Andrew Lazaruk Canada ➡️ California - LA, BMX rider - @freeagentbikes @demolitionparts , Morning skatepark session video for BMX Union ⬇️ http://bmxunion.com/bmx-videos/andrew-lazaruk-morning-session/
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Squeezed in one last quick morning session at the nelson park this morning before heading out. thanks @_eh_roy_ for snapping the pic and coming to hang out! @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes @etniesbmx #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #ridedemo #etniesbmx

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#tabletoptuesday kootenay skatepark tour continued, hadn't ridden the kaslo park in years. fun rolling around this afternoon. @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes @etniesbmx #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #ridedemo #etniesbmx

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Cruising through the bowl at the santa monica skatepark on one of the bike nights. thanks to @fernandogomarin for 🎥 and sending it over! @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes @demolitionparts #demolitionparts #ridedemo

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Another from slocan yesterday afternoon. @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts

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One of my favorite things about coming back home to visit, love this bowl! gets more and more fun every time i come. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #ridedemo #freeagentbikes #etniesbmx

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Repost from @jeremypavia , table top from the bone pool a little while back. jeremy killed it on this one, stoked on how it came out!!! @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts

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This spot was a ton of fun, thanks again @fuck_eddro for the spot tour this day! photo by @jasonenns - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes @etniesbmx #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx

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My first and still to date only opposite stair carve from a little while back. thanks @pat__burke_ for sending over the photo souvenir! @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Today was a fun one! always stoked to get a session at this spot. good day out with the dudes. 📸 @mileswithglasses - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx

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Couple clips from a fun morning session at belvedere with @mileswithglasses . hit the link in my profile for the full video! @bmxunion 🎥 by @fernandogomarin - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts

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Pocket air turndown with @fernandogomarin filming a little morning edit at belvedere skatepark. check for the video coming out on @bmxunion early next week. 📸 @mileswithglasses - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts

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Didn't expect this to be much of a session after riding 2 pools and a ditch spot but this skatepark ended up being super fun. 📸 by @jasonenns - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes @etniesbmx #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx

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Quick day trip up to @woodwardwest on monday with @mikeescamilla and @peteradam stoked to get in a coupe airs on the animal chin replica ramp! @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #etniesbmx

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Wall ride pull out into the street. good times cruising around down town on the weekend with all the dudes. 📸 @mileswithglasses - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts

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Another saturday morning, another g park session. favorite bowl around lately. 📸 @mileswithglasses - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts

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Been a while since i last rode dirt. fun to get some laps in at the palm trails end of day yesterday with all the dudes! 📸 @jasonenns - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes @beardbuddy #beardbuddy

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