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The happiest of birthdays to this absolute babe!🎂 love you!

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Peri peri chicken with grilled peach and bourbon chutney for @7k_ranch

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Tiniest of beasts roaming

comment 2 star 22 May 2018

Banchan (/ˈbɑːnˌtʃɑːn/,[1] from korean: 반찬; 飯饌; banchan [pan.tɕʰan]) is a collective name for small side dishes served along with cooked rice in korean cuisine. bbq striploin, perilla leaf, bbq bok choy with fermented soybean paste, cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, seasoned spicy squid, spicy rice cakes, seasoned cucumbers, bean sprout and cucumber salad, seaweed salad, bbq tofu #cheflife #homecooking #banchan #koreanfood #sundaydinner #dayoff #vscocam #yyc

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Monday dinner for two (plus leftovers). scallion beef, slice pig ears terrine, szechuan tripe and cucumber salad, tofu with bean sprouts and fried rice cakes. #homecooking #cheflife #vscocam

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I love all our moments. happy (belated) valentines❤️

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The end of 2017 also marks the end of my stay at @rougerestaurant. after 1.5 years as the sous, i'm leaving more knowledgeable and with fond memories. it's a new year and a new venture. wishing all a happy new year

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Noodle soup to keep warm 🍜

comment 1 star 49 November 2017

Definitely the highlight of the trip. tasting menu at @lepigeonpdx 🤤everything i excepted and more. a must try. #lepigeon #portland #cheflife #vacationtime

comment 2 star 25 October 2017

Bike ride around the river in the rain. lunch at @littlebirdpdx was delicious! as i expected. hit up a coo r*m bar with the best pickled eggs i've ever had before hitting up pigeon for dinner. (that gets its own post) #portland #cheflife #vacationtime #littlebirdbistro

comment 0 star 21 October 2017

Fun second day. hit up the @peculiarium as suggested by @jenneajewelry. well worth the visit! meat/offal focused dinner at @jackrabbitpdx. so fkn good. half pigs head and hot mess(foie, trotter, fruit) highlight so far. god damn! #peculiarium #cheflife #vacation #portland

comment 1 star 18 October 2017

Great first day in portland. delicious craw fish étouffée at jakes famous crawfish. after some(lots of) wondering around got some killer bbq and cocktails @smokehousetavern. it's been a good day. #portland #cheflife #vacationtime

comment 2 star 32 October 2017