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Indiana | escaping the hurricane @noorimages #indiana

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Georgia | current stop for the @ourdemocracy project. sunday morning church at the agape outreach ministry. look for stories on www.npr.org out in early september. @noorimages @catchlight.io @pulitzercenter #npronassignment #ourdemocracy

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Indiana | haley @noorimages #lakeescape

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Welch, west virginia | post office @noorimages #ourdemocracy #catchlight #pulitzercenter

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Welch, wv | janet and jenny robertson. twins. @ourdemocracy @noorimages @catchlight.io #westvirginia #ourdemocracy

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Memphis | a few weeks ago when i was in memphis, i spent some time with this couple for my ongoing project on democracy in the us. they are in a notorious gang. the gang has a leader who enforces school attendance, good grades and helps families in need. in a city known for inequality and racism, it raises interesting questions about what happens, who steps in, when the system fails those living in our democracy. @ourdemocracy #ourdemocracy #memphis @catchlight.io @pulitzercenter

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Indiana | barefooting @noorimages #indiana

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Vermont | my favorite window @noorimages #vermont

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Liverpool | mersey ferry @noorimages #liverpool

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Liverpool | ringo starr grew up here. @noorimages #liverpool #starrisborn

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