Animal Bikes Street's Finest NEW SHAWN 'ELF' WALTERS VID 👇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfJf19Ae-iU
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@dehart856 signature thorofare sprockets are available on shop.animalbikes.com or your favorite retailer. be on the look out for chase's section in etnies chapters, dropping september 11th! #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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@notoriousjob and @knick_smith on the daily cruise in philly #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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@zachkrejmas utilizing a prime piece of numerical architecture 4️⃣📐 #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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Aussie connect @tomroddy with a massive over smith in our 'banks' tee and 'a' snapback hat! grab 'em on shop.animalbikes.com or your favorite animal retailer. #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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@tenzin_ny @chaddouglas_ and @joeniranonta getting it done in nyc over the weekend #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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Safe to say @styleycyrus has found every curved piece of architecture in ohio...hit up your favorite bmx media site for his latest edit dubbed 'garden head'. #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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Our @markgralla signature rat trap pedals are certified for the streets! with extra corner pins for added grip, you can forget about slipping a pedal ever again. pick up a pair on shop.animalbikes.com or at your favorite animal retailer. #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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Our dude @bangerboyz has an interview on @digbmx discussing the @perceptvideo! support rider made videos an snag a copy today! 📷: @thedevinfeil #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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If you haven't gifted your eyes with @shawndavidwalters' new edit, you're f*****g up. hit the link in our bio for wild moves like this lower tier icepick! 📷: @rimbeater.tubeeater #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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Our loud pack backpack and kotulak tool is a winning combo in the streets! available at animal retailers everywhere and shop.animalbikes.com #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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@ryanniranonta never ceases to impress. #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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@georgeduranbmx getting on that late night tip in boston with a pegs to bar at 3:30am. look for an edit with george, and his dad @legendbikesusa coming soon! #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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No one is touching @shawndavidwalters fence game! hit the link in our bio for the full edit! #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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Two wild ones on an unsuspecting rail, courtesy of @unofficial_jordanhango #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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Set up assassin @shawndavidwalters just dropped some new 🔥 on our youtube channel, hit the link in our bio to peep! #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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Stay prepared for anything with the animal kotulak multi tool, available on animalbikes.com! the kotulak includes: – 15mm pedal wrench – 3/8′ swiveling socket driver – 3/8′ to 1/2′ extension – 17mm deep well socket with 1/2′ drive – allen socket with 7/32′, 1/4′, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm allen bits – chain breaker – spoke wrench – hammer (threaded end cap)

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@shawndavidwalters is dropping some 🔥🔥 tomorrow on youtube.com/animalbikes4130 tomorrow, stay tuned. #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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A classic move, rarely seen the in streets. @notoriousjob kicking a one footed table in south philly #animalbikes #streetsfinest

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It's hard to think of a trick that hasn't been done at the brooklyn banks, but @augiesimoncini just delivered a heavy one! 🔨⏰ #animalbikes #streetsfinest 📹: @domsimoncini

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