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One planet.

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I used to believe that if i wasn’t happy with where i was, i can change three things: people, places, and things.

the people, maybe the hardest to change: who you spend your time with. are they enriching your life, enforcing good habits, enabling bad ones? if you spend lots of time on here and i don’t bring you joy, unfollow me. follow someone who empowers you in my stead.

the place, could mean either moving to another city, apartment, or just taking a walk. move. move your body. take a hike in the woods without your phone, swim, hike, yoga, take a road trip, cross country or across town. book a ticket to somewhere that you feel will change your life and immerse yourself when you arrive.

and finally things, the toys and tools and food and phone. too many are a burden. you’ll usually find out what things you shouldn’t be hanging out with: if you eat bad food, your body will tell you. if you wear bad clothes, your friends will tell you, hopefully. my photography has been feeling stagnant, and i’ve been pushing myself to shoot more film photography. this photo was taken on 35mm in that same effort to change the tools i use. you can usually bring the old thing back if you miss it too much.

what if i can’t change them? or worse yet, what if i don’t have the will or the drive to change them? honestly, i don’t know the answer to that. i don’t have any answers at all, i’m finding. the struggles with these things and places and people are also the very things that make life worth pursuing. the bad apples you’ve been hanging out with are apples too, we’re all just walking each other home. the places that drain you might have become better spaces because of you. the things that you shed are snakeskins, they’ve served their purpose, however imperceivable that purpose may seem.

so i’ll go, i’ll start small, i’ll change the camera i use today and something more significant some other day. “if you don’t like where you are, move! you are not a tree!” an american author named jim rohn might have said that.

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Find momo one year ago today, in slovenia, at a (huge) tree house.
i was driving through the mountains after visiting lake bohinj and pulled over to eat lunch. i looked up at this treehouse. i climbed inside and found nothing but a pop can, a lighter, and an amazing view. i thought i should hide momo in the treehouse. truly that would have made a better photograph. but it was dangerous to carry him up, and he wouldn’t have liked being up there alone. so, this photo now lives in our book, find momo across europe, which i’ve heard you’re enjoying. 📖

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I tried something different last week: i took a camping trip without my phone. i left it at home and navigated roads my memory or chance or by asking people, i listened to the radio, i listened to the stream i camped next to, i took long dog walks, it was refreshing.
we don’t live in a culture of sharing everything, we live in a culture of always sharing. we share what’s good and what we want people to see. and how are we balancing that? there’s always a time to speak, and a time to listen; a time to give, and a time to take; a time to hold on, and a time to let go.
this was one of the few photos i took on that trip. could you do it? take a trip without your phone? 📵

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Momo’s been wearing a bandana since i found my grandpa’s old handkerchief in the basement of his house. i pulled it out of a box, momo hanging out next to me, i tied it around his neck, and that was that.

yeah, momo looks good in everything. that’s why we’re thrilled to buddy up with @meundies to announce their new buddybands line. now, when you’re ordering the softest u****s on earth, you can get a matching bandana for your pup. that’s not weird! #meundiespartner
bonus, for every buddyband sold, $1 is donated to angel city pit bulls (@angelcitypits ), an organization dedicated to creating a better future for pit bulls.

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One of my favourite shots. a photo i took of @___aylee___ and her charlie for #catalystdogs, a project i did with @gohealthypaws that shared stories of how dogs changed their person’s life. you can check out the whole project and watch some videos at catalystdogs.com 💕

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Find momo in the shop with mellow. @nickelautomotive is hard at work giving mellow a new life and the work they’re doing is amazing. here, she’s primed with all new body panels an no rust! they’re painting her this week and i can’t wait to go check it out.

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Flowers and cherry blossoms have exploded in vancouver these past few weeks. had to pull over for this one. it was next to a mall.

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Duneward dog.

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Dog in the dunes. 🏝

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Dog in the moonlight. 🐺 🌝 this photo was taken a few days before the full moon. i spent every night outside for a few weeks, it’s one of my favourite things about being on the road. with a clear sky, i can look up and get an immediate update of the moon and the current phase of its cycle. the moon wasn’t even full but it lit up the desert. that bright star is sirius.
update: sirius is apparently known as the “dog star” and i had no idea 😌

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