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Such dark days call for dark beer🍺.....and maybe a dinosour thrown in there as well lol-p stay thirsty victoria

comment 1 star 52 2 weeks ago

Rhubarb sour @c12beer whilst sitting.
tell us where we’re drinking this to have a chance to win some sweet swag!!-p stay thirsty victoria

comment 4 star 51 2 weeks ago

This week’s line up was full of anticipation and one great disappointment......you’ll have to tune in to find out our verdict. stay thirsty victoria!!-p

comment 3 star 61 November 2018

My point of view during each recording. -phil chen 3dg podcast host-

comment 3 star 68 November 2018

‘the banter’.........continues!! host andrew and ron hash it out after reviewing an interesting line up of brews.-p

comment 4 star 75 November 2018

Well......we did it again!! ‘megadeth’ @unibroue ‘1000 light years from home’ @redarrowbeer and finally ‘vortex’ @riotbrewingco we might have a problem here folks lol-p

comment 3 star 88 October 2018

I know, i know......i said no to pumpkin beer this october.....and lone and behold i was the one to bring this ‘snickerdoodle pumkin ale’ @redracerbrew to the table......delish!!-p

comment 3 star 53 October 2018

We debated this one a lot @bomberbrewing & @riotbrewingco ......we weren’t sure if they just missed a step or if it was just extra ‘hazey’ but it tasted great until the last sip!!-p

comment 4 star 83 October 2018

Couple happy hour pints @commons.at.pescatores a dark matter @hoynebrewing and goldynwell folköl @driftwoodbrewery

comment 2 star 72 October 2018

Host phil just caught the late show of ‘venom’.......listen in to our next episode to hear if yer again in for ‘all sizzle and no steak’!! (or perhaps it’s something special)-p

comment 1 star 97 October 2018

A sneak peek of our latest episodes beer line up!! (with a side of 3dg’s host ron) @granvillebeer winter ale @4milebrewingco mexican hot chocolate porter @cascadiabrewingco_olympia noyaux northwest style sour (aged in oak barrels with) @ravensbrewing english dark mild and finally @faxebeer ‘strong beer’ (8%!!) stay tuned and stay thirsty victoria!-p

comment 4 star 64 October 2018

Host phil’s endless search for victoria’s best choco shake had him @plutosdiner definately a notch up from f*t burger........but not quite a @bigwheelburger choco shake!!-p

comment 7 star 65 September 2018