Angel Theory God got me here👼🏽 Hoh/Deaf Actress/Choreographer/Dancer •“Kelly” on @amcthewalkingdead https://video.vice.com/en_us/video/angel-theory-interview/5c779566be40777182224764
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Use code “theory” for 50% off general admission! see you all in a few days!!🌹

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Ayo london! who’s ready to turn up with the kid?!use code- “theory” for 50% off general admission 🔥😘 see you guys there! #angeltheory #walkerstalker #london

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@gnicotero house is a horror movie within itself😱his creations are mind blowing🔥💯 who said you can’t fall in love with a half faced zombie? #bae

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Happy international women’s day from grandma theory🌹👵🏽

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Creative minds coming together before our interview with @viceland🔥 (link in bio)
-also check out the bros new single “caramel” it’s a vibe💯 #lloyd #angeltheory #vice

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Teaching this wednesday
@ripleygrierstudios (520)
time : 8:30pm - 10:00
room: 16u

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Peace of mind...
#bts for @transparentamazon

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Catch me live with @vice tonight at 9pm!🔥🔥 don’t miss the littness😉

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😽 come easy 🤤💦
big sis pulled up with the vibes so the kwueen had to get down with the queens! 🔥🔥#issachallenge choreo- @thealiyajanell 👑👠
dancers - @mariebabbiee @thatgurllkayla and myself
artist - @treysongz @chrisbrownofficial
📸- @thezurisaddai
song - chi chi #aliyahjanellchoreography #angeltheory #deafdancer #treysongz #chrisbrown

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This rainbow appeared once i started shooting 🌈👀 i guess it’s good luck or mother nature has a real sense of humor😂 #perfecttiming #luckycharms

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Learning new ways on set to navigate without the use of my hearing aids❤️🤟🏽 thanks to my fam @amctalkingdead for having me! 😘 and @amcthewalkingdead for doing everything you can to make sure i am comfortable on set,for being patient and for genuinely caring for your actors!
talking dead interpreter- @the.blaike ❤️
on set interpreters- @annamcduffie @ramon.norrod ❤️
#twdfamily #thetalkingdead #angeltheory #kelly

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