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Pants 👖

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Happy fathers day. i love my son dominic even if he can be a bit much sometimes.

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Dominic sock and alex bowling pin enamel pins available now! link in bio!

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It’s dark and stormy here today. we’re inside bein honkin cozy.

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Very excited to share our new limited edition rainbow foil honk shirt. it’s super shiny and majestic and all the proceeds will be donated to @birdlifeoz to help with their vital bird and habitat conservation programs. link in our bio!
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Got something exciting happening this weekend. stay tuned!

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Aw yea dats a good scritch

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Before and after being told i’m a good boy
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Helping mumther work from home #officebirb

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You are brave
you are stronk
you are honkin majestic
and i believe in you

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