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Whatchout @tyrabanks, the smize is strong with this one.
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Nothing says weekend like a good dog/cat pile. hashtag #whplikecatsanddogs #whpuptome

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Valentine day madness is over, so i now may share all the lame photos of how much i love my dogs without it being too cheesy right? ( it's not really a question, i'm still doing it no matter what you say, i'm that obsessed with them 😅

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" i might not tell you this enough, but i appreciate you being in my life."
this is what social media should really be about.
love is adding something extra to someone's life, that being romantic love, visual beautifulness, emotional stability or even a good social net that when you fall in life for some reason, doesn't let you go rock bottom.
earlier today i asked in our stories whom should i photograph this flower crown with, majority of you answered samoa, so here she is. your social net is listening to what you want, and it doesn't matter if you are single or not, if you are rich, poor or more or less. black, white asian or orange ( yeah we are here for the tanned people too) or whatever color you want to see yourself as. woman, man, heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, adult, child or senior, none of this matters.

we are here for you.


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I'm not gonna lie... i said yes! 🙈😂 they did too as they ate the cookie like it was the last cookie on earth.
this cookie is from @rossipetsbakery and it smells amazing.
use code bunch10 to get 10% off price ♥️

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If you want my attention you just need to have dogs 💤😴💤

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T minus 2 days to participate in our huge and amazing giveaway.
remember to follow all the 13 accounts and comment at least one of the giveaway posts.
good luck and good wagentine's day ♥️

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Life is not a fairytale, if you lose your shoe at midnight, you are probably drunk.
stop chasing the impossible.
everyone makes mistakes, everyone has bad days and everyone needs to feel appreciated.
maybe prince charming ( fairytale princess ) is disguised as a normal man ( woman ) and you are not giving him ( her ) a chance just because you have a specific image in your mind of how he/she should be/look like.

give love a chance, give your true happiness a chance.
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The true sign of intelligent is not knowledge but imagination - said albert einstein.
that's why charlie here is imagining me dressed as a yummy sausage 😂
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Keep calm and love your vet.

there are a lot of people who hate taking their pets to the vet because they get all stressed and agressive.
we get that, but did you do something to help your dog not be afraid of the vet?
in a vet clinic we are always hearing - this is going to sting, he knows what he is coming for, etc... of course animals get afraid of the vet.
get your dog to the vet and give him tasty treats just for weight control for example, something that will not bring pain.
vets live very stressful lives, it's among the highest rates of suicide careers, they are there to help your pet, not to hurt him/her.
#ilovemyvet #keepcalmandloveyourvet

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Is your name wifi?
cause i'm really feeling the connection!
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