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Is it really tuesday if you are in a blanket burrito?

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Do you speak french kiss? 馃憛馃憛馃憛

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Struggled between two photo descriptions.
number one: the reality behind instagram photos
number two: when you feel pretty proud of what you are doing...
for those who don't get the second one you should zoom in 馃槀
what description should i have chosen?

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When people ask me how many dogs i need in my life and i'm like... #whpperspective

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Always be nice to a diver.
they know places where nobody will find you.

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What do you love more about dogs? here we love their selfless love but the thing i personally love the most about owning a dog is their ability to make me laugh 24/7 even in the darkest days.
this photo was my wallpaper for probably an entire year 馃槄

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5 years ago we were touching each other for the first time.
she didn't love me instantly, as many of you might think. she didn't even liked to be near me, but it's okay, she had a past to forget.
i then took her home on september 19th, 2013. the day she came home she asked to cuddle and i then understood that love is not always fireworks, sometimes it is just when you start to trust.

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They say dogs speak to those who listen.
the question is if we are "listening"...

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鉁达笍 once upon a dream 鉁达笍
thought a lot before posting this photo but here it goes ( existencial questions forever 鉂わ笍 )
i was always that girl who avoided the attempts of being photographed but i find myself over and over again being the only possibility for a photo.
i love photographing other people's smiles, their freckles and even their messy hair but always seem incapable of liking a photo of mine and really do struggle the sight of my own freckles, but we only have one life and we really do need to get our sh#t together and be okay with what we are, too short or too tall spectrum.
so here i am, a girl with sun freckles,acne marks, face scars (90% made by animals ), an amazing rescued dog and a messy hair but a very full heart filled with love for her sweet little family. 鉂わ笍

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Probably the most public favourite pup from our extended pack turns 1 year old today!
noah is apparently not a puppy anymore ( although she is and will be for a long time )
let's just hope she can fill our lives with slobber, love and a whole lot of monster cuddles and kisses for a lot more years.
happy bday sweet princess.
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Throwback to when bear looked even more a muppet and the head tilt was a top feature.
with her brother , boss being all puppies.

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