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I tried the su tumblr art style to see why people like it and i understand now. it’s because it’s easy to make . . #tumblr #art #digital #su #sustyle #animeoc #manga #anime #animeart #cool #meme #artstyle #tumblrposts #tumblrart

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Art collab with @bite me on g+. they did the line art and i colored it #anime #animeart #lgbt #cute #art #digital #digitalart #manga #ink

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Wip of gio! i used reference 💕 #gio #giornogiovanna #giogio #jjba #jjbaart #jojobizarreadventure

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Reference used from yunacunn chase zeppel (art by me) the fall (no chapter) he was a very strong person ,nothing could break his way of thinking or his way of feeling. the hate and pride he felt towards human was something he could never sweep out of his heart. his blood lingered with revenge and burned in heat. only despair came in his mind and the thoughts of his parents screaming from the pain of the fire were in his head. nothing could break those feelings of hate, well, at least he thought. chase stood on his favorite tree that was nearby a river which divided their new village. he was standing there for a long time now so he decided to sit down and rest his feet. once he leaned back and closed his eyes he heard the wood in the ground c***k and break from pressure. he quickly opened his eyes and looked down. looking down he saw a man with short straight black hair, brown eyes, pale skin , baggy clothes hanging as if it were too hot to be wearing it correctly ,and typical japanese robe with a big bag in his back what seemed to be carrying hiking materials and clothing. he was a human chase obviously took action and jump down to stop him. confused the human from the bright sight he squinted his eyes to see the dark tall figure standing in the distance. chase putted his hands on the ground and made a giant wall of water with the river not letting the adventurer go thru. the adventurer putted his things down and sat in front of the river , in-triggered with the situation. chase felt tilted because he wanted to scare him off. he walked toward the wall and sat down too. now they were both staring at each other. chase had no intensions of harming him since it would bring him problems and instead scare him off because the deeper you want you’d find their hiding spot. chase couldn’t let a pesky human come in,they could be a spy or even a warrior. he was scared.. but their was something odd about this man. pt. 1 #art #digitalaet #frog #frogoc #animeoc #animeart #manga #sad #anthro #anthroart

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Here’s a bunch of vines that i love 1. oh ma gawd 2. lets gooooo 3. i will f*****g rip your face off 4. aaah- *karate hit* 5. girl gets yeet in class room for dancing 6. oh ma gawd he on x games mode #ripvine #vine #sketch #meme #dankmemes #l**o #lol #art #pencil

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#flyingpings because why not xd here’s my cute boy 💕

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Here’s some sketch of the boy

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New son name: èlias species: dragon head caterpillar sexuality: asexual gender: male (can change gender yet have a prefer one. in this case he prefers been male) age: 20 food: vegetarian hates: meat, birds , deep water ,and meatballs still no back story! #species #caterpillar #anthro #animal #animaloc #furry #furryoc #earth #male

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