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Reading update
i’ve somehow managed to read three books in the first few days of may! i don’t know what has gotten into me. i’m avoiding all my other responsibilities but at least i’m getting that tbr pile down. most of the books i’ve read are between 200-400 pages long, which if i’m dedicated, i can read in a day easily without speed reading.
i started my fourth book of the month last night - commonwealth - it seems like a good generational family drama. i have really been loving contemporary fiction lately. i will probably read americanah next, because i am waiting for a friend to read american marriage!
i realized while making my reading choices for this month that i have yet again picked books only written by women. do you find yourself gravitating towards male or female authors?
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Me trying to figure out how the next season of gym life is gonna go. if you haven’t watched yet, please go follow @gymlifeshow and watch full episodes on youtube (subscribe). season 2 is coming!
also shoutout to @thesexybossbabe for these fly nails. never got so many compliments in my life...i guess i gotta switch it up from the matte nude every so often 💅🏼
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Your time is too precious to be wasted on those who don’t value it

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Finally got my hands on a copy of @words.between.worlds’ may pick do not say we have nothing by madeleine thien✍🏼
i have not started this book. in fact, i know very little about this book except for the fact that it was shortlisted for the manbooker prize in 2016. this was a recommendation by contributor lois (@all26letters ). another contributor @sachireads also talked briefly about it on @thereadingwomen and i learned that it evolves around music.
btw, if you have not listened to @thereadingwomen , you must! the episode that aired on may 1st was phenomenal as sachi, fran (@aquietnook ), and kendra (@kdwinchester ) suggest books by asian authors in honor of asian pacific islander heritage month. sachi and fran and a few others are hosting #apicelebrasian and will share books by asian authors all throughout may! if you don’t read many books by asian authors, following this hashtag will definitely provide some great suggestions!
i’ve finally gotten enough sleep after my trip. i have still yet to fully unpack. someone tell me why i ended up bringing back more books from my trip? since i ate out a lot last week, going to try and be a good housewife and cook more. however, my husband jokes saying i only know how to cook 5 dishes. so, i need some recs! what are some good yet easy meals to cook for two?

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What a beautiful way of putting it. i always challenge myself to try to express the details, the little things, to build a picture. i’m still learning. ⭐️
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You are not a host for a living thing you do not want. you are not the burial ground for corpses in the making. you will no longer live in a body that is always apologizing—you are your own ruler, and the things that live and die within you are your choice to make.
your body might be a battleground, but you will win this war.

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