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Who thinks that 'quit' deserved more?

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She snapped i'm speechless,also i'm going to post more screen of my favorite part 😍

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The look i give my fav chocolate 😘🍫 (@hukitchen you da best πŸ’―)
on the real though, i’m back on my health + fitness game! head over to @naturallyserena 🌿 if you want some good old health inspo & simple recipes. i shared a #whatieatinaday vlog on the stories today & plan to keep at it β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—
hope you crush your intentions this year! 2019 let’s get it πŸ’―
πŸ“Έ: @caleighkats x @galai_studios πŸ”₯

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❄️ making a home out of this cold garage and am back on the grind. school has started and in a lot of ways i’m overwhelmed and uncertain. music is the respite. .
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I made it to the paper! @sydneymorningherald πŸ‘― we still have plenty of tickets for tomorrow night, if you can make it, it would mean the 🌍 to me.

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It’s here! now taking sign ups on my waiting list for personalized nutrition and health coaching. (!!!✨🌟πŸ’₯) ~~~~~
click link in my bio or go to <<kianajune.com>> and get on the waiting list now.
this has been such a long time coming, but all of a sudden things are happening really fast. i have been working away on the website, blog, and all of the background research (eek) and much more will be happening soon. ✨. i am so excited to share this with all of you.
actually, i can’t wait! ✨. i can’t wait to share all the things i have learned over the last 10 years of life on the road. it is my mission to help other touring professionals stay healthy, happy, and on top of their game. i can’t wait to help you avoid all the mistakes i have made and seen first hand. ✨. i can’t wait to help you find a shortcut through all the crazy confusing information thrown around in the world of health and wellness. ✨. and i can’t wait to help you reach you dream life - to find that healthier, happier version of your life at home and on tour that is actually sustainable and leads to long term success! ✨. so now do something for me:
go to stories, or link in bio, and tell me your story!! ✨
let me hear from you.
send me a dm, comment below, let’s talk about your questions, concerns. (eg: would you consider working with a nutrition and lifestyle coach? do you think it is a load of bs? do you have reservations? i want to know! )
#healthcoach #lifecoach #nutritioncoach

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