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“go round” - my first of these monthly limited edition ghost prints - is nearly gone! 👻🙏♥️ ...only one 4x6, there 8x12s and one 16x24 remaining. thank you😘

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Deep diving into my childhood heart watching videos from madonna’s true blue album and my ebay/etsy/thrift store spring baskets and pursuits are reflecting it. 80s come hither. 💥90s neon and flash always invited to the party as well. ♠️

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Long stemmed🖤

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@areyouinahole the merry frolics of satan, george melies, 1906.

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Be your own valentine.

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@husseinalusch the quixote of the street lamp,plaza de la revolution,cuba (alberto korda,1959)

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Goddamn rupaul is a great treasure. ❤️🧠😆

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Technicolor parade...
🌈vibrant ghosts posting to site all week. this one is a print too, xo.

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Valentine. 🎨🌹@all_cats_are_bastards

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Moved out of my studio today. springtime goal of leaving baltimore and moving to the maryland ‘burbs to both be able to see my family more often (life’s turns sure are surprising to this manhattan girl!), play shuffleboard and look for deer at my mom and aunt’s retirement village, watch project runway and make weird creations with my sister and nieces, and since seeing them more frequently feel good about leaving for several months of the year for “mini lives” in cities i love and want to be a part of my life now and a potential home in the future. in april i head out to ojai and la for nine weeks.✨⚡️✨ i found these aliens from 2018 i had forgotten about behind a stack of canvases- they are called “smitten travelers”...

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