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We certainly didn’t set out to find this view. in fact, we hiked the wrong lake altogether. a couple of hours on a trail is a good way to learn someone’s pace, however, and meeting them in the middle is what it’s all about. dad called his “a gentleman’s pace”, and mine “a long stride”. i’d call it learning to slow down, that lesson i’m always after. and wales makes a nice setting to do this.

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Find momo at the stiperstones. (swipe for a blep)

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I keep looking at this photo because it makes me feel happy. is it working for you too?

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New profile picky. 📸 @zachdriftwood

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Something a little different today, @liamhemsworth started an important discussion. he asked what was the best investment you’ve made. here’s my answer, what’s yours? #investintheplanet

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Find momo at brighton beach. (swipe 👉)

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Spending time with someone means learning their pace, and meeting it with your own. this has been a struggle for me, so a month with dad will be good practice. so long as he doesn’t mind me sneaking around with a camera and making notes about everything along the way. i’m excited he’s here.

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It’s very bright in brighton and my dad’s here and i haven’t spent a month with him since i was a small boy. 👨🏻🐶👴🏻

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First time in the uk! 🇬🇧 -
at a stop sign:
stranger: “hey!” (angrily)
me: “what?!” (perturbed)
him: “you’re on the wrong side of the road!”
me: “oh, shit.”
(i was embarrassed, we both laughed, i switched sides)

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Sunday morning nopes.

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I feel extremely bad that momo walked into an artist’s fairytale painting. in all seriousness my jaw was on the floor driving the countryside this morning.

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The first thing we did in ljubljana is look for coffee. found @crno_zrno, owned by alex, a colombian architect who not only makes a very good cold brew, but designed the tiny beautiful space himself. tomorrow morning, we explore out of the city.
ps. taking over @mymodernmet’s instagram this weekend, i have no idea what i’ll be posting yet but go follow to find out!

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