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Hometown skatepark session this afternoon with @amos.af 📸 by amos. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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#throwbackthursday tire sliding last year in the summer weather and in a pool that is now a swimmer. 📸 @rickthorne - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Penticton skatepark never disappoints. downside toothpick grind over the weekend. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Selfie @gopro line through the west kelowna bowl from the other day. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Was able to dodge the rain and get a session in. stoked this bowl is up here now for when i come back to visit. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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From the summer, but just flew back up here last night. hanging out up here in canada between kelowna and nelson the next couple weeks. stoked to get some session in! @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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Shortly after @callmetrimtab snapped this photo, i accidentally destroyed one of his flashes 😐, i still feel bad jeff! #tabletoptuesday from buena on the @poolseekers @boostmobile trip. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes #poolseekers

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This pool was always a good time. stair carve view from the death box. 📸 @rickthorne - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx #freeagentbikes

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