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It's necessary 🙏🏻

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Loveeee having my green juice to break my fast 😋

not only are you getting tons of veggies and micronutrients, but you’re also making sure to alkalize your body and balance your ph 🤓 .

your body needs lots of nutrients and key vitamins to function properly during the day and give you lots of energy ✨ .

for me, my coffee is essential every morning as well, but i truly feel a difference every time i drink my green juice 🍏🥒🥬 . 📸: @schatila

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What keeps you motivated? •

there is a difference between being motivated and being dedicated.
if you find yourself losing motivation you gotta keep dedicated.
make goals and crush them. then make new ones.
stay dedicated. motivation comes and goes. from amateur weight lifters to the pros of 20+ years. everyone loses motivation but what brings that motivation back is staying dedicated..

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Damn i love being happy & smiling 😄
....sending lots of happiness your way xo
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Long time no gym selfie, hello 👋🏼

is it acceptable to wear under armor & nike or is my style game off? not only is that off but so is my motivation. now i’m switching things up & adding back in some @f45_training_grandrapids along side my yoga practices>> 🔥if you feel stuck try something different & change up your environment.

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Pay attention.

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看見霈 @iamsuper8b 的蝦蝦起司酪梨蛋..決定拿出最愛的冷凍蝦今早不睡回籠覺了!



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