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How am i carrying
the stories of me in my head
do i let them swallow me
crash over my peace
drown my wild
drown my free
can i set these tales down
can i be unashamed
emblazoned in boldness
and grace
how do i light a doused fire
if the waves are in my face
and the wind blocks my ears
from hearing my own voice
can i unfold my pieces
and shake them up again
can i toss them to the flame
and let them burn
not in destruction
rather to walk out of rooms
of plastic and small words
and see what i can find
inside light
inside my universe
how do these things
teach me to be molten
to be soft
to mix it all together
this is where i set my feet down
and stand up
the waves a foot deep
are deceptive
when the sand is in my face -b
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Time flies (and i try too)/ as the end of the year is getting closer just a very practical announcement to let you know that my last class will be tomorrow evening at 7.15pm. i’ll be resuming class form 12th of january. if you are not in paris and wish to meet me elsewhere maybe then check the retreat i organized, it will be held from february 26th til march 3rd in norway. places are limited to 8 participants. all details are in the link in my bio. ✨

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Here we are again testing the limits of @beyond.boundries and confirming that there are none!

join us this tuesday 7:30-9pm at @igniteevolutionfitness for all levels acroyoga. it's the last class before we break for christmas and new year's. festive dress code in effect! ❤💚

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The greatest way you can change the world is to inspire others. when you live your true passion, and do what you were put here on this planet to do, you become a beam of light to others. live passionately, inspire others, and create positive change.

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Day 8 of #hohoexpress is 8 angle pose!
the first transition into 8 angle is from #tuckhandstand, the second option is from #crowpose and the third is how you can get into the pose from a squat! henry had made a mess from digging treasure out of a fossil and was cleaning it up in the background 😂 then decided he wanted to try the pose as well. 💕 tip: try to remember to “hug” your upper arm with my legs and squeeze. 👍🏼
have fun tomorrow!! hosts:
wearing all @aloyoga
#handstand #balance #8anglepose #astavakrasana

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Sundays are for strictly cozy practices, bad singalongs and never not lovingly annoying boyfriends 😴☁️ @tomash_strnad #onandoffthemat

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So come on, let it go
just let it be
why don't you be you
and i'll be me
everything that's broke
leave it to the breeze
why don't you be you
and i'll be me
and i'll be me
james bay 🎶

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Sitting with yourself can be one of the most horrifying feelings alive- especially if you’ve endured more darkness then light, more pain the pleasure, in this lifetime.⁣⁣ i remember when i first sat with myself, i was sick to my stomach, shaking all over and more thoughts furled my mind then ever before. there was no listening. only chatter.⁣⁣
but i kept sitting, i kept chattering till i had nothing to chatter about, till i finally broke freely into silence. ⁣⁣
i know it’s scary. i know it’s hard. ⁣⁣
but i promise you it’s worth it ❤️⁣⁣


we will be diving a lot into this on my up coming retreats - i would love for you to join me! ⁣

bali, in february (6 spots left)⁣
peru, in june (2 spots left) ⁣
and south afirica in june ⁣

link in bio 🙏🏼⁣

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B a d d h a | p a d m a s a n a
this pose is one of the closing asanas that i do to wrap up my ashtanga practice. it’s meaningful for so many reasons. the double bind creates an infinite loop that acts to contain all the body’s energy. the forward fold allows for introspection, and reflection on the emotions that have come up during practice.
without yoga, undoubtedly my mental health would be in a much worse state. yoga helps me cope with a stressful, high-pressured career. before i started practicing yoga, my way of coping wasn’t a healthy one. i’m so glad to see that yoga has had profound impacts on so many other people.
#mymindmyyoga is a challenge with a cause. every participant will result in a donation made to suicide prevention. thank you all so much for joining us, and so bravely sharing your stories! 🙏🏼
@myinnerfire - use code mymindmyyoga for 15% discount
@omstarsofficial -use code alisonyoga for 1 month free trial
1. forward fold🙏🏼
2. standing🙏🏼
3. balance🙏🏼
4. twist🙏🏼
5. heart opener🙏🏼
6. inversion🙏🏼
7. seated meditation pose🙏🏼

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