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Fun day with the fam 屢 got to do some archery out here in atlanta, and also managed to not get a single tick on me不返 ( ya already know how i feel about bugs)
ya better watch out there’s a new team in town
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So about yesterday... i had so much fun linking with the fam and connecting through our movement brought so much joy to my heart to suprise my brother and had some bonding time歹these classes was needed! it was about time we showed atl what nyc is about 休休 it was just vibes throughout the whole class and i’m telling ya when you see @mikedag3nius_ post up a flyer for a class just know it’s about to be some h.e.a.t
choreo- @mikedag3nius_ 休返
artist @summerwalker -deep
1st video
dancer- @angel_theory
dancers- @mikedag3nius_ @angel_theory
dancers- @iamcouffe (yooo you are a beast! truly love you sis嫖歹 can’t wait to see how far you go because it’s your time!!) @angel_theory

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piled in for a night worth documenting. all the stories are true. #chuckstories #chucktaylor #angeltheory #converse #sneakers #photobooth

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Much love to @thewalkingdead fans the collages and fan art that you guys send is pretty cool i may not be a big bald headed man like in the comics lol but i appreciate how everyone seems to be excited about the changes! this is going to be an awesome season! lots of love to @amc_tv ,the writers, and whole cast for all the work you guys put into making this magic
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@marcosmellocavallaria captures his dancers in the rain under new york city street lights using the red #gemini5k sensor with @zeisscameralenses.
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dancers- @angel_theory @loicmabanza @shannon.ashleyy @jah_scruffy @gravity____official @joominhwang @forgetmat (tag whoever you see that wasn’t tagged)

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Shout to @devvonterrell for trusting in me to cast the dancers and choreograph for this video and help his vision come to life there is no words that can describe this, it’s just simply art荊 also special shout out to everyone that was chosen and came out ready to go beast and give it your all artist - @devvonterrell
choreographer - @angel_theory
dancers - @angel_theory @fatimayana__ @therealdejamcnair @keiper_ @thatguyshem_ @pappasnicolette @kingkayakdanca (if there are any names that have not been tagged comment them below)

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Did i really just make the cover? so cool! pretty fun day with some friends鈹xcited for the release! @angel_theory x @ansel -shout to @johnjohndenim for the dope fits and @bryantanaka always coming thru with the #angeltheory #ansel #bryantanaka #johnjohndenim #brazil #nyc #dancers #actor #comingoutsoon

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Much love to @yvettenicolebrown @thewalkingdead and @angelakkang for a beautiful announcement seen this after my high school teacher and some friends called me like “they announced you on tv!” lol october 7th folks! 休 you dont want to miss it ! also wanted to shout out to my lovely agents @blocnyc who work hard and always push me beyond my limits歹 #angeltheory #thewalkingdead #thetalkingdead #amc #kelly #angelakang #godssoldier #yvettenicolebrown #blocstar #tv

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#repost @converse 休休
that time the walls were thin enough to hear your roommates were more than roommates吧ll the stories are true. @angel_theory & @converse #chuckstories #chucktaylor #angeltheory #converse #blocstar #shoes #brand #footlocker #jimmyjazz

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