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The real meaning of “dry” wine
when a wine is described as being “dry,” it simply means that the wine has no residual sugar in it (it does not mean that the wine makes your mouth feel dry). when wine ferments, alcohol is produced as the yeast eats the sugar present in the mixture. if the yeast is allowed to consume all of the sugar, then this wine is considered dry. of course, wines can be semi-dry or sweet as well, depending on how long the fermentation process is allowed to go on.
📸 @heather_mccormac .
“sek” şarap tam olarak ne demek?
bir şarap “sek” olarak tanımlandığında, bunun anlamı şarabın içinde artık şeker bulunmadığı anlamına gelir (viski-kola gibi bir karışımın karşıtı olan, başka bir içecek ile karıştırılmış yani sek viskideki sek anlamına gelmez). Şarap mayalanırken, maya, karışımda mevcut olan şekeri yediği için alkol üretilir. eğer mayanın tüm şekerleri tüketmesine izin verilirse, bu şarap sek olarak kabul edilir. tabi ki, fermantasyon sürecinin devam etmesine ne kadar izin verildiğine bağlı olarak, şaraplar yarı-sek veya tatlı olabilir.
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Let’s never speak of 2018 again....

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What #wine do you pair with japanese food?
in order of tasting/drinking!
castagna ingénue viognier 2016
moss wood wilyabrup chardonnay 2016
@veuveclicquot 2008 #champagne rosé.
the viognier from castagna was an absolute knockout!
sometimes it can be hit and miss, but this was sensational...try pairing with california tuna rolls.
the @mosswood chardonnay blew my mind, the length and structure was outstanding....try pairing this with salmon teriyaki!
onto the last wine of the evening, from the much anticipated and lauded 2008 champagne vintage, the rosé from veuve clicquot...great nose with up front power on the palate and easy drinking.
just add great company from @wines_n_vines and it’s happy days!
#simplywinesau @castagnabeechworth

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Domenico clerico began producing wine in monforte d’alba in 1979, as those experimental winemakers better known as "barolo boys". his style moved more toward traditional winemaking at the beginning of his career, but he soon began experimenting with barriques, a more modern style.
for many years, domenico's father grew grapes that were sold off to the local wine cooperative and local markets from their small 4 hectare farm in piedmont. in 1976, his father asked him if he wanted to take over the company, so along with his wife giuliana, and there's were they began their wine adventure. some years later, he acquired an old vineyard in the ginestra cru of monforte d’alba from which he produce his barolo ciabot mentin, the most rappresentative wine of the estate. #drinkstories

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Just an idea for your christmas gifts.
even for yourself.

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My favorite hidden gem in disney’s california adventure! 🍷 combining my two favorite things: wine + disney ♥️ the “alfresco tasting terrace” has an amazing selection of wine and appetizers. the perfect way to relax after running around disney all day. enjoying a glass of @macmurraywine #womeninwine #winegirl #winetasting #glassofwine

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Finally i had the opportunity to taste the famous #sassicaia 2015, the best wine of the world according @wine_spectator 🏆
it is already excellent, but in a few years it will be a true masterpiece! 👌🏻
dear #winelovers, have you already tasted it? 🍷 ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️
🌍 como 🇮🇹
📷 @thewinelovers_
enjoy your day 🍾

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Vive la france 🇫🇷

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