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The last day of 2018, a foggy haze on the nile. | cairo, 🇪🇬 | 31.december.2018 |

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Peter dwarfed by ~3000 year old columns at the karnak temple in luxor. ending the most perfect of trips filled with all the right things-adventure, downtime, work time, sun, and good food and conversation. the goodbyes are the worst, especially when we are going different places for a few months. but i’m ready to head back to dc and see some familiar faces there. | 3.january.2019 | luxor, 🇪🇬 |

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Even despite the hundreds of other tourists (not pictured here 🙃) this was still pretty spectacular. | giza, 🇪🇬 | 31.december.2018 |

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This image is from a 3,200 year old wall inside the tomb of ramses iv. i was very much not supposed to take it and we almost got kicked out and caused a scene (i missed a lot of the no photo warnings apparently). but d**n it was really magical to see these walls. | luxor, 🇪🇬 | 2.january.2019 |

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Window seat views for a 12 hour train trip. | nile river valley, 🇪🇬 | 1.january.2019 |

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Dancing into 2019 with some @peterpausk, some puppies, some work, and some adventure. here is to more health, happiness, dogs, love, family, travel, sleepless nights, sunny days, fulfilling work, a more just world, long dinners with friends, less stress, more running, and did i say dogs? in 2019. | giza, 🇪🇬 | 31.december.2018 |

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This is norma pérez, standing inside of what was her home in paradise, california. last week for @uninoticias i went to paradise to speak with families who are still recovering from this incredible shock and tragedy. i spent almost four days with norma and her family. i’m so grateful for this work that allows me to learn from others and make deep connections over relatively short periods of time. in a traumatic period in her own life, norma reached out to every single person she saw, checking on them and building community, while continuing to watch out for her children. please take a moment to watch the video about her and her family-link in bio. |12.december.2018 | paradise, ca, 🇺🇸 |

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One more from thanksgiving when time felt slower. momma and peter. | 22.november.2018 | ivins, ut, 🇺🇸 |

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Hello, sometimes life moves too fast but here is a photo of @peterpausk on top of a mountain from a sunny day in utah. | 18.november.2018 | ivins, ut, 🇺🇸 |

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One more little glimpse of juárez. |29.september.2018 | ciudad juárez, 🇲🇽 |

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Juárez at golden hour. | 29.september.2018 | ciudad juárez, 🇲🇽 |

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As some of the migrant caravan reaches the border, i’m thinking of these kids that @emilykinskey and i met in october while reporting from el paso and ciudad juárez. when a border patrol truck rolled past they asked us if we had called them. we assured them we didn’t, and continued to trade names and drawings, as they wrote words in english and spanish on the wall using rocks. thinking of all the many others behind walls who are hoping to go beyond them. | el paso, tx, 🇺🇸 |

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