture to think male nudity is either funny or extremely raunchy, depending on the body type, and there isn’t a ton of middle ground? i guess i like the middle ground sometimes. did i just birth #middlegroundmalenudity ? mostly kidding. 👀

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We’re going back to cove haven at the end of this month (don’t judge me, i still have to use that free night i won at karaoke!) and i’m already debating about if i should relax while i’m there or film a documentary??? and what will i wear??? ahh! #aprettycoolhoteltour

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Lil sweaty

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Latest hotel tour is up on my stories and will join the others in my highlights tomorrow! i’m already loling at your responses 😂❤️ i’ve driven past this hotel many a time, so glad i finally stopped in...so glad i didn’t stay long 👀 #aprettycoolhoteltour .
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The next stop on #aprettycoolhoteltour might get the award for most potential, but definitely the award for dirtiest sheets 🤷🏼‍♀️ more on my stories and then joining the others on my highlights today 👀✨
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Corey ran into the house yesterday and said “get out here, there’s stuff in the neighbors trash you’re gonna like!” and if that doesn’t explain love idk what does. unfortunately the incredible bed frame back there (with a built in light) was a king size and didn’t even fit anywhere in our house 😂😭 same with the matching shelves with mirrors everywhere and more built in lights 😭 but i saved the circle mirror which also lights up so i can remember the day i saw my dream bedroom furniture set in the trash 🤷🏼‍♀️💖
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Last week in the backyard with @kendrickbrinson aka half of @brinsonbanks 😭📸❤️ if you’re not following her you’re missin’ out on alotta beauty!!✨

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Thank you to everyone who came by today!!! felt so so good to celebrate with new friends + old friends!!! 😊💖 you all made my day. 💖 #aprettycoolspace

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