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Shredded 🔪💪 - via @aestheticsacademy

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Outdoor gym 💪 - via @aesthetic_workout

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Ich bin einfach gefühlt der letzte, der dieses eis endlich in seinen händen hält 😂. keine ahnung was alle haben, ich find es genial 😍🙌🏽❤️. wie fandet ihr es? und bevor alle fragen, ich hab es aus dem real in aachen 😂. habt einen schönen abend. ich darf jetzt ne stunde cardio machen ohne kopfhörer 😂. bleibt also genug zeit, kommentare zu beantworten 🤙🏾😜

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Happy monday friends!! woke up and it’s chilly af in cali! def didn’t see this coming, but it obviously didn’t stop me from making a smoothie bowl for breakfast 💁🏼 steamed and frozen butternut squash, banana, @foragerproject unsweetened cashew milk, h**p seeds, maca and cinnamon. topped with more @navitasorganics h**p seeds, blueberries and @purely_elizabeth grain free granola! 😋 i hope you have a great start to your week friends!! 💖

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E já que o ano começa depois do carnaval, venha fazer parte desse time! garanta sua trapo: - follow store: shopping cidade maringá (big), em frente ao espaço wi-fi; - geração fit academia, av. kakogawa 221, maringá; - up life academia, av. tuiuti 1537, maringá; - mais informações pelo wpp (44) 99104 3861; #muscle #tee #tank #treino #gym #workout #treino #ifeelitcoming

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You merely adopted the dark🐱👤😼😋 choreography by @eric_mukenya inspired by @kinjaz

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On n'arrive qu'à force de patience, de ténacité et de persévérance. #photography #image #amour #love #me #instagram #noiretblanc #portrait #women #likeforlike #beautiful #workout #art #shooting

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It’s time for a leg day! let’s grow that 🍑! i hope you tried my last b***y workout. today i am going to show you something a little bit more difficult. i love challenging myself, as you may tell from my face expression. of course, before picking up the heavy weights, you must perfect the form! ❗️be really careful guys, we don’t want injuries. that’s why you should always warm up before your workout! but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, we are all in this together. give it a try and trust me, you will feel your 🍑 on fire! 1️⃣ romanian deadlift (4sets x 12reps) 2️⃣ hip t****t (4sets x 12reps) 3️⃣ off the chair hip abductors (4sets x 10-15reps) 4️⃣ static lunges into a kick back (4sets x 8reps) 5️⃣ seated calf raise on a leg press machine (4sets x 20reps) 🎵 song: hucci - roll it up i am always open to hearing from you, so be brave and share your opinion in the comments below ⤵️ #bootyworkout #bootyfordays #bootypump #legday #workout #workoutmotivation #gymlife #fitnesslover #fitnessgirl #strongnotskinny #strongwomen #booty🍑 #mondaymotivation #fitnessjourney #bootygainz #gains

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There is no better story than a sparring session!!! experience the morning training ••• corso eroi del mattino ogni lun. merc. e ven. h. 7.30 > 8.45am. prima prova gratuita (info-line 📞 02.36752079). 📍@montenero_boxing_club 📍via carlo botta, 19 (porta romana) milano __________________________________________________ like 👍🏽 ••• comment 🗣 ••• tag your friends 🥊 #teammontenero #monteneroboxingclub #milan #boxing #club #boxe #pugilato #kettlebell #trx #focus #hardwork #feeling #attitude #motivation #push #limit #functional #training #gym #circuittraining #training #healthy #workout #justdoit #challenge #sparring🔝👊🏼⚡️⏩🥊

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I was able to do and help @my.magnificent.obsession with rolling handstands today, the second exercise is one of the best exercises to increase verticals

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A lil family day gains never hurt nobody🤷🏻‍♀️🍑

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Yesterday -> ultrarunner. today -> backpacker. making the switch physically and mentally to thru-hiking mode while i try to earn some trail legs!

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✌🏾its a vibe🌻yeah that✌🏾

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