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Doing our best blue steel #zoolander #🦆

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Taj mahali sevani

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Abu dhabi sevani pullin’ up like 🐪

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If you liked the step up series the director @jonmchu made this real cool movie @crazyrichasians check it out in theaters aug 15th. i give it a lit out of 10

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She turned 1 today and she’s already giving me serious side eye ❤️ @willowachu #notmybaby

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I had to do it! @kidthewiz you’re a legend nyc we out here

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Beards bad shirts and glasses crew only

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#flashbackfriday to my europe trip last year. i shot this when fidgets  were all the craze and never posted so here ya go. @nonstop12 @thebackpackkid and special shout to @jgookofficial on the keys

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