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#throwbackthrusday think this was my favorite trip of last year. la-portland with @jasonenns & @mikeescamilla this was from our stop in buhl, idaho. 📸 by enns. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Random iphone clips over last little while from a couple pools and some skateparks. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Downside toothpick slide this morning in escondido. 📸 @fernandogomarin - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Saturday morning sessions at the local are the best 👌🏻 📸 by @mileswithglasses - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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First time i have ever had frozen eyebrows, from a nye cross country ski. see ya later canada, had the best time back home for christmas and new years. 🍻 till next time!!!

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Always a bummer when spots go away. this one was around for a while though at least and had a ton of good sessions. this one was from my last there 📸 @rickthorne - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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My #2017bestnine . pretty stoked on this collection of photos, from all over california, oregon, canada and mexico. 🍻 @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Currently looking at a lot more snow this morning than i was during the saturday morning garvanza session in the photo. from right before flying north for the holidays. 📸 @mileswithglasses - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Got a little frosty today. first and hopefully not last cross country ski day of the season 🎿❄️

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Almost kinda looks like i knew what i was doing. i didn’t, but it was super fun. long over due first time curling yesterday 🇨🇦

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This skatepark is real weird but kind of a good weird. 📸 @mileswithglasses - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Phone selfie around the pedlow bowl just before i flew up to canada for the holidays. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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