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Night moves at during the bike session at the santa monica park monday night. 📱🎥 thanks to @callmetrimtab - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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No idea why the pool was left like this mid deconstruction but it made for a d**n fun session with the crew @jasonenns @mikeescamilla @bmxdmc @brian_terada ! #tabletoptuesday during one of the last sessions the #loveshack ever saw. 📸 by @jasonenns - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Stoked on this one from yesterday! @jasonenns killed it behind the 📷, rad day out with him @brian_terada @bmxdmc and @mikeescamilla - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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#flashbackfriday one of my my favorite sessions last at one of the reddest spots. this place was so fun! thanks @mikeescamilla for the trip out there and taking the pic! @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Tire slide over the death box. 📸 @jasonenns , head over to his page to see an alternate angle of this too. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Different angle of a fast plant over the diving board up at furst castle from a couple weekends back. 📸 @hoodworth - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes #poolseekers

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#tabletoptuesday another from yesterday's session, shot by @jasonenns - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Today ruled, killer session with with @jasonenns and @brian_terada at pool none of us had rode. best kind of days. nose pick on the love seat 📸 by @jasonenns - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Saturday morning g park sessions have been my fave lately! 📸 by @mileswithglasses - @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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#flashbackfriday one of my favorite photos from last year, probably one of faves just in general too! shot by @callmetrimtab in a super fun square. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Different angle of a tire slide over the love seat that closed out a line in my @digbmx video. photo by @mikeescamilla #digbmx #digbmxapp #digoriginalsdaily @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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#tabletoptuesday morning session at the el centro park on our trip down south. 📸 by @mikeescamilla - @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes @demolitionparts

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Stoked this park is finally not super crowded all the time! killer solo morning session at the new park. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Selfie phone 📱 filmed line at belvedere from the beginning of the week. @demolitionparts @etniesbmx @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Love the saturday morning g park sessions. good times with all the dudes today. 📸 by @mileswithglasses - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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Another shot by @hoodworth from furst castle on the weekend. fast plant over the board. @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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So stoked on how this one turned out! thanks a ton @freeagentbikes and @demolitionparts for making this thing come together!!! #freeagentbikes #demolitionparts #rigline #foxforks

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Every time i've gone to this pool it's been painted a different color. tire slide in the deep this weekend shot by @mikeescamilla - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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