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So stoked to join the trek’s team of bloggers and vloggers. since i can’t pack each of you in my carry-on, i decided the best way to show you the ta would be through the trek’s platform. check out my first blog at

thanks zach for the cute new hat!
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I love this sign for so many reasons. i have had such a fight with my body and body image for so long, but now thanks to this trail i’m in a glorious place with it all. i found myself prancing about yesterday evening in my sports bra and undercrackers, feeling very groovy about life and pretty d**n sexy. i mean, don’t get me wrong; that’s happened many times before, but this time it feels less fleeting and predicated on mood, and more seriously fundamental.

this body has hurt badly and when it did i couldn’t move it, so it got bigger and i became ashamed of it. of the jiggles and the wobbles and the side view that wasn’t flat, or the front view where the clothes clung to the wrong bits. i valued my weight as a gauge of my power, worth and wellness, so being out of shape real life or in photos always brought waves of stultifying depression about my chronic pain, lack of control and inability to run, train or walk. however now i have spent over 2000 miles in a love story with this body. with its strength and pain, it’s passions and fluctuations. i have spent time deep in the woods listening to it talking to me; telling me how to love it and nurture it and feed it. when to speed up, when to slow down. how to move. we have reached a beautiful accord, my body and i.

it is not chunky right now, this body. it is leaner and muscular and strong. however it might be chunky again at some point and i will still love it. it may be deeply in pain again and i will still love it. it will hopefully be loved and cherished by those other than me, but equally it will also be rejected - and i will still love it. this body, that i once wanted to cancel from the face of the earth for failing me and causing me such pain, is now my best friend and teacher. just look how far we’ve gone together, and how far i plan we will go next.

so maybe try to hug yourself and to love whatever current shape it is that houses your beautiful soul. i know how hard that can be, but it’s trying to talk to you, so give it a moment of silence to hear it. love you x

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It’s currently 28° outside (feels like 18° 🥶), it’s snowing, and i’m cozied up inside wrapped in a blanket... i can’t help but miss these sunny, warm days on trail where i stopped and took a break on this warm rock.

as much as i hated the heat, it usually made for really nice morning hiking and evenings at camp. andddd having the sun shine on your face in a pretty little opening was pure bliss. those days were the best days. 💕

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One month and 134 days ago was our first sunset on the pct, the beginning of it all, before we were junco and sage the thru hikers. this view came after rain, lightening, and thunder. the skies cleared and the thrushes sang, the northern cascades awaited us, the trail awaited us, everything awaited us. i miss it all so deeply, grateful for memories like this one and the thousands of others that changed me and will forever be with me.

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The craziest thing i’ve ever done, the hardest thing i’ve ever done, the best thing i’ve ever done. i still just can’t find the words; we did it.

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As i was working last night all i could think about was the pretty blue lakes in the high sierra! ~
there isn’t a day that goes by where i don’t miss the trail. i feel homesick, like i’m somewhere i don’t belong. i know it’s only temporary though, and that i’ll be back out there in no time! ~

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Been reflecting back lately on all the experiences in my life that have truly influenced me in so many ways. the amazing places that i have been able to witness & the strangers that become new life long friends.

not only am i g r a t e f u l to have spent 143 days on the #pacificcresttrail but i am beyond thankful that i was able to share such an amazing experience with my best friend & lil sis @jillamberstaats 👯‍♀️

an opportunity that we may never get to experience together again but i guess it’s true what they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” because every time i look at this picture my heart starts to race & can’t help but smile; thinking about the best summer we had together (good & the bad days) i’m so t h a n k f u l that i get to share those memories with you! #thanksgiving

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After much hesitation and discussion, tara and i have decided to put our hike on pause for the winter months. it’s frigid cold and the limited daylight hours mean that we can no longer make the miles necessary to finish in a reasonable amount of time. to push further into winter, we’d both need to replace our gear with more winter appropriate choices which is something we can’t afford to do at this time. i have plans to make some winter gear for us, but that will take weeks at home to complete.
our plan is to return to trail in march to finish up the remaining 800 miles we have left.
for now, we are spending time with family and friends and enjoying the holidays. i’m going to begin working on gear and video making as well. •

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Well i’m just lookin hella stylish out here today.🤣 i’m all set for the mist and rain, and this umbrella is my current best friend. 😍 the weather is a precursor to some more solid snow and wind forecast, so i’m just grateful it’s not currently too cold. happy days! ps: your fanny pack would also be this big if you had a home made rice-crispie cake as big as your head stuffed inside well as gloves, hat and all the snickers. 🙌

i’m feeling mixed up, but also floating on the good vibes of hiker thanksgiving which was very special indeed. super people, and kindness everywhere. a guy called dan that i’d met in the 100 mile in maine showed up! i hadn’t seen him since he got off at shaw’s, and he drove to bring me his @thermarest and some other gear gifts so i’d be warm in the smokies - it made my heart burst! i chatted long with the lovely hawk mains and filled up on amazing food all cooked and donated by trail angels. rogue did such a good job. we are so lucky and well cared for out here, and always so grateful for it. i also met two hilarious danish guys who were excellent at sarcastic and dark humour, so it was a joy to top up on that favourite pastime too. 🤣 @sebastiankierk @magnuslihn

however, i’m also feeling teary, tired and heartbroken about some things i can’t really put my finger on, or am avoiding articulating because i don’t want to face them. not sure which, but it sure does ache. i know it’ll resolve. life is such a jumble of things isn’t it, but it tends to make sense in the end. love to you all x

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Renewed comfort zone ❤️ #tbt #pctthruhike #pct2020 #pct20 #pct19 #withguthook

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Saturday, april 27 | day 30 | 📍hiked to mile 369.4, stayed in wrightwood a-frame

pct miles hiked: 12

i left camp early with one thought in mind: town day! call me daddy and david (simless) passed me early, and i hiked alone most of the day, on and off snow. it was slow going for a bit, and then i spoke to @wayfaring.traveler333 before reaching the chair lifts. around this time i heard from @thisjamesofearth about a rental in town, and did i want to join the group? sure! i was happy to have a place to stay in town, and soon i was hitching at angeles crest highway, near inspiration point, into wrightwood. the friendly people at @mountain_hardware gave me a pin after signing the register, and i hung out in the back deck for a while, airing out my sore, smelly feet, and waiting for directions to the a-frame where we would zero before the push to baden-powell.

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After tramping over 600 km and only taking one zero, we took a vacation from our vacation. we caught a bus to matamata, stayed at an @airbnb, and went to hobbiton like proper tourists. i even bought a dress from an op shop and shaved my armpits for the first time in over a month. the only things outing me as a tramper were my gaiter tan and the fact that i ate the equivalent of my base weight at the buffet. we took a near0 of less than 3 km, a double zero, and another near0. 😱 it’s the longest i’ve ever taken off from trail.

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June 4th : day 15 : miles hiked : 23.9
total miles: 259.4
today’s miles, thankfully, came much more easily. the sleep over rocks was a little restless but sufficient. we woke up around 6 am and hit the trail by 7. like every morning i woke up achy and unsure of how i would take even a few steps, much less hike miles upon miles. then the second daily thought of “what the hell am i doing out here” went through my mind. thankfully, once my feet started moving the negative thoughts subsided. i walk the aches out of my feet and body and the crisp morning air reminds me that really i’m one of the lucky ones.
the final miles of the mission creek climb were arduous but after that the miles were back to pct normal- gentle grades and fast trail. nothing too exciting really happened today. some days you just make the miles. i spent most of the day tired, encouraging myself to keep pushing on as best as possible. we made it almost 24 miles and are under 7 miles to big bear lake (our next resupply stop). we laid in our tent and booked a hotel room online, happily imagining the soft bed we would sleep in the next night! drifting off to sleep, i thought of how proud i was of how far we had come. we were really doing this crazy thing! it was no longer a distant dream, we were hiking real miles that counted on the pct!
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It’s currently 28° outside (feels like 18° 🥶), it’s snowing, and i’m cozied up inside wrapped in a blanket... i can’t help but miss these sunny, warm days on trail where i stopped and took a break on this warm rock.

as much as i hated the heat, it usually made for really nice morning hiking and evenings at camp. andddd having the sun shine on your face in a pretty little opening was pure bliss. those days were the best days. 💕

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Stoked to be over half way!
stoked to be in the hills!
archery’s lookout was a pretty sweet climb!

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One today with the pie. sunshine on moosilauke with nearly calm winds. yeah!!! it was terrific to hike in sunshine again. it was micros all the way after the lodge. above 3,000 the snow and ice are without melted patches. above 3,500 you would need snowshoes if you were breaking trail.
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Day 5, 12/7/19, 7-8 miles
we have a cold night and wake up with damp bags. my sleeping pad and the tent floor got wet too. we couldn’t vent the tent enough with it being so cold. for a single wall three season tent it did well the other nights but for longer trips like this we’ll need to look into a true winter tent. on our way to mount hale we pass by zealand hut again and step in to see if there are any baked goods and coffee. we’re in luck! and on top of that the group of kids offers us their breakfast leftovers which are delicious! we tear ourselves away and break trail slowly towards hale. eventually the youth group catches up and we play awkward leapfrog (30 kids!). they do manage to break some trail during a short steep section which is super helpful. we don’t see them again after they stop for lunch. the cairn at hale is a small bump covered in snow but we’re happy to see it. now it’s a powdery steep downhill to the trailhead and then a slog on the road. at least that’s packed down so we can spike it. we called a friend to pick us up because we need to dry out our gear before continuing on and with monday and tuesday having rain in the forecast we’ll head home to regroup. we learned a lot during this stretch and will be back out on wednesday. huge shoutout to @hikerlouis for picking us up, you’re a true friend! 😘
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I made it to springer! i’ve hiked my way 2000+ miles from maine to georgia and i can barely believe it. what a feeling! i know i couldn’t have done it without the community of this incredibly special trail; the countless trail angels, super hostels, kindnesses of strangers and my fellow hikers who taught me so much and with whom i’ve made so many lifelong friendships.

i realised early on that it was never about the beginning or end points, it was always about what was sandwiched in-between; the people, the learning, the adventures, the kindnesses and the beautiful challenges of nature. these have all been magnificent. i feel like reaching springer is far from being an end, but is instead a door opening to the next chapter of my life, one that looks very different than my past and that i can’t wait to share with you.

i’m so humbled and grateful. this trail has filled my heart, broken it, nourished it and given it more courage and determination that i thought possible. i didn’t know if i could make it nearly this far, but i did. it’s taught me that we can all do things we fear we can’t - it just takes that first frightening leap, and then the patience with yourself to grow through whatever comes next. so what is it next for you? if it’s a thru hike you long to do, a 10k race, leaving your old job for a new path, reaching out to make new friends, learning the piano or whatever it is that scares you a bit - i encourage you to do it and see your life change for the better, even if just from knowing you had the courage to try. please tell me below what it is that you long to do, because it will make me so happy knowing lots of us are starting new and amazing mini and mega adventures.

so, as well as getting the smokies finished, i have three big and beautiful trails on three different continents planned for 2020, as well a number of other exciting ventures to share. i’m so happy to have you all along. thank you for all your incredible encouragement. x

big shout out to my finish partner @radunn11 , to @benjiii8 @gbrielac_ for being at the finish to welcome me with beer, lizzo and snacks, and @kevin_adler6130 and doris for welcoming me into their home. ❤️🙏

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A crowded trail can be irritating. especially when others’ lack of awareness screws with your pace.

but it’s a shared experience. just need to learn to respect fellow hikers and enjoy the moment.

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So stoked to join the trek’s team of bloggers and vloggers. since i can’t pack each of you in my carry-on, i decided the best way to show you the ta would be through the trek’s platform. check out my first blog at

thanks zach for the cute new hat!
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One month and 134 days ago was our first sunset on the pct, the beginning of it all, before we were junco and sage the thru hikers. this view came after rain, lightening, and thunder. the skies cleared and the thrushes sang, the northern cascades awaited us, the trail awaited us, everything awaited us. i miss it all so deeply, grateful for memories like this one and the thousands of others that changed me and will forever be with me.

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Yesterday's walk between plaza confluenzia (3400m) and base camp (4300m). we're now taking a zero before doing an acclimatization hike to 5100m tomorrow

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Reminiscing on winter hiking and the georgia loop last year.

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"may 31st : day 11 : miles hiked : 0
total miles: 178.0
today was one of the good ones. idyllwild is a perfect hiker town for a zero day. nice campground with showers, laundry across the street and everything else you could possibly need within walking distance.
my favorite memory of the day was at the red kettle for breakfast. i had a breakfast burrito, biscuits and gravy and a cinnamon roll because i know how to live! four other hikers joined us and we joked and laughed and talked trail. all the sudden i felt so known, as if i had found my people, the place where i belong. i struggle in “regular life”. i feel as if i don’t fit anywhere. people generally see me as adventurous, odd, interesting, or different. those labels aren’t necessarily bad but they certainly don’t make you feel as if you’ve found your people. thru hikers never see me as interesting or different or odd or even adventurous. they see me as regular, normal. that’s when i think you find your people. when the things you do or pursue aren’t special. in that cafe i exhaled because for the first time in a long time i felt normal. i didn’t need to explain myself, these people understood me without words. thank god for sweet moments and zero days!
(pictured above are mayor max’s deputies. they keep the mayor safe when he is out and about in town 😍!)” #withguthook .
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📷: @leiselb

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comment 2 star 55 19 hours ago

This is one of the first pictures i took on my first day on trail in 2019. atop miller peak and looking back at mexico, on the arizona trail. while it feels like ages ago, i have very vivid memories of that day 10 months ago. the first day of the hiking adventure of 2019. the first 10 miles of a few thousand miles that were to come in the next nine and a half months.

it’s bittersweet but it’s also a relief that its over. the eighteen months leading up to last february when i began the arizona trail, my life revolved around hiking the azt and the cdt in ‘19. now, those goals are part of the personal history, and it is time to begin a new chapter; a chapter that has been long awaited. •
one thing no one can ever take away from you is your life experience. and there is no greater experience than life experience. the adventure we are all on together is life on earth. enjoy it, and remember: we’re all going to die someday- so go for it. keep an open mind. don’t be too afraid to try something new. and never stop exploring.
#arizona #azt #mexico #wanderlust

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Sorry, jake. ⁣📷 of @juliasheehan


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When most people think of new hampshire, they think if manchester, concord, or nashua.... but for me, i think of bartlett, conway, and lincoln.

i present to you, the first 35mm film photo ever posted on the trail tales insta.

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As i was working last night all i could think about was the pretty blue lakes in the high sierra! ~
there isn’t a day that goes by where i don’t miss the trail. i feel homesick, like i’m somewhere i don’t belong. i know it’s only temporary though, and that i’ll be back out there in no time! ~

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When you look back on your year, what do you remember most?
i’ve accomplished a lot this year. i summited a couple of 14ers, i graduated nursing school, i’ve knocked my hiking goals out of the park, i bought a car, i scored a dream job, and i paid off one of my three student loans. but when i look back at the year behind me, those aren’t the things i think about. it’s the people.
i met and hiked with @lailarachel_ and we became super close, super fast. i flew to colorado on a whim and went rafting with an amazing group of women from @womensmountaininitiative who took me in and called me one of their own despite the fact that i live 2000+ miles away. i got to hike with and spend time with @outside.intervention, who has shown me so much love and kindness since i first met her last year. i road-tripped for two weeks with at trail fam from 2016 and a college roommate— a trip that brought us so intimately close together. i got to reconnect with @wildcardhiker and @imonahike, people who became family on the #appalachiantrail. i spent thanksgiving surrounded by current and past thru-hikers, my people. i got to share a glimpse of #mymountainhome with friends i met in another walk of life (@ashbelle21 and @thechad1217 who i met showing dogs). i connected with the gorgeous women pictured here through instagram and we created delicious food and beautiful photographs together. it’s the people my friends, it always has been and always will be.
i have been curating this account in an effort to build a community, and my hope for the coming year is that i can meet more of you. let’s hike, let’s grab a beer, let’s go to the animal shelter and play with dogs, let’s sit by the river or do a 5k or take pretty pictures in a firetower. who’s in?
📍this is tsalaguwetiyi (cherokee) land
🖼 in frame: me, @frenchgirlblues , @barefootandwyld, @caitriley
📷 staged and captured by @frenchgirlblues

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8/21/19 “love is life...and if you miss love, you miss life.”
~ leo buscaglia
black widow & trail magic 😊❤️
second picture is for my mama who is not a fan of any of my pictures with my tongue hanging out. 😜❤️#pacificcresttrail #hiking #wanderessways #naturephotography #hike #love #pct2019 #pct #instagood #instadaily #adventures #womenwhoexplore #wanderess #outdoorwomen #explore #hikingadventures #mountaingirls #wildernessculture #trail #getoutside #thruhiker #outdoors #hikergirl #hikingfun #thetrek #withguthook #washington #nature #journey

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June 3rd : day 14 : miles hiked : 23.8
total miles: 235.5
i’m exhausted but so proud. today was a bear! i’ve sweat from places i didn’t know existed. and so. much. water. how is it possible to drink what felt like 9 gallons of water and p*e only 4 times all day?
the terrain felt vastly different over the course of the day. thankfully water was prolific since the sun was trying and succeeding to s**k every ounce of moisture from our bodies. we hiked up, around and down to whitewater river, the largest body of water on trail in socal. it seemed out of place to see such a raging body of water in the arid landscape. the rapids were cold, refreshing and welcomed. we got water, took off our shoes, soaked our feet and tried to cool our bodies down before pressing on.
next stop, mission creek. the miles between the two bodies of water were sickeningly hot. our water had turned into hot tea as i dreamt of shade and respite from the heat. at the creek, we had our first multi hour, mid-afternoon, desert shade break. the heat was so oppressive. i watched another hiker make it to the creek, squeal for joy, drop her pack and lay face first in the creek! pure bliss.
then we started up mission creek. earlier in the year much of this section had washed out from flooding. locating trail was a scavenger hunt from hell but we knew if we stayed in the corridor of the creek we were at least close to the trail. and big shoutout to @guthookguides for keeping us on target!
the heat finally started to taper off around 5 pm and we took advantage of the cooler air, pushing as far as we could. the final miles of the day were tough. i was exhausted from the heat and route finding, my feet lead blocks beneath me. when we made it to the area we planned to camp there were tents everywhere. i was too tired to carry on. instead we found a slightly sloping site with many rocks. also a colony of ants. i didn’t care, it was just nice to be lying down.

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Scorched @aztrail #aztrailassociation  #arizonatrail  #hikearizona @adventuresonthepct 
#azt #withguthook  #azt2019 #hikeazt  #ghosttree #mazatzalwilderness

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8/21/19 we played cards for hours in the tent this day as it was pouring rain. we almost didn’t hike to the border which was maybe only 7 miles away and just stayed hiding in our tent which we set up super early in the day to escape the rain and because we planned to slackpack to the border and back anyway. but we had a “sort of time frame” in which we were trying to get back off the trail.
he pretty much left the decision up to me this day and what i felt up to though. i thought to myself that shit, it could rain for days and said, “let’s just do it!” and we did. it stopped raining long enough for us to enjoy the border then rained again even worse on our way back, i legit had lakes for shoes. the way everything worked out in the next few days though, it was quite obviously the complete, right decision. ❤️ #pacificcresttrail #hiking #wanderessways #naturephotography #hike #love #pct2019 #pct #instagood #instadaily #adventures #womenwhoexplore #wanderess #outdoorwomen #explore #hikingadventures #mountaingirls #wildernessculture #trail #getoutside #thruhiker #outdoors #hikergirl #hikingfun #thetrek #withguthook #washington #nature #journey

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One of the things that appealed to me about the @teararoanztrail is that it does weird things like go through big cities. it’s different from any of the other trails that i’ve done/want to do. fun fact: the mountain that i’m standing on is a volcano and there are 48 of them within 20 km of the auckland city centre. 🌋

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Day 4: ~7(me) -8(rich) miles
i didn’t have the best sleep since we didn’t even out the snow perfectly and my side was a little sloped. rich woke up being cold because his wet bag didn’t give him much warmth. i give him my extra warm pants and he puts more hats on and his warm mitts. he warms up and falls asleep after that. in the morning i wake up with puffy eyes and feel sluggish. we decide that rich will climb galehead while i organize the tent and pack up the gear. when rich comes back he says there were fresh bear tracks only about 15 feet away from our tent! yikes!
we start the steep climb up south twin and it goes surprisingly fast. having a broken out trail makes such a difference! along the way we have some peekaboo views towards franconia ridge and i’m hoping for a good view from the summit. alas, it’s mostly socked in when we get there. we’re excited anyways and decide to face the probably unbroken section of the twin way to guyot. we know there have been hikers going from zealand hut to the bonds so we should be good after guyot. the twin way has indeed not been travelled recently but it’s gorgeous and mostly level so we take turns breaking trail and enjoy the snowy forest. so lovely.
after guyot we hit packed out trail and it’s so easy! we’re at the summit of zealand in a jiffy and then it’s off to the hut! it’s just after dark when we get there and we’re hoping to stay so we can dry out rich’s sleeping bag. to my surprise there is no room available since there is a group of 30 high schoolers expected to show up. oh well. we’re invited to hang out and warm up and the care taker even makes mac and cheese for us. with that, and several baked goods and hot water, we’re in heaven. we fill our bottles with warm water and once the chaos of 30 kids arrives move on to find a legal campsite close to the hut. just after the 1/4 mile camping sign we set up a good level camp and settle in for the night. with @adventuresofmilesandsmiles .
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Roses are red, dirt is brown, let’s go hiking and get out of town! #pct2019 #withguthook 📸: @karaontheoutside

comment 2 star 186 Yesterday

For those who trekked through the sierra early in the season this year- you are a true inspiration. the late storms left most of the sierra covered in snow and challenging to traverse. by august, there were still plenty of snow fields to cross near the passes. navigating around the snow and over sharp, jagged, loose boulders were the most challenging parts on trail. somehow i found these sections kind of fun 😬🤩 there is a lot of fear mongering around passes and their conditions, but it’s best to use your own judgment and know your skill set.

comment 4 star 284 Yesterday

Hey ladies. ⁣


comment 0 star 70 Yesterday

Walked with the clouds on our last morning

comment 1 star 100 Yesterday

Climbing forester pass! this is my baby brother whiplash... and if you look very closely you can also see bad cheese, bird and patience. so much snow that day! so much snow so many days on the trail this year!
#pct2019 #thruhike #thruhiker #pacificcresttrail #xenaroams #hikertrash #traillife #trailfamily #thetrek #trekthepct #withguthook #sheisthewild #keepitwild #trailshot #pct #hikerhunger #ospreypacks #adventuretime

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"xerophyllum tenax, trail and endless montana white sky ... return to me soon." #withguthook ⠀⠀
📷: @lilbuddhahikes

comment 4 star 409 Yesterday

Friday, april 26 | day 29 | 📍camped at flat spot overlooking mile 357 (gobbler's knob)

pct miles hiked: 15

yesterday i had gone to rei and picked up happy feet and james t, and after running a couple of errands went back to mom's. today it was back to trail, via lyft to the cajon pass.

i went back to mcdonald's and saw a group that included @thisjamesofearth, @diamothebeethrower, garfield and kosher frank. we hiked out together, into the sandy trail under highway 15 and into the mountains. just as i was approaching the intended campsite for the day, a thruhiker walked towards me to warn me about a guy sitting in his car where the dirt road ended (and where i wanted to camp). it was david, later known as simless. we huddled with james t, garfield, diamo and kosher frank, and hiked up to a flat spot overlooking the road and the city lights north of us. better safe than sorry.

comment 4 star 75 Yesterday

📷: @jackson.f_s - as relatable as it gets. dm your meme to be featured. ⁣


comment 1 star 137 Yesterday

Our next hike was intended to be a quick 9 miles through md and rush back to my cousins graduation party. while we did make it in time, this first photo sums up a very slow 2.5 miles, but he made it! bug was super stoked to walk and enjoyed every second of it. he then took a massive nap the rest of the way. also how did i forget about pa rocks in miniature through here?? anyways, nobo for the trip in md from 70/40 to wolfsville rd. enjoyed the sights at annapolis rocks and black rocks, tears of not being allowed to walk through pogo and snores the rest of the way. zero new miles for songbird and i but it was all new for bug
trip: 0 (8.6)
total: 471.6
bug: 353

#backpacking #at2019 #hike #appalachiantrail #wildeast #latergram #familyadventures #outdoorfamilies #letthemexplore #whiteblaze #trektheat #appalachiantrail2019 #thetrek #hikingwithkids

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Day 3: ~4 miles. near galehead hut.
i wake up still tired from the day before and rich’s sleeping bag is pretty wet, mine is fine but i guess we do need to look into a double wall tent for winter camping here. we’re breaking trail to garfield pond and are excited when we finally see it. then the last climb to garfield peak starts and it takes forever. we are slowed to a crawl and are going about 1/4 mile an hour. we sink in and have very little purchase going up the steep inclines. rich goes first and if i can, i try to push his pack a little to help with momentum. he has to turn around several times to offer me his trekking pole for me to pull myself up with. it’s so slow. we are extremely relieved to finally make it to the summit.
we have to decide what to do. do we keep going? rich is worried about me going down the steeps after garfield tentsite. i’m thinking we did that last year so i can do it again. we know that after galehead most of the trail will be broken and we could go out at north twin or galehead if we want to exit early. i don’t want to exit here yet but leave it up to rich since he’s been doing most of the trail breaking so far. we decide to push on and get water at garfield tent site. the down hill is fast and easy. luckily the steep sections after the tent site are okay to descend as well. with the help of trees on the side we make it down safely. we are elated when we reach the junction with the galehead river trail and find the broken out trail. this is so much easier! we find a spot to set up camp and rich plans to summit galehead. i’m exhausted and disappointed because i wanted to hike it with him but i’m just too tired. he says he can wait til morning so we can go together. 😊 what a beast of a day!
#gossamergear #nuunlife #hshive #allwomenalltrails #withguthook #wanderlust #neverstopexploring #lightheartgear #hikingwmnf #hikenh #nh48 #whitemountains #hikethewhites #nhwomenshikinggroup #4000footers #appalachiantrail

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@vothomas 🇺🇸 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
canada!!/ northern terminus of the pct
mile 2650
october 1, 2019

today officially marks the end of my 2650 mile border to border northbound thru-hike from mexico to canada on the pacific crest trail! over the past six months i have spent my time backpacking along the pacific crest with the intention of challenging myself physically and mentally, to adapt to a drastically different lifestyle, and to experience those moments few will ever know. i have lived life at a pace most natural to a human and living a lifestyle that is constantly changing and focused on what is truly essential. im humbled and could say for certain that i couldn’t do this alone. i’m grateful to family and friends, trail angels and the countless number of people who have helped and supported me along the way to accomplish this once in a lifetime goal of hiking the pacific crest trail in its entirety.. all in one hiking season. i could say without a doubt, that the pct was the best thing that has ever happened to me. thank you everyone for following and supporting me on my thru-hike.
i love you all 💙

#pct2019 #pacificcresttrail #pcthikers #pctig #optoutside #pct #withguthook #pctassociation #exploreclub #hike #hiking #thruhike #backpacking #longdistancehiking #thruhiking #thetrek #trekthepct

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Half dome, june 24.
doing things that make us feel free.
like hiking through a country and ruining the tourists’ pictures of yosemite valley.

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comment 3 star 180 2 days ago

The first part of my azt thru-hike is now up on youtube! (link in my bio)
i can’t believe how long it’s been since i started. even though it was just 2.5 months ago, it feels as if it were a lifetime ago. i hope you all enjoy the video and learn a thing or two vicariously through my experiences on trail. #azt #azt2019 #thruhike #backpacking #outdoors #nature #landscapephotography #naturecinematography #backpackinglife #arizona #arizonatrail #withguthook #sawyer #desert #nationalscenictrail #mountains #trails #hiking #hikingadventures

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We were so lucky on the pct this year to be unaffected by wildfires. it was an unusually good year. the large burn areas we hiked through showed is just how serious the fires have been in the past.

coming home to widespread fires and smoke so thick you can hardly see across the street is pretty devastating. not only for the people who have lost homes and communities but also for all the land which has been stripped of life.
#pct #pct2019 #pcta #campout #hikertrash #camp #hike #travel #pacificcresttrail #oregon #withguthook #backpack #thetrek #thruhike #longdistancehike #trekthepct #thetrek #sunset #womenwhohike

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First day on #aconcagua, we slept at 2400m and walked from 2800m to 3400m. tomorrow we'll sleep at base camp at 4300m

#teamzpacks #withguthook #thetrek #pct2020

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June 2nd : day 13 : miles hiked : 24.2
total miles: 211.7
today, again, was one of the good ones. we woke up early on our patch of dry ground surrounded by snow. we started hiking by 6:45 am and meandered our way through the piney, snowy forest. the first hours of the morning feel sacred to me. the air is cool, the birds are singing and the forest is still. you hear every crunch of snow and leaf underfoot, your senses are in overdrive yet the mind is completely at peace.
i felt this stillness and peace as snowy forested trail gave way to shrubs, which gave way to cacti and inescapable sun as we descended 20 long miles to the desert floor. four rattlesnakes graced us with their presence on the way down. another hiker we had been leap frogging with back and forth got the majority of the thrill of discovery (thankfully)! however, the first encounter was all mine. the snake was in the middle of the trail and started rattling when we were about 10 feet away. it’s hard to forget the rush of adrenaline when you hear that courteous rattle warning! we gave the snake a wide berth as we clawed over pokey desert plants and went on our way.
finally to the bottom, we traversed the sandy desert and made our way under i-10 to connect over to the san gorgonio wilderness. the sandy desert before i-10 was like walking the beach in hurricane force winds. i had to lean forward to stay upright all while sand blew in every nook and cranny of my backpack and myself.
we made camp in a sandy wash a couple of miles after i-10, cozily tucked away out of the wind. the temperature was perfect for sitting outside. we ate dinner and i laid in the wash and marveled at the sky and snowy mount san jacinto now behind us. the goodness of the day was almost enough to bring tears to my eyes. it’s a good, good day when your feet ache with the reminder of adventure and you’re eating dinner in a beautiful place with a beautiful view. it’s moments like this one that make thru hiking a literal dream. i went to bed that night smiling, wondering how i get to be so privileged to live this extraordinary life.

comment 5 star 100 2 days ago

“our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify.” —thoreau i remember this evening so vividly. i didn’t have trekking poles yet, and my knees had been brutalized after miles of downhill hiking. i thought, quite decisively, that nothing after 10 miles was fun. a statement i still rather believe. i remember searching for this camp site, and seeing hikers heads pop out from behind rocks, in all sorts of nooks and crannies, looking like the animals the desert was quickly turning us in to. shades found this spot, sheltered from the wind, and a group of us watched a magnificent sunset over the landscape unfold, before the stars took over. our fear of snakes and scorpions crawling into our sleeping bags subsiding as our exhausted bodies resigned themselves to sleep. the simplicity of one goal, to get to canada, now a few steps closer. #pct #pacificcresttrail #pct2018 #pct2019 #pct2020 #thetrek #trekking #hiking #backpacking #guthookguides #withguthook #nature #outdoors #thruhike #camping #california #hikertrash #dirtbag

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This is one of my favorite pictures of myself. it’s true to the moment; i was in genuine awe of how epic the land is. that whole morning was laughing and smiles through cold wind

something that is really easy for me to overlook right now is that i am doing three different thru-hikes. each of these trails are journeys that people dream of doing, go through planning and panicking. some struggle to finish. some don’t

this morning i walked through some rain in my morning commute. am i really going to hike the at? i hate walking in the rain! when i hiked the pct i said before and after that the at was silly. why hike the at when the pct exists? well, i guess i’ll soon find out

i can’t imagine i’ll have much fun on the at, but i do think that i’ll make some great memories! i also think that i’ll probably be so done with the trail in the time of completion, yet miss it dearly in the times after

i guess i’ll be able to tell you soon, it won’t be long now!

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The feels after working three 15 hour days in a row 💀

winter for me is a time to go back to the grind. it feels like i have endless debt to pay off, and i also want to save some money so that when the weather gets nicer i can have some more traveling fun.
lately this winter i’ve been pushing myself by working seven days a week between two jobs, while still trying to find the balance of making time to have fun too.
so to all the people that ask how i make money and live on the road, it be like this sometime.
i’m not fortunate enough to work remotely so every few months i have to stay in one city and find a job so that i can go off and frolic in the world again. •

#jmt2019 #thetrek #alltrails #johnmuirtrail #thruhike #sunsetporn #liveoutdoors #hikertrash #liveyouradventure #sectionhike #lifeontheroad #backpackingculture #withguthook #meditationspace #bucketlist #seekmorewilderness #expandyourplayground #choosemountains #raiseyourvibration #trekkingtoes #backpackingcalifornia #dirtbaglife

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Woohoooo!! congrats @hikertrashhoney 🙌🏽😄🌵
"mexico! on december 1st we made it to the mexican border after roughly six weeks of walking across arizona; the 800 mile trail that weaves through the grandest of canyons and high ponderosa pine forests before dropping off the mogollon rim into the land of cacti and a*s kicking climbs. i’m not going to lie... i underestimated this trail. it was harder than i thought it would be. (in case anyone was wondering, the desert is anything but flat). steep climbs, long dry stretches and freezing temperatures tested us in the best way possible. and while it’s always hard to leave a trail... there are baileys on ice to be drank and cookies to be baked ☃️ i’m grateful to my dad @bstelfox for all the love and support on trail, my mum @sarahgraves64 and nan @27phoebe. also a huge thank you to @paratus_exploration. i’ve been lucky enough to be rocking his packs this year and could not be more impressed by the design and his dedication to making the best pack for thru hiking. i also feel so lucky to be included again in the @thermarest dream team and want to say the biggest thank you to keeping us warm at night with the comfiest sleep system i’ve ever rocked on trail. also make sure to check out @darwin_onthetrail for all things azt and his film out in the new year. 💙🌵💚🌵💛🌵🧡🌵❤️🌵💜🌵" #withguthook ⠀⠀
📷: @hikertrashhoney

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“notice the ground beneath your feet, holding you up when you thought you would sink.”

comment 1 star 28 2 days ago

Day 2, part 2:
clouds roll in and visibility decreases. we see one recent snowshoe track going down falling waters trail and another turning around at lincoln. we see no people today. there are lots of fresh bunny tracks in the woods. at lafayette the conditions are near white out and we can barely make out the next cairn. with experience, gps app, and overnight gear, we feel confident pushing on and descend towards the skookumchuck trail. snow is getting deeper and the trail is unbroken. our pace slows and i’m getting tired. we were hoping to at least make it to garfield tent site but when we find a small streamlet before garfield pond we call it good. i’m beat.
with @adventuresofmilesandsmiles .
#gossamergear #nuunlife #hshive #allwomenalltrails #withguthook #wanderlust #neverstopexploring #lightheartgear #hikingwmnf #hikenh #nh48 #whitemountains #hikethewhites #nhwomenshikinggroup #winterhiking

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Day 2, ~8 miles (12/4/19). part 1: we collapse camp and rich fills my backpack with enough stuff to get us to liberty & flume and back. i have my little fanny pack with snacks. the views are amazing and we’re loving it. back at camp, we pack up and melt snow for water. the new stove works fast but also takes a lot of fuel, we probably should have taken more canisters. we hydrate and head on over to little haystack, lincoln and lafayette.
with @adventuresofmilesandsmiles .
#gossamergear #nuunlife #hshive #allwomenalltrails #withguthook #wanderlust #neverstopexploring #lightheartgear #hikingwmnf #hikenh #nh48 #whitemountains #hikethewhites #nhwomenshikinggroup

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It’s going to be a great motherf-ing day (unless @savedbymtns doesn’t take this well). ⁣


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Backpack sledding. when it’s too step to hike down just let the backpack slide down first!!
.. #wmnfhikers #nh48 #hikenh #adventurebuddies #withguthook #hikingbuddies #gossamergear #hikingwmnf #4000footers #whitemountains #hikethewhitesinwinter

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Pacific crest trail.
~monday mornings~

life on trail was simple. even waking up. we never used alarm clocks because why? we wanted to escape our routine lives.. here's to waking up cheery and bright eyed each day!

comment 10 star 113 3 days ago

In my everyday life an emotional boost can take many forms – a kind text from someone (remember it’s the little things in life), a good workout (for me usually a hike, yoga, or rollerblading), or just enjoying some time with friends or family, among other things. i find it helpful to do small things as often as possible for others, like a praise or shout-out text, which ends up brightening both our days. what do you do that makes you feel the most alive and happy?

when going through challenges, i keep trying things until they help. sometimes this may be an external source, such as what i call my “circle,” or close friends/family. likewise, i may just need to grit my teeth and get through it on my own. i may journal, exercise, listen to a podcast (some of my favorites: @jordanharbinger show, the @richroll podcast, @armchairexppod ), or check off a few things on my to-do list.

each time is different, and nothing is a sure-fire way to help, but one thing that is for sure is doing nothing will solve nothing. mood follows action, so i know i at least have to do something to make a change. what do you do to face your challenges? and what do you when that doesn’t work? just like starting a thru-hike, taking the first step with anything is always the most difficult, but we have a plethora of tools in our belt at our disposal to make the process as smooth as possible. see full blog at #craterlakenationalpark #adversity #nature #fun #thruhike #womenwhohike #hikelikeagirl #withguthook #pct #pcting #pct2019 #oregon #hikeoregon #hiking #backpacking #buildyourliferesume #neverstopexploring #neverstopimproving #thisis32

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"it happened ..... i am planning another thru hike! we have the cdt and te araroa in the mix! let the youtubing and planning begin ..... 🥰” #withguthook ⠀⠀
#teararoa #pct #pct2019 #pctclassof2019 #womenwhohike @womenwhoexplore @womenwhohike ⠀⠀
📷: @_jamielambert_
posted by: @oreo_on_the_road

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• • • • • • • •
you were always searching
for something out there
out of reach, couldn't stop you
couldn't hold you back..
#imisstraillife #virginiasunsets #appalachiantrail #at2019 #atnobo #thruhike #thruhikeadventures #backpackingadventures #withguthook #guthookguides #adventureclub #lyrics #adventureclubgold

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Pacific crest trail, july 28, 2018 | day 85; 27.4 miles | 1656.4 | knew we were in for a huge, mostly downhill slog into seiad and left around 5:45 a.m. “froggy” introduced me to ello govna—a drinking game which they had adapted to play on trail—the rules became pi questions you could answer differently each round. our game got wild: 1) favorite color 2) 'hey “surge”' 3) $10,000 car 4) sports-related memory 5) bad job 6) grateful for 8) ? 9) philmont memory 10) *weird noise* 12) collection from childhood 13) what hiking gear do you covet? 14) life goal 15) road trip memory 16) *hootie-hoo* 17) *orgasm noise* 18) birthday memory 19) compliment someone 20) trail friends 21) best day on-trail. played for six hours and made it 20 miles before breaking for lunch at grider stream. the girls already had a dunk and were setting up a lunch spot while us guys took our turn to bathe. tried to ignore my self-consciousness and stripped off my u****s with a pitiful lack of authority. god, i’m a prude. the day only got hazier as we road-walked six miles into seiad valley, all the while eagerly looking for ways to ford the dangerous and way too large klamath river to cut off a ridiculous amount of trail, more as a means of distraction from the carbonized heat. triumphantly arrived at the general store, took a hot lap around and bought a few dollar-pies and beers. stoked to see “shocks” as well as “conflicted” who’s convinced the state of jefferson is the future and filled the silence with talks of secession, i’m glad they’re doing well. ate tuna taco dinner outside the store with the whole gang and utilized every last minute to charge electronics. i was stunned to see “snacks” catch back up, he’s pulled some crazy days! every hiker here knows oregon is closer than ever, this is the last california town. “trash queen” even said the upcoming border was “the most monumental border”, which we all had a good laugh at, but in a way, she’s right. walked a few miles down the road to [full story will he posted on website]
• klamath river bridge
• “froggy”
• “penguin”
• smoky morning
• hikers on road
• seiad store
• leaving on hwy 96
. . . . .
#gotinyslicego #pacificcresttrail #pctig

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comment 6 star 216 3 days ago

This is hatchet (@thoits )! we met in idaho and didn’t see each other for a long time until we were mostly through colorado.

hatchet joined rafiki/ @dirty_hippy_feet and me on the great divide alternate as the season was turning and cold weather was moving in. rafiki got ahead of us one morning, so we cut a turn in the road with a bushwhack unbeknownst to rafiki. as we neared the top of the steep climb back to the road, rafiki poked his head over the edge and probably wondered where the hell we came from. he also knew we might have regretted opting for steep rock scrambling over the longer gradual angle of the road, but i managed to capture this shot of hatchet keeping his footing on our “make your own route” that cdt hikers tend to do from time to time.

#thruhike #bushwhacking #leafpeeping #continentaldividetrail #makeyourown #cdt2019 #wildernessculture #backpacker #appalachiantrail #pacificcresttrail #hikertrash #trailrunning #climbers #hikingtrails #withguthook #longdistance #middleofnowhere #mountain #aspen #coloradolife #coloradophotography #sonya6400

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Why do we humans get so attached to stuff?
one of the most emotionally draining things i’ve done in my adult life is going through everything i owned in preparation for selling my house before my first thru-hike attempt. i gave away and threw away so much stuff. it was a difficult thing to do, but i felt much lighter afterward, more free. even so, i still had a lot of stuff left, and it has gotten dispersed between my childhood home and my mom’s house where i now live. there’s stuff in my old barn that i haven’t laid eyes on in 4 years or more. books i’ve forgotten i’ve ever read, pots and pans that haven’t been used, odds and ends that once meant something but really don’t anymore. why haven’t i been able to part with it?
i spent all day today rummaging through all this stuff, trying to sort the garbage (stuff mice have eaten) from the worthwhile (stuff someone could use) and rehome it. i made a lot of progress, but it was, again, seriously emotionally draining. i’m exhausted from fighting those inner voices that tell me to keep this stuff “just in case.” the backpacker in me knows better. the person in me who lived in a 16ft camper knows better. but that little voice persists anyway.
how do you feel about accumulating “stuff?” are you good at letting it go, or do you find it difficult to part with old things, even if they are no longer of use to you?
📍this is tsalaguwetiyi (cherokee) land
#girlswhohike #allwomenalltrails #hikelikeagirl #adventurelikeagirl #optoutside #forceofnature #sweatydirtyhappy #fatgirlshiking #fatandoutdoorsy #takingupspaceoutdoors #hikingwithdogs #outtherepodcast #wnc #828isgreat #ashevilletrails #trektheat #appalachiantrail #maxpatch #myblueridge #mymountainhome #wildeast #appalachianhikers #trailsyall #hiketheeast #naturalnorthcarolina #takemebackpacking #withguthook

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It was an honor to meet thru hiker and author derick “mr fabulous” lugo at the atc open house event in harper’s ferry, wv. he offered fantastic advice for my upcoming 2020 thru hike attempt. be sure to pick up a copy of his book “the unlikely thru - hiker”. #withguthook#hikertrash#at2019#hiking#backpacking#natureporn#optoutside#wildonthetrail#choosemountains#appalachiantrail#appalachiantrail2019#camping#katahdin#at2020#dericklugo#appalachiantrailconservancy#thetrek#appalachiantrailclassof2020#appalachiantrail2020

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Trip day 1: we hoist our big packs with about 4 days worth of food up the liberty springs trail and set up camp. we’re getting used to the pack weight and i’m moving slowly but steadily up the steep climb. we only need micro spikes since there is not much snow and the trail is packed down well. we find a nice spot to set up and have a good night’s sleep. #gossamergear #takelessdomore #nuunlife #hshive #allwomenalltrails #withguthook #wanderlust #neverstopexploring #lightheartgear #hikingwmnf #hikenh #nh48 #whitemountains #hikethewhites #nhwomenshikinggroup #appalachiantrail

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comment 0 star 53 2 weeks ago