Haille Bates Always believe In yourself don’t let anyone judge you!!! 6th grade Maple Avenue Middle School Hawthorne
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Just woke up

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Thank you so much

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That’s my bff brenya

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Comment down below if you like it i love it i got it for christmas so yah and my friends got me scarfs

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Gabby here is a message for you!!! gabby you have always been a nice friend the first day we came to maple avenue i knew we were going to be good friends and we where and you have always been there for me thank you so much bff i hope we are always friends thank you so much again we will always be bff and i am so thoughtful that you are always there for me

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Happy 😃 2019 happy new year my birthday is in 14 days i’m turning 12 and my locker number is 2323 just incase you want to decorate my locker for my birthday and i’m in hawthorne spring

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Hanging out with gabby

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My cousin is sleeping

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Here is carilone

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