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✨ with every big uplevel, comes massive change and cleaning house in all areas of your life. energetically, things have to change as you change, transform, evolve. ⠀

it’s funny because i used to think - ok business & self development is over in this corner of my life, and then personal stuff is over there. nice, neat, boxes, right?⠀

not at all. as i’ve grown my business, and had major turning points and milestones, i’ve noticed a massive energetic uplevel and shift in me that then leaks into other areas of my life.⠀

sometimes that looks nice - like changing my wardrobe, or getting a new haircut, or implementing a new self care practice more regularly.⠀

often, it looks like destruction - of relationships, friendships, ways of being that simply do not work anymore.⠀

when the latter happens, it always feels terrible in the moment. then the dust settles, in time, and what’s left in place of the rubble? a rich, sacred space, filled with love, light and so much life. a place that can hold you and nourish you as you rise and claim your next level. ⠀

so if you’re starting a business, or moving to your next level and you’re like ... oh wow what’s up with this chaos?! ⠀

know you’re on the right track. yup, it sucks right now. you will get through it. and you’ll find your own sacred space when the dust clears. and i promise, it will be worth it. ⠀

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I've suffered with this for a long time. i couldn't even move to take off my backpack when i entered the school bus, as if everyone was watching me and judging the way i did those simple things. it made my heart race, i started sweating... i know it sounds stupid, but those who haven't social anxiety just can't understand and i just couldn't do it. thank god i am way better now, i still struggle to have a conversation with anybody, but it's better than before. and that's what matters. 🙏🏼
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💯💯don’t get caught up in social media! you are great being who you are in these streets highways and byways😘😘 #youarebeautiful #youareblessed #youareabadass #youareenough #explorepage

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My badass brother striking a pose at mah very own table at barnes and noble! thanks for the love @barnesandnoble and all y’all out there changing your lives! #youareabadass #youareabadassatmakingmoney #youareabadasseveryday

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Do you really know me? - probably not so i’m going to tell you just a small part of my life ↴

my name is nikki fisher. i am 26 years old and i live in mckinney, texas. my whole life i never knew what i wanted to do. i did horrible in high school so college was never really an option for me. i thought at one point that i found my dream job as a veterinary receptionist, which sounds funny to say now. i love animals so i thought this is perfect. little did i know, i worked super long hours, and all day you have people belittling you and making you feel worthless. i would go home everyday miserable. i would drink alcohol to just feel nothing. i would cry all the time to my boyfriend on how much i hate my job. all i wanted was some freedom.
in june 2018 a friend of mine from new york reached out to me and we chatted. she presented this opportunity to me and at first of course, i was skeptical but thought to myself "i have nothing to lose." i started training right away and it was a nice little "side hustle". fast forward to november, i quit my full time job because i've grown my business so quickly and i finally found freedom. i'm living the life everyone wants to be living. ——
this business is so much more then just hair care products. these girls have done more for me then just help with the business. they pulled me out of depression and motivate me everyday to become the best version of myself. all i want to do now is help other women with a similar story — build their dream life.
xoxo - nikki

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