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What are your options when you think you are out of options, when traditional ways are not an option. let's figure it out together how alternative ways can benefit you!

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Let’s cut the bullshit: you need to make more sales so you can make more money. i’m not a sugar coater, you know this 😉 ⠀

i’m here to help you, end of story and i’ve got the solution to your problem!⠀

10 days to sales superstar: get in the sales flow, master your selling skills, and bring in consistent cash month after month⠀

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- we officially start on monday, august 20th. all assignments will be sent to you via email (and posted in a private facebook group) to keep forever, so if you can’t actively participate from august 20-august 30, you will still get all of the materials and can do the program on your own time.⠀

- every day, you’ll receive a training on sales, plus your 1-3 specific daily sales assignments. watch the training first, and then go on and do your assignments.⠀

- each evening, we’ll have a regular check-in to see if any resistance/blocks came up for you (and we’ll break through ’em so you can get the tasks done and bring in the mon-ay!!).⠀

- you can post questions, concerns, and of course - your sales & money wins! - in the group and get the support you need. i’ll be in there every single day to cheer you on and help if needed. ⠀

✅sell with confidence. ⠀
✅ditch the launch overwhelm.⠀
✅quickly & easily come up with ideas that sell.⠀
✅write copy that converts and makes mad bank.⠀
✅master the art of the up-sell. (how to make more than just that initial sale.)⠀
✅get clear on the top sales activities that bring in the cash lightening fast.⠀
✅identify specific actions for selling on social media in a way that has people hell-yesing to all of your offers!⠀
✅know exactly what to do if an offer isn’t selling, to really turn things around.⠀
✅become a pro at selling both low-end and high-end.⠀
✅understand the mistakes you’re making right now, that are costing you thousands of dollars every month (and how to fix ’em).⠀

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Hello world — meet winston petty pickles 💜

winston is our brand new lovable golden doodle pup.

ever since losing our dog shiloh over a year and a half ago — we have been wanting a golden doodle.

seeing they were out of our price range, we decided to go the adoption route.

well, after 4 failed adoption attempts and 1 failed try at re-homing an older golden doodle — carl saw a post on instagram for a litter of gd puppies.

i held out hope and made the call.

not only did all of the pups have all of their shots, but they were less than any other puppy we had come across by more than half — and we got first pick of the litter!

i’ve learned a lot about patience and true desires through this process.

even though, on the surface, we were taking action [trying to adopt other dogs and failing] out of alignment from our true desire of finding a gd puppy within our price range — our true desire still came forth.

what you think about, you create.

don’t ignore what you want. don’t give up on believing you can find it and you can have it.

even if you’re taking action that suggests otherwise, god still knows the true desires of your heart.

so so so grateful right now! so grateful we didn’t give up on the belief and now we’ve got our perfect little pup — who is barking up a storm right now.

so much to learn. so much fun to be had. so many winston & billy mess-arounds to look forward to!

just look at that faaaacccceeeee!

and in reference to his name: winston from new girl, petty for tom, pickles because it’s whimsical & cute.

we followed the same formula for our cat billy jane gumdrop.

pop cultural reference + tom petty reference + silly food. 🤗🙌🏻🐶💕 #winstonpettypickles

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Happy sunday!!! -
“what helps people,
helps business”.
the idea that whatever helps the people helps the organization is constructed on the importance of customer satisfaction. since the client is the one directly responsible for organizational wealth, his satisfaction will materialize in the company’s gains.
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"stop telling yourself you don't know what to do. yes, you do. listen to your intuition and trust yourself."
post yes in the comments below if you are ready to trust you!

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Nicht lamentieren - einfach mal machen. unsere gründerin und ceo dalia das sagt dem fachkräftemangel den kampf an! .
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🚫no herbal life 🚫no tlc 🚫no beachbody 🚫not a personal trainer
dreams of me just killing it in the weight room... i'm just playin but i'm saying
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Open your heart to those who love you❤️ and always stay true to yourself 💞

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Open your mind to the wonders of life✨

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Sundays are for family time and me time.
as entrepreneurs we can be so focused on building our businesses and reaching the next goal that it can seem a little indulgent to take a break. after all there is always so much to do and we have been conditioned to push and strive.
but, it’s so important to take time to rest, recharge, fill your cup up and spend quality time with those that matter most. to enjoy the moment and give your life the attention it deserves.
family time for me always revolves around food and there’s been a little too much indulgence today so my sunday will be winding up with a trip to the gym.
how are you caring for yourself today?

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Class #2 was a huge success! everyone had a blast, sipped a drink (or 3) & left looking like a total babe!

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Wow, this photo speaks volumes! photo of the day! #repost @realwomenrealstoriestalk
we believe in women supporting women ❤️ #repost @forwomenwhoroar
let’s focus on lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down! 💛 is there a womxn you’ve been inspired by lately? give her some love and a virtual hug by tagging her here! 😘 -

our first fwwr meet up is happening in seattle on september 9th at @thesixseattle. meet other roaring womxn and let’s collaborate! 📷 by the lovely @felicityhayward•

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Open your eyes to the beauty around you🕊

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My signature double crunch fried chicken and reviews. yesterday was a success 🙏🏾🌻 i appreciate all the love and support ❣ #womeninbusiness #hisdreamchef #justlikemamos #personalchef #travelingchef #catering #cheflife #womenentrepreneurs #glowingandgrowing #friedchicken

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