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It's like watching
locked in a glass box
getting smaller and smaller
your skin pressed up against the glass
like you wish your stomach could be
anxiety rising
as the box closes in
you can't breathe
the oxygen has been released
you gasp for air that doesn't exist
you feel your lungs
growing hotter
remembering the last time you felt like this
how it seemed to last forever
how no matter how
you rearranged your body
you couldn't fit
in a shrinking box
how no matter how hard
you tried to break the glass
it only shrank around you more
panic ensues
and you lose yourself
trying to control something
trying to control the pain
in your bones from the box
squeezing in on you
and you see your face
in the reflection of the box
and you see something​
in your eyes
because you know this isn't the end
the box eventually gets too small
to encase you forever
so you wait
until the day the box cracks
as it always does
glass is fragile
it cannot contain you forever
so the glass cracks
and you're able to breathe again
able to escape the confines
of your own mind
run now child
while you have the chance
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I never see myself as capable of being responsible for another life which is why i never even dare to have pets. so whatever i have learnt about responsibility towards others has been through my parents especially my mom; reflecting on the way i have been ‘parented’ and raised.
first of all, parents should stop seeing their children as society-pleasing-order-following creatures. your daughter or son is not a project where you are the manager, they are not puppets where you are the puppet master, and surely they are not moulding clay to be shaped the way you want. you should not raise your daughter for marriage but for herself. you should not raise your son to be an alpha male who has been babied too long thus losing touch with the real world and overestimating himself upto a point where he reeks toxic masculinity, but raise your son to be a grounded man. raise a man, not an insecured little boy who puts others down to feel good about himself.
simply put, if you cannot bring up children for themselves but only to fulfill all that you lack in your life, all that you never could be and all that the society deems ‘perfect’ then don’t bring them into this world at all.
in the battles to be what our parents want us to be, and what society demands that we be; we lose the ultimate war which is to be humane, compassionate and empathetic. the world, after all, don’t need any more humans, it need more humanity.

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Once i dated a guy who lied about a lot of things: that we’d get married, have kids, move to hawaii - but this... this was the worst. because why lie about this? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #liarsbelike #redflags #ettajames

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First love is innocent, it's pious,it's unnoticed, it just happens you don't even realize it. and that feeling is irreproachable.
what's even awesome is wanting to see your love happy in any circumstance, wanting to shower 'em with all your tender warmth and affection.
love has this power to change your life in a way you can't even imagine, it has the ability to change you. .
first love,first date,first hug,first kiss,first connection that you develop together...first secrets that you share with each other is way too astonishing.
but what's worst part about first love is that it's always hard to pass over it...
it's true when people say that first love is hard to forget.

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Everyone struggles with something ✨ be kind out there 🌙

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We met unexpectedly through words of love of the divine, we walked different paths to the destination we have accomplished today, how far we are in distance. never by the heart, this is the place where we feel and see that light that shines through our very core of our souls through the symbol of light of the almighty, whom we praise and remember in our good and bad times and who holds us together to reach our final destination. .

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Believe this and know this! what you desire, desire you, believe it is gravitating towards you now, believe that it cannot and won’t miss you, believe that what’s for you will always show up on time, trust the process and decide to be open to receive right here and right now, mentally accept all the good that’s for you and want you and decide to experience it now in this physical objective world...know that what you want wants you and it is now making its way towards you because you are now open to receive and ready to experience, get excited and get ready because it’s here!!! have a beautiful tuesday 💛
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