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Escape the ordinary 🧠

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Make moves in silence....🌹

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@devvonterrell new single “ you different” is out now 🔥🔥🔥 this song is heat, the message he is sending out is powerful. everyone is different and unique! that’s what makes you beautiful 💯❤️go check it out on all major platforms! #devvonterrell #thelivingweirdo_o #angeltheory #youdifferent #dancer #musicvideo #pride

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Super grateful to be training and to say i will be assisting my bro @showemhow2move 🔥🔥🔥havent been this smokeeeddd in a class for a while. truly appreciate the energy and vibes💯❤️ ya need to really take advantage of his classes cause it’s a push. stop taking the same people and challenge yourself!! no time to get comfortable❌❌❌❌‼️
@treysongz animal #davidthomaschoreo #angeltheory @broadwaydancecenter #treysongz #animal #dance #nyc

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The most beautiful thing god has created was love.. in all forms,shapes,and sizes. i have been blessed to have found that in my bestfriend , counselor (lol) and partner on and off the stage💯 who loves me unconditionally regardless of my flaws and mistakes ❤️🌹 words can’t explain my feelings for you babe. you have helped me grow and see things always from a different perspective and it’s been the greatest gift to grow together as individuals as well as a team 😘 you are smart,beautiful, talented,funny, crazy🤣, and one of the most loving and caring people i have ever met! you have always been a ray of sunshine in the most gloomiest days, and that’s a reason why i can’t see life without you . 👑🔐 happy 3rd year anniversary queen😍🌹😘 #since2k15 #love #anniversary #dance #beautyandthebeast #royalty #lgbt #powercouple

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Wake up everyday to inspire 💡🔝🔑
-angel theory

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Theory way🔑🌹

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•swipe left•
did ya feel my pain? had to snap and talk my ish in my bro @mikedag3nius_ class🔥 the energy and choreo is always fire . thank you for letting me get this out 💯
song “ since way back”
artist - @champagnepapi @partynextdoor 🎥- @twincitytv 💪🏽 #angeltheory #emotions #drake #partynextdoor #nyc #dancer

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⚜️living my life like it’s golden⚜️ #newlook #angeltheory #nativeamerican #puertorican #sunset

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Go check out the @johnjohndenim website!🔥 #brazil #johnjohndenim #angeltheory

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