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I preach a lot about self love 💕 and to some it may get repetitive but to me, it’s been a huge game changer! when i was with my (now official) ex, i hated myself. i hated who i had become, what i allowed myself to do. it would’ve been easy to blame him but i made the choices to forgive him. i wasn’t strong enough to leave sooner. all because i didn’t possess a single ounce of self love. ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•
when i first started this journey i was struggling hard! and not just due to my size (whopping 300 lbs). but i was struggling to accept that i deserved this change. i was made to feel guilty for taking time to work on me and i felt guilty as fuck. i worried constantly what people thought of me and it affected my results. i wasn’t losing like i should. to this day, i’m not sure when it finally clicked but i know i think it happened at one of our saturday events. i completed and kept up with a program i literally never thought i could do. i distinctly remember having to step away for a minute because i was so overwhelmed by the emotion of it all. something clicked on me and i realized that yes, i do f*****g deserve this and i’m gonna go all in!
ever since i made that discovery, my results have been amazing! i feel more confident, happy, radiant, all of it!! i can finally see a change in me. i had been missing the most important part, loving myself. once i finally decided that i was worth it and i deserved this, my results followed. so my dear friends, are you struggling to get the results you wan? are you, like me, frustrated and want to give up? take a long look at your insides and see how much you love yourself. i’m telling you, once you make that mindset change, your body will follow!

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You guys i just finished the most amazing book! there were so many memorable moments and so many lessons i learned. this book came to me in a time i needed it most. this has been quite a year for me. so many life changes and so many scary choices. so many opportunities to lie down and quit life and so many times to fight back. <•><•><•><•><•><•><•><•><•><•><•><•>
this quote says it all...there were so many times i wanted to give up. so many times i thought i was failing at everything...being a mom, a wife, just failing in general. my girls saved me. this book saved me. i saved me. and i’ve grown. and i’m still growing...but giving up is not a choice. i’m here for you if you need a friend! please, never feel alone. know that you have the power to rise up!
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What in the actual hell is happening to me?!? like...what is this life?!?
i can’t even begin to recognize the person on the left. she was a very unhappy miserable woman. feeling stuck in a marriage that wasn’t working. packing on the weight daily...unable to love herself at all. this is a girl who almost daily struggled with the urge to self harm just so she could feel something. (ah i puke thinking about this). she gave away so much of herself that she couldn’t find her way out of the darkness. she was mean and angry all the time. dark times my friend...dark times. <•><•> the girl on the right? well she’s free! she’s happy as fuck!! she’s on the path to finding herself. do you see the joy in her eyes?!? she’s trying things she never dreamed. she’s reaching goals! this is the girl i never thought i would be. i felt trapped until my tribe saved me. i felt defeated until i finally stood up for myself and said enough is enough. i took a scary af chance by saying yes. and believe me i was scared out. of. my. mind.
i think the key thing for me was getting out of the toxic environment and changing my mindset on myself. it wasnt until honestly about 5 weeks ago that i noticed a change in how i was thinking. i wish i could pinpoint what it was that made me change. i’d like to think it was the determination to quit being the victim. or maybe finally realizing that i f*****g deserve this. either way, look at me go!! you can do this to. if my broken down, beaten spirit can turn it around so can you! reach out to me and let me know how i can help you get started!! i want this for you and you should want it for uh to because you deserve it!
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I get excited each month to see what the #starterkit contains! this one for #june is pretty sweet! you can get a #free tin of our #vial #lipstain when you #join 😍💋💄 #beposhpampered #teamposhapeel #startyourjourney #bettertogether #opportunity #perfectlyposh #men #women #workfromhome #lovewhatyoudo #dream #youdesereveit #youcandoit #pampering #fun 😊🛁💕

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I spent far too long thinking that my life and my situation was out of my control. i spent far too long being bossed around and told what to do, that i just accepted it as the way m life would be. i would blame him. it was his fault the way he treated me. i was convinced that he was this horrible person who likes making me miserable. he enjoyed hurting me and watching me suffer...and while those things may be true..the fact is, i allowed him to treat me this way. i never stood up for myself. i never said, hey this isn’t the way i deserve to be treated. i forgave him for unforgivable things, thus making it ok. i made excuses and gave in. it all boiled down to this simple fact: i allowed it to happen. <•>
this is by no means me beating myself up or taking the blame away from him. he chose to do what he did, but i allowed it to continue. i got lucky, i got to a breaking point. i had an amazing family to back me up. i found an amazing tribe of women to support me and show me i deserved better. not everyone is as lucky as i am. this post is for those girls. you honey, are in control of you life. you deserve the stand up for yourself and fight! you deserve to be treated like the warrior god made you to be. i don’t know what situation your in but i am here for you. you matter. you are important. you deserve happiness. take control of you life and reach out! baby steps my friend.
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What an amazing freaking day!! i was able to do something today i would never have been able to do before. i’ve got a story to tell y’all!
i know i’ve mentioned leaving my ex before but one of the darker parts i don’t really share. however, today out on that rock i was reminded that i need to share it because there’s someone out there who needs to hear it. my ex was incredibly controlling. i wasn’t allowed to have friends. i wasn’t allowed to go anywhere except with family. he went through my phone daily and the verbal and emotional abuse i dealt with daily literally wore me down to nothing. i completely and utterly lost myself. i was depressed and lonely and miserable. i literally had given up hope on ever being happy. i certainly didn’t love myself and was an angry person. this literally went on for over five years. i don’t share this part because i don’t like to talk bad about him but y’all need to have the big picture here. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
when @brittanystewartfitness contacted me about this amazing opportunity i said no. i said no because i was scared what my husband would say. i was scared he would leave me if i lost weight. but she kept on me. reminding me that i deserve to be happy. i deserve to love myself. and she had a way to help me with that. so after a lot of soul searching, i finally said yes to her and yes to this opportunity. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
because i said yes to this, i gained enough self love to leave my husband. i gained enough self confidence to be a single mom. because i said yes, i’ve gained lifelong friends. because i said yes, i am happy!! when are you going to decide enough if enough? when are you going to decide you deserve this journey? message me and let’s do this!
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Facial appointments available for tomorrow! come see sarah, you deserve it! .
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The biggest and most important thing i have learned and that i can teach you my dear followers: self care is a must!!!
ask anyone who has ever known me, i am a giver. i am a fixer. my soul purpose in life used to be giving to everyone i loved and really just to anyone that needed anything but i be d****d if i ever took time to care for myself. it felt selfish. even more so after i had kids. they needed things so i wouldn’t spend money on myself ever...this is no exaggeration. i legit had the same clothes since i graduated high school 😳😳
what i’ve learned is, you can’t give from an empty cup. i was miserable all the time and couldn’t figure out why. i was happy helping people. however it got to the point that i became bitter about helping people when nobody would help me in return. so, ever since january i’ve made it a point to take time for myself. every. single. day. i get me time. i can’t even express how much happier i am and how much happier my kids are. whether it be a new craft for getting my nails and hair done or even taking five minutes to just sit alone. you time is key to being happy. if you aren’t happy you sure as hell cant make anyone else happy. and besides, don’t you deserve to be happy?!?
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Appointments are still available this week. everyone deserves to be pampered, let us take care of you! call to schedule your appointment at 979-822-5756 or schedule your appointment online. #youdesereveit #pamper #relax #galleriaspasalon

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Appointments are still available this week. everyone deserves to be pampered, let us take care of you! call to schedule your appointment at 979-693-0350 or schedule your appointment online. #youdesereveit #pamper #relax #galleriaspasalon

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New clothes, size 1 in everything! stop growing baby girl 😢😍 #10monthsold #size1clothes #biggirl #beensize1since9months #ispoilyoutomuch #youdesereveit #bestgirl

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I am strong.
i am unstoppable.
i am present.
i have goals and i am going to accomplish them
i am dedicated.
i am caring.
i love to help others.
i am loyal.
i deserve great things.
i will make things happen.
i control my life and my journey.
i will always strive for greatness.
i am a good parent/friend/family member.
i love me.

affirmations. they are important. they are helpful. it is good to look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself how awesome you are. when you are down on yourself you are hindering yourself from accomplishing what you want. you are an amazing individual. you are capable of so much. you are loved. you are cared about. once you believe all of these things it is amazing the things you can do. stay true to you! ♥️ #affirmation #motivation #selflove #love #selfworth #knowyourworth #youareimportant #staytrue #realtalk #real #instadaily #instamood #empower #fitmom #fitparents #inspiration #growth #grow #youdesereveit #focus #selfportrait #youchoose #itstartswithyou #selfie #selfienation

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@6ix9ine_ how 6 people get f****d up by 2 🤔🤔🤔😭😭😭 got ya b***h a*s ‼️ 🤗🤗🤗 #youdesereveit #fuckskittles #homothuglookinbih

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