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Mother/earth. mom and some palm trees from last week’s visit to phoenix. happy mother’s day to my momma. can’t wait to spend more time with you this summer. | phoenix, az, 🇺🇸 | 6.may.2018 |

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Sometimes a last minute trip home for 36 hours is necessary for ☀️🐕👨‍👩‍👧 time. | phoenix, az, 🇺🇸 | 6.may.2018 |

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Posting a snippet of the trailer for @meanttobemaddie, which documents the brave, hilarious, smart, kind, maddie throughout her childhood and adolescence. it’s transgender visibility day and i’m thinking about maddie, her family, and the countless others, whether they are able to be visible today or not. i wish i could be with her and her family today but i know they’re out there educating and loving everyone they meet today. let’s make this year a safer, more respectful, and more loving one. | north carolina, 🇺🇸 |

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It’s my last day taking over @theiwmf ‘s feed and it’s been so fun to look through everything that happened in honduras. i was so lucky to meet so many incredible people who allowed us to document them for a time.
while we spent a lot of time in banana fincas and learned so much, we also had the pleasure of spending time with edwin, a young g*y man from san pedro sula who was recently deported back to honduras after an attempt to cross into the us. edwin was hoping to reach his mother in colorado, but was stopped at the guatemala/mexico border and detained for five days in a detention center in mexico, where he received threats and was sexually harassed. edwin is a positive force; he studies law at the university in san pedro and has built a community of friends around him, despite a general anti-lgbt climate in honduras. like many in san pedro, edwin lost a family member to gang violence. his brother was murdered several years ago.
in these video stills, edwin talks with his friend osman at dance floor, a g*y dance club in san pedro sula, and leaves his home in barrio cabañas very early to get to school.

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I’m taking over @theiwmf ‘s instagram this week with stories from my recent #adelante fellowship trip to #honduras. @cbauss and i followed a group of incredible people who were on strike from their work at a banana plantation (finca). as part of that research we visited a finca not on strike. here you can see the process of bananas being cleaned and ready for packaging and ultimately, export. | potrerillos, 🇭🇳 | 15.february.2018 |

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Friday in new york. | new york, ny, 🇺🇸 | 9.march.2018 |

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Happy international women’s day. here are some women who inspire me (plus a few dudes who chose their friends well 😀). there are countless others who i don’t have photos of, but d**n am i proud to know y’all. | 8.march.2018 |

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Tiny rainbow plane, somewhere over the honduran coast. | roatan, 🇭🇳 | 21.february.2018 |

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Struggling with severe separation anxiety to be away from my @theiwmf #adelantefellows group. the iwmf brought together a group of talented, caring, funny, smart, seriously badass journalists and i miss them. this drone photo was taken on the last day of the reporting trip, where @cbauss and i saw a working banana finca in action—as compared to the one we were covering, which was in its 9th week of striking. | 15.february.2018 | potrerillos, 🇭🇳 |

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Happy valentine’s day from san pedro sula, honduras. i am feeling so energized by spending time with so many amazing women here and learning from everyone helping to create the stories we are working on. thank you @theiwmf ! #iwmffellows | 14.february.2018 | san pedro sula, 🇭🇳 |

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Sometimes on walks you wander into a little slice of heaven. last day of @theiwmf training. | san miguel ajusco, cdmx, 🇲🇽 | 5.february.2018 |

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Two days into @theiwmf #adelantefellowship and already learning so much from our trainers and the other fellows. took the drone out for a brief spin last night. | 2.february.2018 | cdmx, 🇲🇽 |

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