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Forgiveness is for you and not for the other person. put your desire to feel good before your desire to be right. take responsibility for your own happiness instead of putting it in someone else’s hands.
remember... you are the power to manifest which you seek. and the most powerful energy is self love. 💖 #youareabadass @jensincero

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No failures, only lessons! #thegoldenwords

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Day 17 - cannot recommend these 2 books highly enough.

i used to think that personal development was hippy s**t haha 🤣. have become obsessed with audio books & "you are a badass" is one of my absolute faves. the miracle morning is written by an incredible guy with a hugely inspiring story, & if you are not a morning person, you need this in your life. trust me.

working on myself and trying to be a better person has become increasingly important to me. i wanna show up for those who matter in my life, every time. and i wanna be good for me! i am quietly one of the most self-critical people i know, so i'm proud to be working on it on a regular basis. and deal with s**t stuff in the best way possible, because bad things happen when you least expect. believing that "i got this" is a good feeling, & i wanna feel that more often. that's the best way to be the most helpful to anyone else.

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We are all perfect in our own, magnificent, fucked-up ways. laugh at yourself. love yourself and others. rejoice in the cosmic ridiculousness ✨🧘🏻‍♀️📖
- @jensincero
let’s not forget to incorporate the key components in life; passion + purpose + happiness + gratitude + love ❤️ be-younique ✨🎨 #goodreads #youareabadass #currentread #educateyourself #vision #passion #mindvalley #prosper #motivation #personalgrowth

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Must read ✨
the end of the year is here it’s time to get in your cocoon 🦋 #youareabadass #readingissexy

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Too many of us look in the mirror and pick faults with how we look. we focus on all the parts that aren’t perfect or are the most ‘imperfect’ and we criticise ourselves and even call ourselves name! this slowly eats away at our self worth and allows us to be treated badly by others because we don’t think we deserve anything better. but perfection isn’t real!! we are all perfectly imperfect and that’s ok. don’t strive for perfection, strive for happiness. start today and everyday with lots of self-love, focus on the parts you do love, not the parts you don’t and be kind to yourself, always! #recoveringperfectionist #perfection #perfectionism #becompassionate #listen #love #selflove #selfcare #bekind #bekindalways #bekindtoyourself #bekindtooneanother #youarebeautiful #youareenough #youareabadass

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Make a change. even the tiniest of changes, one at a time, make a difference ❤️ #jensincero #youareabadass #motivationalquotes #motivateme #makeachange #refusetofail #bossmom #mompreneur #momlife #boymomlife

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Good morning fellow students
you are the only one standing in your own way #workhard #beyourself #motivation #bestrong #youareabadass

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💜 hyväää huomenta !

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I will not allow my fears to stand in the way of my dreams & neither should you!
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.....sweat together, strong together 💫
couldn’t think of a better way to kick off this week’s weekend workouts than sweating it out with @carolinedozier and @athleta _sf🤗so much to sweat together and to celebrate each of you who come to my tuesday’s every week as you always bring it!!!🙌🏾here’s to more sweaty sessions like these....and to more of these leggings from @athleta ....literally feel and look so good on!!!!😍
📷: @letsnell 😍

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Happy birthday to the woman that is constantly pushing me to write “that” book. (it’s coming mom, i promise). i love you and i’m thankful for all the love, encouragement and knowledge you’ve given me since birth. couldn’t ask for a better role model and support system. you are the definition of a "goal-getter" and yes, i get it from my mama! 🤣
📸 jonas jr. photography on my wedding day. (sorry mom, it's one of the few photos i have where we were both camera ready) 😂
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Well here it is - my big announcement!! a year in the making!
for anyone that loves spiritual growth, personal breakthroughs, fascinating soul conversations with healers, intuitives, etc - that desires deeper purpose clarity, intuition development, abundance breakthroughs, practical ways to enhance and improve your life, self and business using spiritual techniques... this one’s for us!💓 after i left my 9-5 and became a photographer, i spent the first 2 years of my business trying to create images i thought my clients would like. i mimicked the (experienced) pros, my mentors, and edited my images in such a way that i was being “on trend” and that others would want from me.

finally i grew tired of trying to fit into the mould of what i “thought” i “should” be - and started doing things my way.

i developed my own style, a style that i loved, and decided that the right clients for me would love this style too - regardless of whether or not it was on trend or what everyone else was doing.

i had no idea what would happen when i took this somewhat selfish turn in my business.

what ended up happening was - my business took off!
i started winning awards, being hired to photograph weddings in hawaii, australia and the caribbean.
i was happier than ever and i was doing things my way, a way that felt good and natural to me - not contrived in hopes of being liked or pleasing others.
and this is exactly what i’m doing now... starting with my brand new podcast.
this podcast was created in all honesty, without any worry in the world of how many people will like it or listen to it.

it’s been so fun to create, it’s going to include interviews with spiritually gifted people that fascinate me, and it’s going to include me teaching/coaching/revealing all of the subjects that excite me to share with you - because they’ve been game changers in my own life, my self, my business, my relationship, my health, happiness, freedom + abundance.

if anyone happens to want to come along for the ride - great!!! the link is in my bio to join the launch party 🎊 (free gifts and prizes for all who join!) if you love this stuff as much as i do, tag 2 friends to join us!! 🤗💓

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I am grateful for @jensincero.i can’t wait for the next #badass book. these two have been a huge inspiration for my #novembergratitudechallenge .
#iamgrateful #gratitude #youareabadass

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Some #girlbossrally inspired reading 🤓 you are a badass by @jensincero & big magic by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer 🦄 next on the list to pick up- girl wash your face by @msrachelhollis 🤗
#books #reading #bigmagic #youareabadass

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The ones who kick a*s are the ones who can see themselves kicking a*s - who truly believe in themselves! the ones who feel weird or worry that they’re being pushy and annoying or who subconsciously believe they they don’t deserve to or can’t succeed—they’re not gonna do so good! ❤️

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Be gentle with yourself! you're doing the best with what you have. as you grow, you'll learn to do better!
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Heard this quoted today in an audible book i’m listening to. it seriously took my breath. this is how i felt i’d approached much of my life. don’t make waves, don’t make a scene, don’t take too much of the attention. about 5 years ago, facing empty nest, i honestly thought my life was finished up. thanks to an eye opening lifestyle epiphany, i now understand that i matter and have gifts to offer and thoughts worth sharing. we all have contributions to make in this world. there is someone in this world that needs you and what you have to offer. don’t ever doubt that and yourself.
.#wow #thingsthatmakeyougohmm #youareabadass #youmatter #allwehaveisnow #thenewhealthconversation #dontdoubtyourself #thankyoujesus

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